A multi-module management system designed by CYMA Systems for professional services companies.

About CYMA HRexPRess

CYMA HRexPRess marries CYMAýs award winning Payroll software with robust Human Resource capabilities for employee cost management.

Human Resources - Focused on Employee Cost Management, CYMAýs HR system, HRexPRess includes highly flexible benefits management, applicant tracking, competency based position management, credential & certification tracking, applicant tracking and robust reporting options.

Payroll ý Designed for both in-house payroll and Payroll services, CYMA Payroll supports an unlimited number of employees and payroll features and is focused on ease of entry through quick entry grids, compatibility with time clocks and other import options, and CYMAýs web based, employee self-service (see below). Check writing, W2 processing, direct deposit, multi-state payroll, reporting and unlimited deductions available ýout of the boxý.

Management / Employee Self-Service - HRexPRess Employee Self Service from CYMA empowers managers and employees to be more productive and profitable through human resources, employee information updates, web based payroll time entry, and access to view, input and print human resources (HR) and payroll information.

  • Online access for HR and payroll information
  • Online Payroll Time Entry
  • Supervisor / Manager Queries
  • View pay information and print pay stubs
  • Change W-4 and other tax forms
  • Access company phone extension lists
  • Web based or intranet based (your choice)
  • Change contact information
  • High security

CYMA Alerts - CYMA Alerts automates reminder emails to any interested party based on live data conditions in CYMA HRexPRess.

Benefit Eligibility Dates, Vacation Accrual Limits, Date of Last or Upcoming Raise are just some of the items that can be alerted and distributed to management or directly to employees saving time and effort.

CYMA Alerts gives the ability to easily modify and create any criteria or email (including branding). HR Alerts includes a dozen pre-created alerts.

Reporting - To further complement the program, CYMA HRexPRess utilizes the industry standard reporting tools Crystal Reports, F9 Financial Report Writer and a unique payroll/employee cost reporting software called CYMA Business Insight.

To help you get the most out of your software, CYMA training solutions are available online, onsite, or as a permanent reference for employees.

Accounts Payable

CYMA Accounts Payable

The CYMA Accounts Payable system provides advanced tools to manage vendor relationships, process invoices, manage payments, and process 1099s for an unlimited number of vendors.

Featuring sophisticated invoice processing, flexible cash management, and easy customization, this robust module is designed to meet the most demanding needs of a wide variety of businesses.

CYMA Accounts Payable Benefits

  • Consolidated entry grids allow for quick, efficient information entry
  • Supports an unlimited number of vendors and contacts
  • Set up permanent vendors for tracking purposes or one time vendors for quick payments
  • Electronic Funds Transfer Support
  • Ability to print multiple, separate checks per vendor
  • Ability to e-mail invoices in HTML, RTF or PDF format
  • Automatically receives payroll tax liability invoices when used with the Payroll module
  • Full 1099 Processing with electronic file support
  • Attach documents, images, locations or any file to any Vendor file
  • User Specific, Defined Entry Screens
  • Update Inventory Quantities

CYMA Accounts Payable Features

  • Multiple AP Accounts for GL Posting
  • Post invoices to GL in detail or summary
  • Setup Vendors on the fly during invoice entry
  • Popup notes
  • Custom Field designer - Unlimited user defined fields
  • Import from other applications via a CSV file
  • Unlimited Vendors
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Vendor types to organize vendors
  • Maintain vendor history for purchases, payments and discounts
  • Allocate unlimited GL accounts by percentage or units
  • Ability to print multiple checks for one vendor
  • Attach documents, images, locations or any file to any Vendor file
  • Attach documents, images, locations or any file to specific invoices
  • F6 ýHotkeyý in invoices screen shows a history of all or the past 5 invoices for the vendor
  • Audit trail for Accounts Payable invoices
  • Default expense accounts or allocation accounts
  • Quick and Detailed Vendor Entry
  • Quick and Detailed Invoice Entry
  • One-time invoices
  • Recurring invoices
  • Unlimited bank records to accommodate multiple bank accounts
  • Multiple selection criteria of invoices for payment by: invoice number, vendors, terms codes, discount dates, due dates, pay dates, vendor types, AP accounts
  • After-the-fact checks, manual checks
  • Void checks automatically opens invoice paid by that check and, creates appropriate GL entries when checks are posted to GL
  • Flexible 1099 processing with magnetic media support
  • Reprint checks
  • Track Sales Use Tax
  • Powerful invoice allocation among GL accounts
  • User defined terms codes
  • Move invoices to Job Number
  • Assign Invoices to Job Number
  • Add user defined fields at the invoice level
  • Full integration with Purchase Order System
  • Convenient Invoice, Payment and Order Activity tabs
  • Separate checks per invoice
  • Ability to email invoices in HTML, RTF, PDF formats
  • Post Invoices to AP upon Save
  • Option to Allocate Expenses to Grants, Projects, Jobs and Transaction Class Codes.
  • Company Set-up defaults most common settings
  • Warning message alerts users during posting when inventory quantities on hand will go negative
  • EFT Proof Report
  • Enter Invoice screen provides Hotkey Shortcuts - Alt+F for Select for Payment, Alt+S for Save and Alt+P for Post.
  • Drill down to the original invoice during the select invoice process

Accounts Receivable

CYMA Accounts Receivable

CYMA Accounts Receivable system provides advanced tools to manage customer relationships, process invoices, track payments and manage all credit activities. Featuring sophisticated tax processing capabilities, flexible invoicing, powerful statement processing and easy customization, this powerful module is designed to meet the most demanding needs of a wide variety of businesses.

Hundreds of available reports and custom report capabilities help companies keep track of detailed financial information. Custom fields, email invoices, and plain paper AR invoices and forms ensure the flexibility to get the job done right.

CYMA Accounts Receivable integrates with all CYMA module; however, a configuration with Sales Order and Inventory creates a powerful manufacturing/warehouse/distribution system.

