A fundraising application designed by QFix Software LLC for non-profit organizations.

About DonorsFix

Smaller organizations often choose QuickBooks as their accounting software, and, while it will account for donations, it does not handle memberships, events, volunteers, and other aspects of donor management. As a result, organizations will choose to add a donor management package. These packages are often expensive and duplicate the accounting functions of QuickBooks.

DonorsFix takes a different approach. Rather than duplicating what is already in QuickBooks, DonorsFix adds key functions and data to make QuickBooks a practical solution for donor management.

DonorsFix is a program which enhances QuickBooks for Donor Management. Donors are entered as normal QuickBooks customers and DonorsFix allows the entry of additional information such as alternate addresses with effective dates to track donors’ seasonal addresses. Another data addition is relationships between donors such as employer/employee or husband/wife/child or any other relationship desired. QuickBooks custom data can also be used for donors and can appear on DonorsFix reports.

DonorsFix provides a sophisticated duplicate donor scanning feature which identifies duplicate names or addresses in donor data. Anyone who has tried to maintain an address database knows how hard it can be to find and merge duplicates. DonorsFix provides a rich reporting system that can generate reports, mailing labels, name tags, merge letters etc. The reporting system integrates normal QuickBooks data with Donorfix data to provide extended flexibility. Reports can also be exported to Excel and other standard formats for even greater flexibility.

Extended Customer Information

  • Multiple membership types with levels and expiration dates
  • Multiple annual or single events with levels
  • Seasonal alternate addresses with effective dates
  • Track family and inter-customer relationships
  • Document group membership like committees or classes
  • Track activities such as volunteers or attendance
  • Add attachments like pictures or other documents

Membership and Event Tracking

  • Track pledges, prospects and soft donations
  • Multiple membership types with auto expiration calculation
  • Supports fixed or rolling start dates
  • Calculates donation or duration based membership levels
  • Annual or onetime events with donation levels

Reports With QuickBooks and Extended Data

  • Reports, mailing labels, merge data, or export to Excel
  • Live report fields permits direct editing data
  • Activity by date columns for easy updating
  • User defined fields, layout, and appearance
  • QuickBooks custom fields with filtering
  • Sort and filter QuickBooks and extended data
  • Count and total QuickBooks and extended data
  • Side by side comparison of possible duplicates
  • Merge duplicate donor records
  • Correct donor data during search

Product Overview

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