A multi-module management system designed by Ascentis Software.

About Ascentis HR

Ascentis HR software is wizard driven, giving you simple steps to automate complex processes. They automate communication, keeping managers in front of employees’ needs. They have 300+ reports within Ascentis HR, plus the ability to create unlimited custom reports, giving you extremely deep access to your employee data.


Here are some key beenfits provided by Ascentis:

Increase the Efficiency of HR and Payroll Management by Using an On-Demand HRIS:

  • Improve data accuracy, integrity and security.
  • Integrate business systems to consolidate functions.
  • Educate HR and payroll staff and the end-users of self-service systems how to optimally utilize the programs that are put in place.
  • Automate processes to increase productivity, reduce labor costs and make HR managers more strategic.

HR Management Software to Assist With Recruiting and Hiring

Ascentis HR is fully integrated with Ascentis Payroll, Ascentis Time, and with Ascentis Recruiting, bringing data from the hiring processes into Ascentis HR at time of hire eliminating extra data gathering steps that can slow down the process, create errors and cost labor time. Additionally, Ascentis Recruiting helps you build a pool of qualified candidates for future hires, and documents your recruiting processes for EEO compliance.

Oversee and Control

Once a candidate becomes part of your workforce, begin managing them on day one with Ascentis HR. Candidates can be sent a first day of work, email that includes a link, login and password to self-service directing them to the new hire paperwork, benefits enrollment and more. Want a new employee to watch introductory or training videos? Read and sign off on an employee manual? Document key cards, computer equipment, uniforms or cell phones? You can do that, and much more, with self service. And it is all integrated with Ascentis HR, to make the HR department’s job easier, making the entire team more effective, and saving the company time and money. Learn more about all the features and benefits of Ascentis HR.

Human Resource Software to Help You Analyze and Decide

Ascentis HR provides over 300 standard reports that allow you analyze your employee data and act upon it accordingly. They have multiple reports in the following areas:

  • Attendance
  • Review and bonuses
  • Employment reports
  • Benefits
  • Personal employee data
  • OSHA
  • Compensation
  • Self-service
  • Sarbanes-Oxley

The innovative Ascentis user interface makes HR teams more strategic by framing data, actions, and analytics into the context of organizational strategy and objectives that can be achieved by monitoring key metrics. New available analytics include turnover percentage by review rating, headcount by age range, salary ranges by review rating, and more. The business insight Ascentis delivers provides a deeper, more meaningful vision into employee data, thus improving decision making and strategic development planning for both the HR and executive teams.

Ascentis HR features an intuitive user-centered interface that makes it easy to conduct a more thorough analysis of employee data, allowing for a more thoughtful and strategic decision making process.


Ascentis can implement its HRIS software in approximately three weeks. Their implementation process provides every client with a statement of work, showing every step of the schedule and who is involved in each step of the process.


Overwhelming workloads

Uncompleted to-do lists, lengthy task bars, overwhelming project reports, missed meeting notices, late appointment reminders, and the list goes on. As an HR professional you are not only inundated with typical deadlines and meetings, you are in a unique position in which your job directly affects your employees’ well-being. HR professionals are assigned an immense amount of responsibility.

  • What if you forget to notify payroll of a change in compensation? Not only will your employee be disappointed, you will have to spend significant time correcting the situation.
  • What if you forget to advise a carrier of a change in dependents and your employee cannot take his or her child to the doctor?
  • What if you forget to terminate an employee and they don’t receive their COBRA information? Unfortunately those legal fines are quite hefty. What is HROffice Alerts?

HROffice Alerts is designed to ensure the right people get the right information at the right time, all the time. Alerts proactively monitors your HR information and helps you remain one step ahead of your employees’ needs. For example, when an employee changes their personal data, Alerts will automatically send out an email to the employee’s supervisor, the appropriate HR managers, payroll, benefit vendors, and anyone else that should be advised of the change.

Alerts monitors new hires, payroll changes, benefits eligibility, review due dates, changes in employee status, birthdays, I-9’s, W-4’s, COBRA or FMLA activities, and more. With HROffice Alerts, companies can reduce cycle times, improve internal communications, and provide employees with personalized attention.