CYMA Accounts Receivable Benefits

  • Consolidated entry grids allow for quick, efficient information entry
  • Multiple credit hold treatments allow control over customers who sometimes pay late or not at all.
  • Multiple payment options: cash, check, credit card, transfer and adjustment
  • Attach documents, images, locations, or any file to any Customer file
  • View detailed payment history from one screen
  • Recurring Invoices can be automatically generated weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually
  • Alternate Pricing options: Assign an alternate pricing code to an invoice line item or to a customer
  • Update prices globally
  • Option of Detailed or Quick Entry of Payments
  • Ability to e-mail statements
  • User Specific Quick Payment Entry Screens for data entry flexibility
  • Full integration with other CYMA modules including the ability to update Inventory quantities
  • Full Integration with General Ledger, Inventory, Sales Order and all CYMA Modules

CYMA Accounts Receivable Features

  • Recurring Invoices may be automatically generated weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually
  • Volume Billing allows invoicing for a common charge to a select list of customers such as monthly dues or tuition.
  • Robust payment processing supports partial payments on a line item basis, overpaid amounts, miscellaneous payments, transfers between accounts, applications of unapplied payments, write-offs credits, and NSF checks all on one screen
  • Payment types: Cash, Check or Credit Card, transfer and adjustment
  • Single payment may be applied to multiple customer accounts and single payments may be applied to both customer and miscellaneous accounts
  • Miscellaneous Payments will accept negative entries to allow the ability to enter a counter charge to an expense account such as a credit card fee
  • Order and Invoice Activity drill down capability
  • Invoice Status Inquiry System
  • Automatically generate COGS entries
  • Credit Hold Treatments: Ignore, Warning Only, Hold With Override, Hold Always
  • 15 character customer ID
  • Discount percentages
  • Assign an alternate pricing code to an invoice line item
  • Assign an alternate pricing code to a customer
  • Unlimited number of tax id’s and tax categories
  • Unit Price supports 4 decimal places
  • Powerful invoice entry support printed, manual, and email invoices
  • Quick or Detailed Invoice Entry
  • Quick or Detailed Payment Entry
  • Enter invoices and associated payments on one screen
  • Auto Apply Payments and Unapplied Payments
  • eMail Statements
  • Set customer specific pricing by date range
  • Global price updates
  • F6 ýHotkeyý in invoices screen shows a history of all or the past 5 invoices for the vendor
  • Optional ýDefault Invoice Typeý helps minimize data entry errors and decrease data entry time.
  • ýPermissionsý limit access for AR invoice entry, Sales Order Entry; ability to change default salesperson when entering an invoice or sales order
  • Updates Jobs when invoices and payments post (applicable if using CYMA Job Costing Module)
  • User defined fields for customer and invoice records
  • User defined bank accounts may be uniquely assigned to different method of payments (one bank for credit cards, another for cash, etc.)
  • Credit limit processing
  • Full support of on account and deposit payments
  • View payment history from Customer Activity screen
  • User defined invoice & statement formats
  • Reprint or email an invoice directly from the Enter Invoice screen
  • Update or change the unit price from the Copy Invoice Process
  • Added the Sales Account Code column to 5 invoice dialog boxes. This code maps a specific sales GL account to a specific cogs GL account
  • Manual Invoices can be entered into the Accounts Receivable Quick Invoice Screen
  • When entering Quick Payments, the last bank used is set as default
  • Users can assign volume invoices to a Grant or Project
  • System can be configured so that invoices and payments can be edited after being printed.
  • Write-off functionality is enabled within Cash Basis companies
  • When posting an Invoice that ýUpdates IC Quantitiesý the program will use the ýactualý shipping costs when debiting COGS and crediting inventory
  • Invoices can be emailed to multiple contacts at once
  • Accounts Receivable Invoices can update Inventory quantities on-hand.
  • Accounts Receivable Print Proof Listing by detail includes the Sales Order number

Bank Reconciliation

CYMA Bank Reconciliation

Fast and easy reconciliation of company bank accounts is an important part of any accounting system. The CYMA Bank Reconciliation system simplifies this task by providing an easy to use, yet sophisticated set of tools to review and adjust all transactions affecting bank accounts.

CYMA Bank Reconciliation allows you to easily retrieve checking account related transactions from Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll and General Ledger modules across multiple companies, mark cleared transactions and make adjusting entries if necessary.

A sophisticated set of reconciliation reports coupled with the ability to reproduce past bank reconciliation information on demand make the CYMA Bank Reconciliation system a valuable tool for any business.

Bank Reconciliation Module Features:

  • Supports unlimited bank accounts, records and contacts
  • Supports Multiple Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Payroll modules for a single company
  • Ability to download QFX or QFI files downloaded from banks to automatically clear checks.
  • Supports multiple companies or divisions posting to a single General Ledger
  • Integrated Bank Register for Cash Management
  • Over 100 custom data fields for tracking bank information
  • Enter and unlimited number of contacts with 4 phone numbers each
  • Enter and unlimited number of bank records to accommodate multiple bank accounts
  • User can select or mark an individual, all or range of transactions to clear
  • Use the optional Crystal Reports module to customize system reports and create new reports that can be added as selections to the Report Menu
  • Produce Adjusting Entries from within Bank Reconciliation for posting to General Ledger
  • Maintains links between each company and module level bank account for total configuration flexibility

Client Billing

CYMA Client Billing

CYMA Client Billing is designed for organizations that provide Payroll Services to their clients and who need to bill those clients for services rendered. Such organizations are typically Payroll Employee Organizations ý PEO’s, Staffing Agencies, Temporary Agencies, Accountants, and/or general Payroll Services. All within the CYMA Payroll module, the Payroll Client Billing feature stores data by client, calculate costs by employee and then smoothly sends the cost information to CYMA Accounts Receivable for billing to the client. With CYMA Payrollýs already vast capabilities, this new addition makes it an outstanding, cost effective solution for many Payroll Service type organizations.

CYMA Client Billing Features

  • Unlimited Number of Employees within the client
  • Quick and Easy to setup and implement
  • Internal controls - Once data has been sent to CYMA Accounts Receivable, the client will have the option of changing, or deleting, prior to creating an actual invoice for billing. Note: Changes made in Accounts Receivable do not write back to Payroll.
  • Billing Criteria(s) determine the criteria in which costs/fees are calculated
  • Billing Tab(s) - Allows for review of information prior to sending and creating the Accounts Receivable invoice
  • Forecast - Best for Payroll that does not change between Periods – The Forecast option will collect information based upon Employee Defaults.
  • Calculated - Best for Payroll that changes frequently --The Calculated option collects information based upon actual Payroll made and processed entries. This option is used after payroll has been entered, generated and calculated

Employee Self Service

CYMA Employee Self Service

Employee Self Service from CYMA is a web/browser based system that empowers managers and employees by providing highly secure access to Payroll and Human Resource Information from anywhere in the world via the Internet. The Employee Self Service System reduces Payroll/HR administrative costs and provides employees and managers instant access to a wealth of Payroll and HR information 24 hours a day/7 days a week without needing to contact Payroll and/or HR staff.

CYMA Employee Self Service is unique in that it is deployed to your employees via the web or your local intranet, providing highly secure access to important Payroll and HR information located on your back-office Payroll/Accounting server.

CYMA Employee Self Service Features:

  • Highly secure web based access to Payroll and HR information
  • Web based Payroll Time Entry
  • Employee access to payroll deduction information
  • Eliminate check stub/direct deposit printing
  • Eliminate Paper W-2 Distribution
  • Manager access to employee pay, training and license information

General Ledger

CYMA General Ledger

The General Ledger is the heart of any accounting system where all accounting transactions are recorded, summarized and posted.

