A people analytics and org chart software.

About ChartHop

ChartHop is a people analytics software that improves organizational health, drives alignment and accountability, and helps your business save time and money.

ChartHop delivers a fresh take on People Analytics, bringing disparate sources of people data together in a dynamic platform that’s visual and actionable. Unlike legacy People Analytics solutions, ChartHop is designed to be used by the whole organization.

This helps companies improve organizational health, drive alignment and accountability, and save time and money.

ChartHop plays well with dozens of platforms through robust integrations across the HR tech stack, and serves companies like BetterCloud, Lightspeed, Starburst and InVision.

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ChartHop Features

The features within the ChartHop platform include:

Org Chart

  • Arrange by tenure, team, performance rating, and more
  • Export org charts by company, department, or a snapshot from two quarters ago
  • Find connections between coworkers such as hobbies, interests, skills, and more, via a filterable employee directory
  • View the entire org reporting structure or filter to display by departments, teams, ethnicity, gender, performance, compensation, and much more.
  • Easily visualize the org chart at any point in time in your company’s history for board meetings or audit purposes, and directly export the org chart to PowerPoint slides as needed.
  • Enable nearby coworkers to connect with one another by viewing everyone on a city-level map.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I)

  • Collect detailed race and ethnicity and non-binary gender and pronoun options
  • Visualize any dimension directly on your org chart, including gender, race/ethnicity, intersectional groups, sexual orientation, first gen college student, veteran status, disability, previously incarcerated, highest education level, and parents’ education level
  • Analyze trends and drill down into your data with pre-built reports for your all hands, board decks, management meetings and recruiting updates


  • Slice and drill-down into data across dozens of filters that help analyze further by department, location, and more
  • Capture changes in people data over time such as compensation, span of control, performance rating, and more
  • Analyze metrics based on data from different systems, such as time-to-fill, tenure, and equity grants

Headcount Planning

  • Streamline workflows by distributing and consolidating plans without countless spreadsheets
  • Create headcount plans using an org chart to easily visualize your entire org or team
  • Use data such as performance, engagement, compensation, demographics, and more to drive planning
  • Estimate headcount costs, including salary, bonus, and equity, for different scenarios
  • Create job requisitions from your headcount plan and launch them directly to your ATS
  • Collaborate on headcount plans with managers, the finance team, and executives


  • Define eligibility rules based on anything from start date to location to performance data.
  • Empower managers with clear guidelines and benchmarks built directly within the review flow.
  • Automatically flag any proposal that falls out of the recommended range and request additional information.

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