CRG emPerform

A web-based software system designed by Corporate Renaissance Group.

About CRG emPerform

CRG emPerform, is a Web-based employee performance management system designed to deliver integrated and complete performance management across the organization through an efficient, user friendly interface. All participants are able to access the system from anywhere in the world over the Internet, updating and managing employee achievements, goals, feedback and development planning in a collaborative way. Managers and employees work off of the same Web pages and are thus able to view any updates the other has made, allowing for the joint creation of the performance criteria and development activities for the period.

emPerform is designed to offer a single platform where organizations can set, track and develop performance year-round. emPerform includes online appraisals and self-assessments, PIPs and new-hire reviews that are 100% configurable. emPerform also includes integrated 360° reviews, ongoing feedback, check-ins, and journals, goal and development management, compensation planning, talent identification & succession, and complete reporting capabilities.

emPerform allows for each implementation to be customized as per the needs and conventions of the organization. The administrator (HR) determines the reporting hierarchies and the centrally administered performance measures and competencies and assigns them to employees. The organization decides what type of timeline they would like to follow, whether 360 evaluations fit the culture of the organization, and it alters the performance measures over time if needed.

Similarly, the organization decides what type of rating scale makes sense and will be best received. In addition, the system is designed such that the insight on the ‘front lines’ is taken into account. Although measures and competencies may be assigned centrally, managers and employees are given the option of making additions to more accurately depict their situation, further develop in a specific direction by identifying additional competencies and development activities, and to allow for the employee to have real participation into their own careers.

emPerform has been a leading solution in the HR space for 15 years, and as such, offers guidance and personal support to all clients. They can consult on best-practices, and have pre-built templates and processes that are proven.

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