The CYMA General Ledger provides advanced tools to manage the continuing entry and reporting of your financial transactions. Featuring detailed audit trails, extensive budgeting capability, a 24-character account number and complete date sensitivity, this powerful module is designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of mid-sized businesses.

CYMA General Ledger Benefits

  • Keep current account structure or set up a more organized system with an account mask of up to 24 alphanumeric characters and 10 user defined segments
  • Import budgets and other information from a CSV file
  • Quick chart of accounts and budget entry allow for quick setup
  • Detailed information is quickly and easily available with Chart of Accounts drilldown and Financial Statement drill down
  • Personalize income statements and balance sheets with custom headers and footers
  • Prohibit or warn over budget conditions with the use of the Purchase Order module
  • Integrated Grant Tracking is available for nonprofit organizations
  • Custom Group Headers on Balance Sheets and Income Statements
  • Optional After-The-Fact and Project Tracking (Grant Tracking for non-profits) are integrated in the General Ledger
  • Attach a file, website address or location to a Grant or Project under Maintain Grants or Projects

CYMA General Ledger Features

  • User defined Account number 24 digit alphanumeric characters and 10 user-defined segments
  • Quick Chart of Accounts
  • Quick Budget Entry
  • Custom Fields designer allows for over 100 custom fields for data tracking
  • Custom Header and Footer messages
  • User Specific, Defined Entry Screens
  • Multiple retained earnings accounts
  • Complete Date Sensitivity
  • Multi-department consolidations through account segment naming
  • Copy Accounts for simplified company set up
  • Automatic deletion of inactive accounts
  • On-the-fly creation of accounts during journal entry
  • 13 prior periods
  • 13 budgets per account with original or revised budgets
  • Unlimited historical years
  • ýMemoý account types store non-financial GL data
  • Budget Control/Encumbrance Feature - Prohibit or warn on the entry of Purchase Orders that result in an over-budget condition.
  • Fully integrated budget upload from spreadsheet program
  • Consolidated General Ledger - Once enabled, accounts can be selected to consolidate in ýsummaryý or ýdetailý and the destination company can be chosen for the consolidated entries. Each GL account is then assigned a ýparentý company GL account. The parent company may have a different account structure and multiple ýchildý accounts may map to the same ýparentý company account.
    1. Standard CYMA reports, including financial statements (and F9) may be run against the data set.
    2. Supports unlimited levels of consolidation.
  • Unlimited user defined journals for transaction entry, with 6 alphanumeric characters for ID’s
  • Transactions entered in batches providing greater control of entry editing and posting
  • Recurring entries, allocated entries and automatic reversing entries
  • Transaction drilldown
  • Chart of Accounts drilldown
  • Financial Statement drilldown - income statement, subtype income statement, detail balance sheet and subtype balance sheet
  • 12-period columnar Income Statement
  • Income Statement Detail & subtype reports can be grouped by segment
  • Post subsidiary modules to user selected GL
  • Un-Post GL entry batches
  • System generated end-of-year closing entries
  • Import from other systems via a CSV file
  • Grant Tracking integrated with NFP General Ledger Module. Grants can be tracked through transactions entered in AP, PR, AR, PO and GL. Information regarding Funding Source, Core Object Expense, Programs and Activities can be tracked. There is a capability to track Actions on the Grant to keep track of meetings, phone calls, etc. Grants can be budgeted by Funding Source, Core Object Expense, Programs and Activities. There is a tab on the Maintain Grant dialog to see the Financial Overview at a glance. Sixteen reports have been added to the GL module to help with analysis of data.
  • Cross year and period reporting
  • Third party fixed asset export files can be imported into CYMAIV to create Depreciation Journal Entries
  • When closing the GL year the system checks the AP and AR modules to make sure they are past the date of closings
  • Time and date stamps to all income and balance sheets
  • Project /Grant Tracking Budget Reports.
  • Attach a file, website address or location to a Grant or Project under Maintain Grants or Projects
  • The Copy Chart of Accounts feature includes the copying of Journals, Allocations and Sub-types
  • General Ledger Allocations can be created after the transaction has been posted to General Ledger.
  • Copy a Grant or a Project to a new Grant or Project
  • Allocate Journal entries to Grants, Projects, Jobs and Transaction Classification Codes.
  • In After-the-Fact Cash Disbursements, users may now process multiple periods simultaneously
  • In After-the-Fact Cash Disbursements, the vendor information is now written into the description when creating a Cash Disbursements

Human Resources

CYMA Human Resources

CYMAýs Human Resources module is part of a larger integrated HR and Payroll system called HRexPRess and specializes on employee cost management. CYMA Human Resources offers an accounting based review and management of benefit costs, position costs, applicant tracking, certifications, training and more.

Product highlights include:

Payroll Processing Full featured Payroll software that can pull benefit and position values from HR and help manage EEOC reporting.

Benefits Management A powerful rate/bracket table system allows creation of nearly any benefit type (e.g medical or group term life) with dynamic values.

Certification and License Tracking Track any certification and licenses with employee and company requirements. Includes training classes and exams for

Position Management - Analyze position costs and standardize the performance review process to help retain top performing employees.

Applicant Tracking / Openings Management Hire the best employees through a weighted, customized recruiting program. Questions and requirements are given values that can be weighted depending on job requirements.