Applicant Manager

With the job market as it is today, what happens when you post a job opportunity in your local newspaper and other resources? You get bombarded with hundreds of cover letters, resumes and phone calls. How do you move forward in the overwhelming new hire process?

Consolidate your Applicant Information

HROffice’s Applicant Manager streamlines the new hire process and makes it easy to manage contending candidates. Applicant Manager centralizes and stores the applicant information you want to track.

  • Name, address, phone numbers, email addresses, and applicant ID
  • Multiple note types such as interview comments and references
  • Applicant’s resume, cover letter and application
  • Previous employers, skills
  • Position applied for, application date and hiring manager
  • Recruiting events tracking, EEO Information

If you have specialized data tracking requirements, use Applicant Manager’s customization wizard to create custom fields. You decide what information you want to save and Applicant Manager will store it for you!

Carrier Connect

Ascentis HR allows human resources personnel time to interact with the people who work hard to drive your company’s growth instead of repeating the same manual processes over and over. Using a powerful HRIS like Ascentis HR during open enrollment and beyond makes employees responsible for their own personal data, enrollment, as well as answers time consuming and confusing benefits questions. Combined with Ascentis Carrier Connect, Ascentis HR can save an HR department many hours of work during open enrollment and find carrier billing errors. Automating just these two processes alone could save a company thousands of dollars a year just in labor time costs.

Electronic Connections to Insurance Carriers

Carrier Connect automatically transfers benefits enrollment data in an electronic format to carriers securely. Completely eliminate dual data entry for benefits information with the combination of Ascentis self-service, HR, Payroll and Carrier Connect and offers a truly paperless open enrollment environment.


Security and accuracy are critical when handling sensitive data. Ascentis was one of the first HRIS/HRMS vendors to offer this capability.

Get It Done More Quickly

Enrollment cycles can be reduced by 75%, from four weeks to just one week, through online open enrollment and Carrier Connect.

Employee Self-Service (ESS)

ESS connects employees to their personal employee data including attendance and benefits information as well as to company information. All employees need is a web browser.

Whether it is a basic employee or family detail question, a comparison and review of benefit options, a current elections question, an attendance question or finding a colleague’s work extension, HROffice Self-Service can answer it. ESS enables employees to obtain answers to questions they previously would have asked the HR department.

The simplicity of ESS drastically reduces the call volume to the human resources team by 75% or more and employees experience a 50% increase in satisfaction as they are able to instantly obtain answers to their every day benefit-related questions (Cedar 2002 Human Resources Survey).

Manager Self-Service

Manager Self-Service is included with all purchases of HROffice. All HROffice users are assigned roles within HROffice and are granted specific security rights. For example, an HR administrator may have access and change rights throughout the system while a department manager may only be able to view the employee records of their direct reports. Like everything else in HROffice, roles and security rights are set up through intuitive wizard technology.

Payroll Connect

Human Resources Management Software Connections to Various Payroll Software Solutions

With Payroll Connect, HR departments can easily connect to various payroll software solutions. Payroll Connect simplifies your payroll processes, no matter whose software you use, by using a single point of data entry that eliminates redundancy and establishes a more accurate output.


Payroll Connect provides payroll connectivity and seamlessly integrates Ascentis HR with numerous payroll software solutions.

Simplify the Payroll Process

They simplify the payroll process with a single-point of data entry, eliminate redundancy and double entry, and reduce inaccurate information to nearly nothing. When a new employee is hired, or changes are made to an existing employee record, Payroll Connect transfers the updated information from Ascentis HR to the designated payroll solution.

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User Reviews of Ascentis HR

Submitted on February 6th, 2022 by Nicole Shanenko

Our employees really like being able to do things for themselves. Being able to manage all of their own personal data on their own, we’ve got great feedback.

Submitted on February 6th, 2022 by Amy Ulrich

With Ascentis, we don’t feel like we’re just another “number.” We’re in a business partnership that provides us with the support we need to be successful.