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A web-based fundraising application.

About oneNFP Fundraising

Nonprofit development departments are inextricably linked with their accounting departments, yet too many fundraising software packages operate independently of the accounting software. With oneNFP Fundraising, a cloud-based system powered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM, fundraising has evolved into constituent and gift management, and is an integrated part of the overall financial system. With this integration, organizations can eliminate time-consuming exporting and importing, and provide all departments with real-time data that enables them to better fulfill their mission from anywhere in the world!

Manage Donor Communication

With oneNFP Fundraising, you can not only keep track of communications to and from donors and other constituents, you can also plan and execute communication strategies.

  • Create and log all communication efforts, such as emails, phone calls, letters, and appointments.
  • Log detailed, time-stamped notes for all communication records.
  • Attach files to various entities, such as constituents, donations, activities, and more&a feature that allows you to include relevant artifacts to the communication records as needed. Integrate with Microsoft® Outlook to access oneNFP Fundraising directly from the familiar Outlook interface. Create reminders in oneNFP Fundraising that show up in Outlook.

Cultivate Relationships

oneNFP Fundraising enables you to cultivate relationships by tracking extensive biographical data across all of your constituents.

  • Track complete address, employment, and education history for all constituents.
  • Track phone, cell phone, and email address separately from mailing address, for maximum accuracy and flexibility.
  • Track social addresses such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • Manage communication preferences by type of contact preferred.
  • Monitor changes to specific fields using the audit history tools. Track when changes were made and who made the changes.

Segment Constituents for Targeting Efforts

Identify and target your groups using simple and flexible query tools right out of the box. If the data exists, you can use it to your advantage throughout oneNFP.

  • Create user-defined tags and tag categories to track interests, skills, hobbies, committee involvement – any attribute that you use to track your constituents’ interest in, or relationship to, your organization.
  • Generate marketing lists on the fly, or create those that are dynamically updated to include new contacts who meet the criteria you have identified.
  • Easily build queries using tags and other constituent fields to create groups; instantly use the newly created groups for tasks like sending bulk emails, creating phone call activities, or assigning activities to record owners. This allows you to simultaneously streamline the list creation process and maximize the effectiveness of your fundraising and communication efforts.

Gift Management

oneNFP provides tools to manage you donations and pledges throughout the giving cycle.

  • Create pledges and include various payment schedules.
  • Single click the “Make Payment” feature to reduce the data entry process.
  • Identify all donation types including money, gift-in-kind, property, and securities
  • Allocate a single donation across multiple designations.
  • Add “Tribute Gifts” and/or “Soft Credits” to a donation record.
  • Identify which contacts to notify when a donation is made to an honor memorial.
  • Set up matching pledges.
  • Manage adjustments, reversals, refunds, and write-offs.
  • Track donations and pledges using multiple currencies.
  • Accept credit card, debit card, and ACH electronic payments via a PCI compliant solution

Constituent Management

Cultivate relationships by tracking extensive relevant data across all of your constituents. Individuals, Organizations, and Households can be managed in OneNFP Fundraising, in addition to all the various supporting data such as activities, connections, giving history, and time-stamped notes.

Financial Integration

Integrate donation and pledge processing directly with a financial management solution from OneNFP. Combine OneNFP Fundraising with OneNFP Financials Lite or OneNFP Financials to increase productivity and clarity within your fundraising and financials.

Gift Management

Manage all pledges and donations throughout the giving cycle. Whether it’s one-time or recurring donations, gifts-in-kind, pledge payments, or matching pledges, track it all in one place.


Create and share user-defined dashboards to include data-driven charts and graphs, customized list views, and more - and add as many dashboards as you need.

Volunteer Management

Integrate donation and pledge processing directly with a financial management solution from OneNFP. Combine OneNFP Fundraising with OneNFP Financials Lite or OneNFP Financials to increase productivity and clarity within your fundraising and financials.

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