CYMA Human Resources Features

  • Setup Unlimited Benefit Plans with individualized rate calculations, employee cost sharing and eligibility rules
  • Customer defined grouping of Benefit Plans, Employee Benefit Groups and Employee Eligibility Groups
  • Unlimited User Defined Rate Tables for Benefit Cost Calculations; rate table elements include:
    • Coverage Type
    • Gender
    • Age
    • Years of Service
    • Annual Income
    • Smoker/Non-Smoker
    • State
    • Position
    • Benefit Group
    • Location
    • Department
    • Hourly Rate
  • Track Benefit Plan Provider and Contact Information
  • Powerful Benefit Cost Analysis; view benefit costs by:
    • Total Company Cost
    • Company Share
    • Employee Share
    • Month & Year
    • Department
    • Location
    • Position
  • User Defined Benefit Eligibility rules:
    • Full Time vs Part Time
    • Restrict Benefits to Employees in User Defined Groups
    • Base Eligibility on Start Date, Hire Date or Re-Hire Date
  • Powerful Benefit Enrollment features:
    • Auto-enroll groups of employees at one time
    • Add, Drop or Change benefits to groups of employees
    • Instantly analyze effect of benefits before updating Payroll
  • Payroll Integration
    • Benefit Calculation ýpushedý to Payroll to automatically set employee deduction amounts
    • Benefit rules will enable/disable payroll deductions based on date
  • Create an unlimited number of Positions; assign to employee
  • Track all key employee information by Position for reporting and HR queries
  • Assign each Position to a Position Group and Position Type for Position Cost Management Reporting
  • Standardize EEOC Job Category definition by Position
  • Establish Pay Ranges for each Position
  • Establish Performance Review and Pay Change time-cycles for each Position
  • Track job requirements for each Position:
    • Veteran Status
    • Residency
    • Education Level
    • Security Level
    • Age
    • Needed Certifications and Licenses
    • Required Exams and Training Classes
  • Weighted Average Performance Review System allows custom designed Performance Review By Position
  • Track Benefit Costs, Employee Earnings, Employee Certification, Training Classes and Exams By Position
  • Industry Average Position Pay comparisons
  • Track all openings by Position, Department, Location, Recruiter and more
  • Establish unique candidate requirements for each Opening
  • Establish unique applicant scoring system for each Opening
  • Track Applicants by Opening
  • Robust Applicant Database
  • Track Applicant Credentials, Licenses, Certifications and Qualifications
  • Automatically score applicants
  • Pre-employment verification
  • Powerful Applicant Database Search
  • Define Company and Position by Position Performance Review Categories
  • User defined scoring system
  • Weighted Average Performance Review method
  • Store Performance Review results in Employee Record
  • Analyze Employee Pay by Position, Performance Review Grades and other factors
  • Complete Employee Certification & License Tracking
    • Track unlimited licenses and certifications
    • Track company requirements for number of employees with particular certification
    • Define Certification Requirements ý Hours, Exams, Classes
    • Track Expiration Dates
  • Powerful Training Class Management System
    • Define unlimited number of classes and class sections
    • Track employee progress from enrollment through completion
    • Tie class attendance to Certification and Licenses
    • Create class schedules
    • Historical reporting of class enrollment and attendance
  • Exam Administration & Tracking
  • EEOC Reporting
  • Extensive employee demographics
  • Track Pay History, Raises, Reviews for each employee
  • Education, Military, Security, I-9 information and more
  • Emergency Contacts and Dependents
  • Excel based add-in provides instant spreadsheet access to HR and PR information
  • Create financial spreadsheets that pull:
    • Employee Benefit Costs
    • Company Benefit Costs
    • Total Benefit Costs
    • Employee Earnings
    • Taxes
    • Certifications
    • Hours Worked
  • Organize financial HR spreadsheets by:
    • Year, Month
    • Department, Location, Position
    • Employee, Employee Group, Pay Type, Pay Frequency, Client
    • Earnings Type (Salary, Hourly, Overtime, Commission, etc.)
    • Gender, Ethnic ID, EEOC Job Category
  • Browser/Web-Based System
  • Allows Employee access to HR/PR information from anywhere with internet connection
  • No CYMA installed software required (100% browser based)
  • Employee Review of:
    • Pay History
    • Deposit Advices
    • W2 information
    • Payroll Settings and Current Amounts
    • Employee Time Entry
    • Powerful Supervisor Features
    • Time Entry Approval
    • Employee Time Entry
    • View Employee Information:
      • Hours Worked
      • Pay Information
      • Training Classes Attended, Enrolled
      • Exam Information
      • Certification & License Information
      • Birthdays, Anniversaries
      • Emergency Contacts
      • Vacation Balances
      • Much moreý.
  • Special HR Managers View allows web based access to information on all employees
  • Electronic Filing
  • Complete Tax Reporting
  • State Payroll Forms (Paper and Electronic)
  • Unlimited Pay Frequencies and Employees
  • Multi-State
  • Complete W2 Processing
  • User configurable tax definitions

Inventory Control

CYMA Inventory Control

CYMA Inventory Control is a flexible, general purpose, perpetual inventory accounting system. Inventory Control fully integrates with the CYMA General Ledger, Purchasing, Job Costing, and Sales Order modules. The Inventory Control system provides easy-to-use inventory accounting functionality to a wide variety of mid-sized businesses.

Inventory Control is designed to integrate with the Sales Order and Purchase Order modules, but can also be used in a stand-alone environment.

CYMA Inventory Control Benefits:

  • Integrated Bill-Of-Materials
  • Advanced backorder processing system integrated across Inventory, Purchase Order and Sales Order modules
  • Custom units of measure help fit any organizational need
  • Attach an image, document, location, website address or any file to a Product
  • Expands as business grows: supports single or multiple warehouses
  • Convert units of measure to sell in another (ie purchase in yards, sell in feet)
  • Quickly update unit costs in the Bill-Of-Materials by range
  • Real time tracking of inventory movements - issues, receipts, lots, adjustments and transfers
  • Detailed Lot Tracking with options to track expiration date and user-defined additional data helps aid in product recall situations
  • Insure inventory integrity through multiple cycle count options and customizable inventory ýlow stocký warning levels
  • Auto-Create Purchase Orders for low stock conditions and backorders
  • Use Sales Order and Purchase Order modules or Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable modules to update inventory. Can also be used in a stand-alone environment.

CYMA Inventory Control Features:

  • Real time perpetual tracking of all inventory movements - Issues, Receipts, Adjustments and Transfers.
  • Forty-character product code, eight character warehouse codes
  • System supports three inventory costing methods - LIFO, FIFO and AVG
  • System supports customized units of measure - 20 types come with inventory
  • Apply Other Costs ýLanded Costsý
  • Unit of Measure Conversion - Purchase in one measurement, stock or sell in a different unit of measure or cost
  • System operates in either a single or multi-warehouse environment
  • Detailed Lot Tracking with shipping information, BOM integration and expiration date
  • Physical Count Adjustment system can reconcile quantity discrepancies between the system calculated quantities verses physically counted quantities
  • Physical Count Variance report shows both quantity and dollar variances
  • Update a Range of Bill of Materials Unit Costs
  • System will email alerts to buyers and sales representatives when purchased and/or backordered products have been received into inventory
  • Reusable serial numbers when returned to the vendor for repair and received back into inventory
  • Backorder receipt report attached to an email sent to the Sales Representative when posting an Inventory receipt
  • Single level Bill of Materials functionality integrated with module (not a separate price)
  • Bill of Materials can be fully costed - direct and applied overhead costs.
  • Bill of Materials entered and maintained by type - Engineering, Purchasing, QA and Manufacturing.
  • Bill of Materials ýWhat ifý gross margin calculation available prior to build.
  • Ability to Reverse a Build
  • Edit Bill of Material (BOM) builds at the time of build creation
  • Two methods of serialization available (40 characters max) - based upon:
    1. the product’s issue/shipment or
    2. inventory receipt and throughout.
  • Bill of Materials supports either serialization method.
  • Beginning Inventory Balances for LIFO or FIFO can be entered in a cost layer format.
  • Option to post/not post inventory transactions to the General Ledger.
  • Option to allow quantity on hand to go negative for inventory issues, shipments and BOM’s.
  • Option to allow inventory receipt of purchase order quantities in an amount greater than original quantity.
  • Option to assign sales, cost of sales and inventory GL accounts at the product or warehouse level
  • User-defined ABC product codes.
  • User-defined product/warehouse stocking levels for minimum, maximum and suggested reorder.
  • User defined Alternate Products by warehouse.
  • User defined Inventory Adjustment Codes to ensure inventory adjustment transactions are recorded accurately.
  • User-defined prime and secondary locations by warehouse.
  • Ability to prevent, after a certain date, products from being - purchased, sold or assembled.
  • Automatic costing and recording of inventory quantities based on Physical Inventory results.
  • Powerful cycle counting capability - by product, product range, serialized, etc.
  • Auto-Create Purchase Orders for low stock conditions
  • Notes Tab available from the Enter Builds Window
  • Alternate Pricing options available at the product/warehouse level
  • For companies using LIFO/FIFO costing: users can choose the exact cost layer transaction to receive a ýCostý adjustment
  • Manual Purchase Orders can be entered in Enter Receipts with other costs applied
  • Ability to post the extended cost of an Inventory Control Issue against a GL project/grant
  • Inactive products can be used in Enter Physical Count Adjustments.
  • Users may enter receipts for ýNoný CYMA Purchase Orders
  • Non-inventory products can be received after being invoiced in AP, if the line is not manually closed.
  • Transaction Classification Codes on receipts write back to the PO line
  • Cosmetic changes to column headings
  • Default options for updating unit costs (Update Purchasing Unit Cost on AP Post & Update SKU Unit Cost) on IC Receipt
  • Grant/Project tracking option for Inventory Issues
  • Maintain Other Costs table can define company-wide Other Costs, descriptions and default General Ledger accounts
  • Lot Tracking Pop-Up Window allows users to add values to a lot
  • List price and multiple cost fields at the product/warehouse level offer greater Sales Order pricing flexibility

