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A human resources management system designed by Caselle for government & public administration and non-profit organizations.

About Payroll / Human Resources View

Everything you’ve come to expect from a Payroll/Human Resource software solution. Comprehensive reports, electronic formats for State and Federal reporting, and true cost accounting for wages and benefits.

Payroll/Human Resources is flexible. You determine the pay codes, select the pay code calculation order, and determine what kind of information you want to print on checks and reports… the choice is yours.

Payroll/Human Resources is robust. Complicated calculations, exceptions, regular, seasonal, and contracted employees, and state-specific reporting requirements are all handled easily. Caselle follows the Circular E, the US government publication on payroll, to ensure the software is always up-to-date.

Use Payroll, Payroll Direct Deposit, Human Resources, and Timekeeping together to manage every aspect of your human resources.

With more than 100 years of payroll experience on staff and 28 years of comments from payroll clerks, let us help you find a payroll/human resources solution that fits your organization.

Human Resources

Lose the file cabinet, and put employee information where you need it…at your fingertips.

Caselle Clarity Human Resources (HR) is the newest addition to the Caselle Clarity program suite. Using Caselle Clarity HR will increase your ability to stay in compliance with the evolving human resource industry. Caselle Clarity HR will help you keep accurate employee information on benefits, leave time, testing, and incidents. The recruiting features will ensure your organization has the tools it needs to manage new applicants and jobs in your organization. You can create and manage positions, track and manage salary and wages, use standard reports, or create custom reports.

Software Features

Employee Management Solutions

  • Salary administration
  • Benefits tracking
  • FMLA tracking
  • Performance evaluations
  • Employee training
  • Special tests and deadline tracking
  • Employee grievance
  • Incident tracking

Recruiting Solutions

  • Applicant tracking
  • Job posting
  • Applicant costs

Organization Solutions

  • Position control
  • Organization setup and charts
  • FTE tracking

Reporting Solutions

  • New hire reporting
  • Employee benefit reporting
  • Future budget reporting
  • FMLA reporting
  • Applicant reporting
  • Organization reporting
  • User-defined reporting

Interfaces With

  • Clarity Payroll
  • Clarity Timekeeping


Since 1978, hundreds of local government entities have used Caselle’s highly user-definable Payroll program to process and report employee information. Caselle Clarity Payroll meets federal, state, and local government reporting requirements, and provides for complete fund and department allocations. Use Caselle Clarity Payroll by itself, or enable the Payroll interface to these Caselle programs to add additional functionality: General Ledger, Direct Deposit, and Timekeeping.

Software Features

Employee Solutions

  • Extensive employee information tracking
  • Electronic pictures and documents can be attached to records
  • Create custom detailed Inquiry views
  • User-friendly employee maintenance

Pay Check Solutions

  • Exception entry
  • Easy single check calculations
  • Payout checks
  • Supports complex pay code calculations
  • User-defined paycheck formats

Employee Time-Off Solutions

  • Track employee time accrued and used
  • Create custom time-off formulas
  • Adjust accrual rates based on policies

Employer Benefit Solutions

  • Compute all employer benefit costs for each employee
  • Expense amounts to proper GL accounts based on employee wages or allocations

Payroll Transmittal Solutions

  • View vendor payment history
  • Issue vendor checks/invoices from payroll
  • Create a custom vendor setup

Sample Reporting Solutions

  • Paper/Electronic Checklist
  • Complete Federal and State Reporting
  • State retirement reporting
  • Payroll history reports
  • Custom user-defined reporting
  • Employee checks/vouchers
  • Employee W2 reporting

Interfaces With

  • General Ledger
  • Payroll Direct Deposit
  • Project Management
  • Timekeeping

Payroll Direct Deposit

Caselle Clarity Direct Deposit can handle all your employees’ paycheck demands. Quick and easy, with multiple bank accounts allowed. Make your day a little less hectic.

The Payroll Direct Deposit program automatically deposits the enrolled employee’s net pay to their bank account. It creates an ACH (Automatic Clearing House) file which your bank will use to deposit amounts into the employee’s bank accounts. This file can be transferred to a bank via diskette, modem, or email. The ACH file contains the employee name, number, bank account information (multiple bank accounts are allowed), and the deposit amount.

Software Features

  • Multiple accounts for individual employees.
  • Account type flags for checking and savings.
  • Bank header screen for bank’s requested file layout (easy setup).
  • Prenotification for initial test.
  • Confirmation report for file detail.

Payroll Checks Can Be

  • Run together for direct deposit participants and non-participants.
  • Printed on blank paper if all employees are participants.
  • Run separately.

Pay Deposits By

  • Amount
  • Percentage
  • Combination

Interfaces With

  • Payroll


Keeping employee time…to give you more of it. The need to track employee time and equipment time spent on projects, track the hours committed to specific tasks, and report accurate costs can be overwhelming. Include complying with FLSA overtime calculations for police and firefighters’ shifts and you’ve got a real challenge. Caselle Clarity Timekeeping can simplify these tasks.

Timekeeping combines straightforward employee time tracking with uncomplicated time entry. It interfaces with third-party time clocks to allow users to import hours from the third-party program into the Caselle database, and it supports shift and overtime calculations for compliance with FLSA and your hours-worked policy.

Use Timekeeping with the Caselle Project Management Suite to help you realize the full cost of capital projects by tracking employee time, equipment time, and related overhead costs. You can produce accurate documents with a complete collection of employee, equipment, and overhead reports.

Software Features

Employee Time Solutions

  • Detailed time tracking
  • Easy employee overrides
  • Pay period or single day time entry
  • Automatic overtime calculations
  • Multiple pay rates based on activities
  • Create overhead amounts for jobs

Police and Firefighter Employee Solutions

  • Supports multiple shifts
  • Tracks time worked for overtime calculations
  • Create user-defined setup based on policies

Equipment Time Solutions

  • Simple equipment time entry
  • Billable equipment time tracking

Reporting Solutions

  • Employee registers and reports
  • Detailed time and tracking reports
  • Equipment time reports
  • Overhead reports

Interfaces With

  • General Ledger
  • Payroll
  • Project Management

Product Overview

  • Developer Caselle, Inc.
  • Type Human Resource (HR) Software
  • Client OS Windows

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