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Streamlined HR Procedures, Time Savings and Strengthened Culture.

Many Human Resource systems are based on a job description. This system’s ýjob descriptioný is called a competency model. The model is developed by identifying the behaviors and skills that are needed to be successful in a job. Competency Modeling makes it easy for you to identify the critical elements in a position, including competencies needed to make your values come alive, competencies needed for everyone in similar departments and competencies needed for a specific position.

Once the model is developed, you can use this model in hiring and performance management. Ideal for companies of any size or industry, Competency Modeling enables you to identify and map key competencies and behaviors associated with all positions in your company.

Streamlined and consistent human resources standards are instantly established by appropriately creating a model with the Competencies and Key Job Responsibilities within the system. Once the initial setup is complete, you will have developed consistent standards for all positions in your company, making it easy to hire the right people and to manage their performance once they have joined the company. These models help set consistent expectations which will save time, build continuity, and strengthen your culture.

Selection Management helps you build consistency in your hiring process. By using the models built in the competency modeling section, you will have consistent standards for the positions in your organization. This tool generates Interview Packets based on the models you have developed and gives you applicable interview questions to help you assess if the applicant has the appropriate competencies. You simply update the system with available positions, applicants and interviewers. The Wizard based system guides you through the duration of the process by assigning interview questions and compiling the feedback from the interviewers into an easy to use comparison format.

Performance Management provides both management and employees a clear and concise method to measuring performance. This tool relies on your predetermined Competency and Behavior data in the Modeling system. Performance Appraisals are automatically generated for each role based on their associated Key Job Responsibilities and Competencies identified in the model. Performance Management will enable your organization to easily identify employee strengths and weaknesses, manage performance progress and set consistent expectations.

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