Job Costing

CYMA Job Costing

CYMA Job Costing is a flexible job / project cost tracking system. CYMA Job Costing can be used by any project oriented firm to collect and track all job/project related costs, easily generate invoices and to track and analyze the profitability of jobs.

CYMA Job Costing has been designed specifically for mid-size organizations that accept US government contracts and who need strong government contract accounting software.

CYMA Job Cost Benefits:

  • Eliminate spreadsheets and manual calculations!
  • Flexible invoicing through over 25 billing methods (Fixed Price, Time & Materials, Cost Plus etc.)
  • Give managers real time view of detailed job costs, outstanding PO commitments, invoices and payments to date
  • Budget Estimator supporting Estimated Units & Completed Units allows for a ýUnit Cost Varianceý report. This report allows managers to see cost impact and cost variance based on budget, cost to date as compared to estimated and completed units. ýEstimated Unitsý can be altered to review various budgeting scenarios.
  • Multi Job Invoicing - Automatically create invoices for multiple jobs at one time. Jobs can also be added to a user defined Billing Group for inclusion in multi-job invoicing.
  • Improve job profitability when processing overhead allocation by job and/or by date range
  • Eliminate work duplication - easily copy jobs and/or prior estimate costs
  • Attach any file (images, specifications, blueprints, etc.) to a Job
  • Users can easily refer back to, edit or create a job during the prepare invoice process through the use of a ýJobý button
  • Smart Certified Payroll and Time Entry features
  • Multi-Job Invoicing - Invoice a range of jobs with different invoicing terms, all at once
  • Maintain Base Job provides a ýTotal Job Picture Financially, Working Capital and all Job Activitiesý
  • Determine Job Profitability Performance based on actual vs. estimated units

MA Job Costing Features:

  • Multiple Bank Accounts
  • Encryption of Social Security numbers
  • Post in detail to GL
  • Post by transaction date or check date
  • Time Entry posts automatically from Payroll to Job Costing
  • Custom data fields
  • Job Mask & Job Mask Reporting - 10 character, 5 segment job numbers (Prime, Sub, Task, Change, Orders)
  • 5 ways to budget each job
    • Detail - By Cost Item and Period
    • Summary
    • Summary by Cost Type
    • Summary by User Defined Cost Code
    • Cost Category
  • Cost Plus invoicing with Profit Percentage
  • Applied Overhead calculated automatically
  • User Defined Overhead Matrix
  • User Defined Cost Categories & Cost Codes
  • Transaction Classification Codes
  • Manage ýretainageý with assignable retainage percentage
  • Default Cost Category
  • Copy Job functionality - copied existing Job creates new fully editable job.
  • Copy prior estimate costs or use the product’s current unit costs
  • Create Purchase Orders from Job Cost Estimates
  • Auto Invoice Capability for Recurring Charges
  • Tie multiple jobs under a base job ýumbrellaý to see the total financial impact of all aspects of a project
  • Produce various budget scenarios with the Job Cost Budget Estimator. The Budget Estimator supports ýEstimated Unitsý and ýCompleted Unitsý to produce a ýUnit Cost Varianceý report providing managers with detailed cost impact and cost variance information.
  • Optionally Use Certified Rates
  • Multi Job Invoicing - Automatically create invoices for multiple jobs at one time. Jobs can also be tied to a user defined billing group where common job groupings may or may not exist.
  • Optional ýDo Not Exceed Contract Valueý warning
  • System-calculated fields for Budget Totals, Profit Margin Amount and Profit Margin Percent at the bottom of Budget tab.
  • Populate Entry Grids with employees assigned to a job number
  • User defined columns on labor entry grids
  • Purchase Order Number available on the Budget Estimator Grid
  • Users can easily refer back to, edit or create a job during the prepare invoice process through the use of a ýJobý button
  • Option to use the higher of the hourly rates (employee or certified) on labor entries (JC Enter Labor Batches and PR Enter Time Entry) flagged as ýCertifiedý
  • A Default Invoicing Method for use when adding New jobs or base jobs
  • Attach documents, files, images or locations to any JOB
  • The Job Cost Enter Labor Batches grid auto fills the employee’s default hours
  • The Enter Labor Batches grid repeats the Employee ID in subsequent rows
  • For quicker Job setup, the system includes several defaulted fields
  • In Maintain Employees, a default for ýnumber of hoursý can be defined
  • Drill down to the ýinvoiced to dateý and ýpayment to dateý fields.

Detailed Job Information

The CYMAIV Job Costing system tracks a wealth of information for each job. Job information includes:

  • 10 digit job number
  • 30 character job description
  • Customer Number
  • Job Status (Open or Closed)
  • Contract Number
  • Sales Order Number
  • Job Type (User Defined)
  • Invoiced to Date
  • Costs to date
  • Payments to date
  • Contract Value
  • Budget to Date
  • Costs/Budget Percentage to date
  • ITD / Total Contract %
  • Actual Cost / Total Budget %
  • Use Certified Rates
  • Project Manager (User defined)
  • Billing Method (Fixed Price, Cost Plus, Time & Material, Estimate to Complete)
  • Cost Plus Markup Percentages for 6 cost categories
  • Start date and end date
  • User selectable, job specific Posting Information (costs are posted to WIP or COGS)
  • User Define WIP & COGS movements
  • Job Specific Pricing for products
  • Job specific GL accounts for each cost type
  • Unlimited Job Notes
  • Unlimited user defined custom fields per job
  • Retainage and Retainage Rate at Job Level
  • Secondary sort on activity report

Job Cost Categories

Costs are tracked by one of six job cost types:

  • Direct Labor
  • Direct Material
  • Other Direct Costs
  • Subcontractor
  • Other Costs
  • Overhead

Flexible General Ledger Integration

The job costing system is fully integrated with the CYMA General Ledger. The job costing module provides a very flexible way of assigning GL accounts for a job.

