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About HR HROfficeASP

HROfficeASP is available for customers who want the simplicity, ease-of-use and comprehensive HR and benefits management capability of HROffice without the day-to-day maintenance of a application and database management, computers, networks and so on. The managed, internet-based infrastructure offers organizations a way to outsource their HR technology needs.

Extensive Set of Features and Functionality Without Additional Cost

  • Customers reap the benefits of an enterprise application without the large up-front costs involved with purchasing, implementing and managing an in-house client/server application.
  • ASP package comes standard with COBRA and Attendance module plus HROffice Employee Self-Service and Carrier Connect.
  • HROfficeASP utilizes a robust Microsoft SQL Server platform.
  • There is no cost to purchase SQL Server software, it is part of HROfficeASP.
  • There is no need to purchase Internet Information Server for Employee Self-Service, it too is included.
  • HROfficeASP is extremely secure and utilizes the latest security technologies. Hassle-Free installation, upgrades and ongoing maintenance
  • Upgrades are included in monthly fees and require no IT intervention as they happen behind-the-scenes.
  • There is no need for IT staff to manage application and associated hardware.
  • Automatic upgrades means users are always running the most current version of HROffice.
  • Installation is handled by Ascentis Professional Services, ensuring 100% implementation success.

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