A donation software system designed by Kindrid.

About Kindrid Smart Giving

Kindrid is a new, uniquely structured approach to generosity, built from the ground up to equip your church.

Positioned for Impact.

Kindrid is the new entity created through the partnership of LifeChurch.tv and OneHope; two organizations caring deeply about equipping the local church. The return on investment is kingdom impact. These unique values allow Kindred to pursue an entirely new approach to giving.

Kindrid Unleashes Generosity.

There is tremendous impact in generosity both for the recipient and for the giver. Kindred believse there is an ocean of generosity waiting to be unleashed. They are encouraging people to tithe and beyond, this requires tools and methods built around an understanding of generosity.

How It Works:

Seamlessly. No more remembering passwords or swiping cards, no forgotten checkbooks or missing cash. The mechanics of giving are replaced by a delightfully simple way to give any amount, at anytime, from anywhere. It opens up new channels of giving and supports the relationship between your church and attenders.

Kindrid Core Features:

  • Smart Giving - Receive a Smart Giving number enabling your givers to not only give with a single text, but also manage payment methods, switch cards, and edit their information straight from their smartphone.

  • Customized Materials - Our out-of-the gate customized materials empower you to control how Smart Giving is presented at your church.

  • Rollout Help - You’ll receive a variety of instructional and exemplary rollout videos. Derived from the best practices of how the partnering churches use Smart Giving.

  • Fast Transfers - Deposits are made to your bank account at the end of each business day. Access and download reporting for each deposit.

  • Designated Giving - Allocate tithes and offerings to certain campaigns with designated giving. Set it up and track it right from your dashboard.

  • Campus Tracking - Track giving and set up keywords for specific campuses.

Product Overview

User Reviews of Kindrid Smart Giving

Submitted on November 14th, 2019 by Rick Mandl from Eagle Rock Baptist Church

3 1/2 years ago we selected Kindrid to meet our needs for text-to-give. At the we chose them we already were offering online giving to our church members through Fellowship One. At that time Fellowship One did not offer text-to-give. For the past 3 1/2 years we’ve been happy with the services that Kindrid provided. If occasional glitches occurred, we reported them to their tech support team and they were quickly resolved. At the start of this month, with no advance warning from Kindrid, their text-to-give stopped working for us. We reached out to them and they told us that this was a “carrier filtering issue” and that they are moving all of their customers away from the 10 digit phone numbers that they’ve been assigned and onto a new 5 digit short code. We told Kindrid we would have been happy to have gone with a 5 digit number from the outset, but that at this point we’ve invested a few thousand dollars in pre-printed offering envelopes, automate-your-giving brochures and a year-end mass mailing to our members, all of which feature the 10 digit number that Kindrid has assigned to us. When our members use the 10 digit number that Kindrid has assigned, they get no response whatsoever. At least with a phone company using a land line, if dialed a number that was not in service, you receieved a notification to that point. I’ve reached out to Kindrid to ask if they are working on fixing the issue with the 10 digit number not working. They claim that they are, however they have no ETA for a fix. They want to move us to a five digit short-code. At this point we would prefer to move to another vendor. If you choose Kindrid as your giving solution, I sincerely hope that what happened to us does not happen to you. As one of their user churches, this is not what I want to be dealing with as we move into the holiday season.

The Good…

I wish I had a pleasant surprise to share. The only surprise I can share is that this company appears to have grown too fast and too quickly to remain committed to customer service.

The Bad…

When their text-to-give feature stopped working for us they left us high and dry. If they are planning on making changes to their platform in the future that will render the software useless to their customers, they should give them advance warning.

If Kindrid had given us a 30-day heads up that they were implementing a change that would require their users to use a new phone number for text-to-give we could have used that time to shop for a new vendor.

As things stand now we are having to do that shopping without having any text-to-give option for our church during the interim.