  • Default GL accounts at the Job Cost Configuration level:
    • WIP Direct Material
    • WIP Direct Labor
    • WIP Other Direct Costs
    • WIP Subcontractor
    • WIP Other Costs
    • WIP Overhead
    • COGS Direct Material
    • COGS Direct Labor
    • COGS Other Direct Costs
    • COGS Subcontractor
    • COGS Other Costs
    • COGS Overhead
  • GL accounts can be identical or unique per job cost type
  • Each job may have a unique set of GL accounts per job cost type
  • Post through to the GL upon save
  • GL entries are automatically created when costs are transferred between jobs and when WIP costs are moved to COGS
  • GL Journal Entries with a job number are automatically posted to the job
  • Post job cost entries to the GL in detail or in summary. Summary posting summarizes entry to each unique occurrence of GL account, job number and job cost type.
  • GL Journal Entries use cost codes

Full Integration With Other Modules

The Job Costing system is also fully integrated with Accounts Payable, Payroll, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Inventory Control, Sales Order and Purchase Order.

  • Assign job number to AP invoices, purchase orders, AR invoices and payroll entries.
  • AP invoices and payroll checks post automatically to the Job Costing module
  • When AP invoices and Payroll checks are unposted (or voided) entries are automatically removed from the job cost file
  • Automatic assignment of job cost type when entering AP invoices
  • User defined table of Skill levels contains billing rates for different types of labor
  • Job Cost billing process automatically creates AR invoice for billing purposes.
  • View all Purchase Orders associated with a given Job

Capture Other Job Charges

Not all items to billed on a job have their origin as a ýjob costý; the system allows entering ýjob chargesý that do not originate in an accounts payable, payroll or general ledger entry.

  • Create job specific billing rates for skill levels and products
  • Simple job charge data entry for product job charges and labor job charges
  • Job Charges may be transferred between jobs

Flexible Billing

The CYMA Job Costing System allows amazing flexibility in determining costs to bill and the format of customer invoices.

  • Easily select job charges to bill by cost type and date range
  • Each individual job charge may be marked-up/down as appropriate
  • Mark-ups and Mark-downs are tracked for statistical reporting
  • Costs are automatically adjusted by job specific percentage for ýcost plus jobsý
  • Automatic AR Invoice Creation
  • Select from 4 different Job Cost Invoice formats or custom creation of invoices
  • AR Invoice posting writes back billing information to the job file

Powerful Processing

  • Use advanced features to control job cost data entry, invoicing and job management
  • Powerful job transfer feature allows for moving costs and charges between jobs. General Ledger entries, where appropriate, are automatically created
  • WIP to COGS feature allows for user selectable costs to be moved from WIP accounts to COGS accounts when revenue is recognized on a job
  • Close or Re-Open Jobs at any time - closed jobs may be billed, but no further entries are allowed
  • Move Jobs to history function allows for smaller job transaction files and faster overall performance

Powerful Reporting

  • Job Listing
  • Summary Job Listing
  • Job Listing Summary By Prime Job
  • Budget to Actual Comparison (Summary)
  • Budget to Actual (Detail)
  • Budget to Actual (Cost Only)
  • Job Types
  • Skill Listings
  • Product Listing
  • Project Manager Listing
  • Budget Reports
  • Open Commitment Purchasing Reports by Job, Cost Type and Products


CYMA Payroll

The CYMA Payroll system is an extremely flexible and robust payroll and personnel management tool. It provides users with the capability necessary to manage compensation requirements and electives, simply and completely.

CYMA Payroll Software allows any organization to process payroll in-house or to set up a payroll service for an unlimited number of employees. CYMA Payroll gives the abilities to quickly write payroll checks, run instant payroll reports, calculate employee earnings, deductions, 401k, cafeteria plans and more.

As a single module, the CYMA Payroll allows you to record employee earnings, calculate deductions and prepare payroll checks and payroll reports. When integrated with the CYMA General Ledger, you gain the ability to post all payroll and employer taxes to the appropriate accounts. When used with CYMA Accounts Payable you can create tax liability invoices.

As part of a larger Payroll and Human Resources system called HRexPRess, CYMA Payroll offers Employee Self Service, benefit cost analysis / management, competency based management and more in one integrated cost management / accounting package.

CYMA Payroll Benefits

  • Offers consolidated entry screen for quick payroll entry
  • Full W2 and 1099 printing out of the box
  • Support up to an unlimited number of employees
  • Supports EFT Direct Deposit out of the box
  • Support unlimited deductions
  • Support and manage an unlimited number of payroll benefits like 401k, cafeteria plans, vacation time and more
  • When used with the AP modules, can automatically generate tax liability invoices
  • Schedule start dates of employee benefits and set effective dates for any payroll benefit feature (401k, vacation, cafeteria plan, etc.)
  • Time Entry Processing: Enter payroll by hours, rates and pieces, on a daily basis or when needed
  • The only major payroll processing product in the marketplace that supports encrypted Social Security Numbers at the database level
  • Supports check runs, electronic direct deposit or both
  • Supports multi-state payroll out of the box
  • Annual updates ensure the system uses the latest, correct tax calculations
  • Attach documents, files, images and locations to any Employee File
  • Optionally print MICR checks to plain paper
  • Optionally process common specific state payroll forms like unemployment, new hire and others.
  • Certified Labor Hourly Rate logic when saving or posting Certified Payroll time entry
  • Tracks demographic information as well as provides a bridge to Human Resources module

CYMA Payroll Features

  • Multiple Bank Accounts
  • Encryption of Social Security numbers
  • Post in detail to GL
  • Post by transaction date or check date
  • Custom data fields
  • Process multiple checks per employee, per pay period
  • Process multiple pay frequencies at one time
  • Supports all 50 states including DC, Puerto Rico, and Virgin Islands
  • Quick Entry Payroll dialog box or traditional Payroll entry
  • Use the optional CYMA State Payroll Forms to automatically fill state payroll forms from all 50 states (separate purchase)
  • Multiple copies of checks
  • Direct Deposit and EFT Direct Deposit
  • W2 printing
  • 1099 printing
  • Time Entry Processing: Enter payroll by hours, rates and pieces, on a daily basis
  • Default GL Accounts
  • Unlimited Earnings Types
  • Unlimited Benefits
  • Annual cap field for pre-tax employer deductions
  • Change the pay rate across a number of employees
  • Effective Date for Payroll features (benefits, vacation, 401k, etc.)
  • Unlimited Deductions
  • Unlimited Employees
  • EEO-1 Worksheet Report
  • Personal Information tab includes Military Service and Education Level fields
  • ýEmergency & Dependent Contacts Table includes Primary Emergency and Dependent contacts
  • ýDemographicsý tab includes I-9, Benefit Plan Testing, Drug Testing, and Security information fields
  • 941 Schedule B reconciliation report
  • Employment Information tab now includes a new Next Raise Date, Next Raise Amount, Last Raise Date, Next Raise date Next and Last Review Dates
  • Fixed Departmentalization
  • Variable Departmentalization - allows allocation/departmentalization to occur based on actual number of hours (or dollars) in the specific pay period
  • Copy or add a Payroll ýfeatureý across a range of employees
  • Copy Employment information across multiple employees
  • Unlimited Vacation Accrual
  • Unlimited Sick Pay Accrual
  • Annual cap field for pre-tax employer deductions
  • Change the pay rate across a number of employees
  • Local Tax and Union Dues
  • Track employee union affiliation
  • Deductions with minimum net pay
  • Adjust beginning balances on a per employee basis any time prior to processing payment
  • Turn Earnings, Benefits, and deductions features off at any time
  • Departmental tracking
  • Location tracking
  • Laser Fileable 940 & 941 Forms
  • Supports all Pay Frequencies - Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Semi-Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annually and Annually
  • Void check feature automatically creates all reversing entries, including departmental printing
  • Manual Checks Ability create adjusting entries
  • Adjustments can optionally update GL
  • Wage calculation features allows user to set what wages are included for each type of tax maintained
  • Automatic Payroll calculation
  • Pay one or selected employees
  • Reopen last pay period
  • Mag Media support for W2’s & 1099’s (magnetic or electronic where applicable)
  • Flat percentage can be added to Employees to use in the calculation for supplemental wages.
  • Gender, Race, and Title fields for employee files.
  • Copy specific Payroll features or a range
  • Pre-processed reports speed up reporting times
  • Advance & Loan Features Linked to Recovery Feature
  • Post Time Entries to Job Costing without printing Payroll first
  • Copy Employment information across multiple employees
  • Support for Self Sealing Check Formats
  • Navigation buttons for ýNext Weeký and ýPrevious Weeký in Time Entry window
  • Certified Labor Hourly Rate logic when saving or posting Certified Payroll time entry
  • ýEmployee Statusý of Retired and Permanently Disabled
  • Current and Historical Payroll Journal
  • Ability to store up to 3 phone numbers, email address etc on the Maintain employee window
  • Enhanced performance in several Payroll Reports; reports will process faster when the highlighted selection criteria is used.
  • Employee Listing Report offers the option to exclude sensitive information from the report

Project Tracking

CYMA Project Tracking

CYMA Project Tracking (PT) is an optional part of the CYMA Financial Management - General Ledger module. Project Tracking provides a simplified version of tracking revenues, expenses, budgets and activities for smaller projects or jobs.

Project Tracking users can then determine where Project related expenses are tracked. Project Tracking can be enabled in the General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Payroll and Accounts Receivable modules within CYMA. When Project Tracking is enabled within a module, all entry screens within that module are enhanced to add Grant Tracking fields to each data entry line. Because the Project fields are separate and distinct from the GL account number used in any particular entry, the organization has flexibility in coding the expense.

Purchase Order

CYMA Purchase Order

CYMA Purchase Order is an optional module for CYMA FMS or NFP that provides you with the capability to enter, track, print and manage vendor purchase orders. Purchase Orders can then be automatically turned into AP invoices when goods are received and the invoice received from the vendor. Several new Purchase Order forms are available, including a true laser form, which generates the entire purchase order, both data and the form, and prints to a blank piece of paper.

CYMA Purchase Order Benefits:

  • Helps prevent over budget conditions when used with General Ledger module
  • Drop ship ready
  • Historical prior purchase orders help track cost changes
  • Works with Inventory and Sales Order as part of an advanced backorder processing system
  • With Inventory helps prevent purchasing items after a given date
  • Attach a file, image, location or any file to any Product
  • Requisition approval process
  • Use of Buyer IDs: Tie purchasing agent to a CYMA login, assign PO dollar limits, and set other permissions
  • Print or email purchase orders

CYMA Purchase Order Features:

  • Supports system generated or manual Purchase Orders
  • Full Integration with Accounts Payable
  • Budget Control/Encumbrance feature warns/prevents PO’s that result in over-budget conditions
  • Send Purchase Orders to printer or email
  • Email Purchase Orders automatically when posting inventory receipts for backordered products
  • Export PO’s to CSV
  • Optional use of Product ID’s with vendor specific pricing
  • Update product costs based on Purchase Order, AP Invoice, or both
  • Multiple Bill-To’s and Ship-To’s
  • Line Level Special Instructions
  • Cross-References on the fly
  • Purchase order level notes, special instructions, and user defined fields
  • Importing an AP invoice automatically re-opens the purchase order
  • Return to Vendor capability
  • Drop Ship capability
  • Requisition capability
  • Purchase Order Status Inquiry
  • Printed Sales Order Number on Purchase Order
  • Purchase Order converts Unit of Measure on defaulted units/cost
  • ýDelivery Daysý field - automatically gets added to the PO date to calculate the PO due/delivery date
  • Prevent Purchase After Date on SM Product (requires Inventory Control)
  • Purchasing Manager Security Level for Budget Overrides
  • Audit report for Purchase Order changes
  • Alert option to notify user when saving an AP Invoice mapped to a Purchase Order if an Invoice line’s unit cost is greater than the PO line’s unit cost.
  • Attach a file, document or location to any product
  • User can Reprint a Purchase Order directly from the Purchase Order Entry Screen
  • F6 ýHotkeyý feature can view previous purchases of a product
  • Buyer IDs: Tie purchasing agent to a CYMA login; PO dollar limits; default order type per buyer; and permissions to change the buyer id in Enter Purchase Orders
  • Close Purchase Order process for closing POs and Requisitions en mass by date and other filters
  • Validate Buyer’s dollar limit is not exceeded when printing PO
  • Ability to string e-mail addresses
  • Open Commitment By Fund Report (NFP Version)
  • Assign funds to Purchase Order (NFP Version)

Sales Order

CYMA Sales Order

The CYMA Sales Order module (SO) provides a robust sales order system fully integrated with General Ledger, Inventory Control and Accounts Receivable. The Sales Order system features a highly flexible pricing system - including an advanced variable definition price matrix. The variable definition price matrix allows customers to custom-define their own rows and columns in the price matrix.

CYMA Sales Order Benefits:

  • Define specific requirements with custom rows and columns using the ývariable pricing matrixý
  • Establish quotes and easily convert into sales orders
  • Copy existing sales orders for quick repeat sales
  • Easily establish promotional pricing by product line
  • Define organizational pricing methods based on cost markup, sales price discount, quantity ordered, promotional dates and alternate prices
  • Works as part of an advanced backorder processing system integrated across Inventory, Purchase Order and Sales Order modules
  • Integrated shipping solutions using StarShip software
  • Pricing alerts warn on profit percentage, profit loss or other defined conditions

CYMA Sales Order Features:

The ývariable definition price matrixý allows customers to custom-define their own rows and columns in the price matrix. The rows and columns in the Price Matrix may be defined as:

  • Customer Type
  • Customer Price Category
  • Product Type
  • Product Line
  • Product Price Category
  • Sales Rep
  • Customer Type
  • Terms Code
  • Complete Order Cycle
  • Only two steps in the cycle are required - Enter the Sales Order and Ship the Sales Order
  • Real-time inventory data consisting of On-Hand and Available Quantities
  • Batch Shipments
  • Email Pick Tickets
  • Scheduled Ship Date at the line level to help provide a scheduling solution for customers requesting delivery of their order quantities on more than one date
  • Calculate backorder quantity checkbox that works in conjunction with the backorder processing function. When this option is selected and insufficient stock conditions exist, the values will be used/tracked through Inventory Control, Purchase Order and Sales Order
  • Backorder Processing system will display the Backorder quantity when there is insufficient stock to fill an order
  • Promotional Pricing by Product Line
  • A Quote is easily changed to a Sales Order
  • Unlimited pricing methods based on cost markup, sales price discount, quantity ordered, promotional dates and alternate prices.
  • The Sales Order entry program will search all four possible sources for customer/product pricing and default the lowest price for a specific customer ordering a specific product.
  • Pricing Sources include: Sales Price on the product, Customer Special Pricing, Pricing Matrix (variable definition), and Promotional time-sensitive pricing and Quantity Discount Pricing
  • Three Price Alert options warn or prohibit a product from being sold at a loss or below a user-specified profit margin percentage.
  • Unlimited line items on a Sales Order\Quote.
  • Product Availability in the warehouse is displayed as a separate field in the Sales Order data grid.
  • Capability to fill an order from multiple warehouses.
  • An order quantity that is greater than the current Available quantity will display the order quantity in Red for greater visibility.
  • Option to include the Last Unit Cost in the Sales Order grid.
  • Similar Credit Hold and Credit Limit treatment as in CYMA AR.
  • System-assigned quote/sales order number up to ten-digits, with user specifying the starting number.
  • Same system-assigned number is used throughout the cycle. The number assigned to a quote does not change once it becomes a Sales Order.
  • Flexible order, shipping and line item notes, which can be overridden during the entry of a Sales Order/Quote.
  • Validation of product’s sales expiration date, if established, prevents sales after date.
  • Canceled Sales Orders are retained in the system to provide a complete audit trail of every system-assigned Sales Order number.
  • The Sales Order document can be printed from the entry screen for walk-in counter sales or printed in batch.
  • Sales Orders can be either printed or e-mailed
  • Pick Ticket Selection Screen
  • Pick Ticket can be printed based on scheduled ship date
  • Option to allow warehouse personnel to ship more than ordered from the shipping screen rather than changing on the Sales Order screen.
  • As in IC, an option to permit the product quantity on-hand to go negative based on shipped quantity.
  • ýShip Allý button to streamline the shipping of all lines and all open quantities on a Sales Order, with an override capability for any exceptions
  • Ship weight is automatically calculated during shipping for assisting in determining freight charges.
  • Capability to print Packing List at the time of the shipment or in batch mode.
  • The ýAccept Partial Shipmentý flag is set at the customer level, but can be overridden when a Sales Order is entered.
  • Copy existing Sales Order/Quote to be copied to a new Sales Order/Quote. The new document is fully enabled for editing.
  • Pop-up window shows Alternate Product ID for products that have either passed their sale expiration date, or have a low stock condition.
  • Invoice and Sales Order activity tabs.
  • Alternate pricing capability for Sales Orders
  • Optional Maintain Alias Product table used to link the seller’s in-house product id with the product id nomenclature (Alias) a specific customer uses. When entering a Sales Order either the in-house product id or the Alias product id can be entered to find the product.
  • Options asking ýUse Alias Productsý and ýInclude Alias Productsý on forms
  • Options for specifying which of several Unit Cost values to display in Enter Sales Orders. The option chosen then becomes the ýbookingý unit cost and will also be used for the Gross Margin calculations
  • Option to include a display-only ýLast Unit Priceý column to the sales order grid. There are four selection criteria options from which to choose.
  • Optional Maintain Sales Account Codes table for defining codes to specifically paired Sales and COGS GL accounts. This code can then be entered in Enter Sales Orders and all Accounts Receivable entry dialog boxes assuring the user-entered sales account will always be matched to the desired COGS account when creating journal entries. This table can be accessed in either the Sales Order or Accounts Receivable module.
  • List Price at the Product/Warehouse level. With this Maintain Configuration option users can select whether the program should default the Unit Price from either the Product or the Product/Warehouse if the lowest price routine determines that the ýList Priceý is the lowest price, or if there is an alternate price code on this line of the sales order
  • A ýBill-Toý grouping in the Product Line Sales Analysis (current) and, the Product Line Sales Analysis (Historical) reports
  • Sales Order Audit Report
  • Profit Report based on the ýactualý shipping cost as opposed to the ýbookingý cost displayed when the order is entered
  • Product Alias profile report with multiple filters and two grouping options
  • F6 ýHotkeyý feature allows viewing previous sales of the highlighted product to the customer in the header
  • Calculate and display both a line and order level Gross Margin Amount and Percent
  • Unit Price can be based and defaulted into the grid from the product/warehouse Standard Cost value. This cost option can be selected in the Maintain Pricing Matrix; the program determines whether this is the lowest price available
  • A negative quantity on a regular order type will permits entry of the Unit Cost
  • The Print Packing List option applies to all three shipment methods
  • System allows users to edit the shipment weight when shipping a sales order
  • All shipment methods update the IC transaction description field with the Sales Order reference number (in the header of the sales order).
  • All three shipment methods post to the COGS GL account associated with the Sales Account Code if entered in the Sales Order grid

System Manager

CYMA System Manager

The CYMA System Manager provides system-wide control and management of your CYMA accounting software. Printer setup, company information, accounting periods, system security, user maintenance and network control are managed by this module.

CYMA System Manager, controls users, companies, security, and a wide variety of system features. Each installation of CYMA requires a System Manager. One convenient location helps manage multiple companies, user access, accounting periods, custom forms, and reporting.

Users may create batches of reports that can be executed with a single click. Each batch may contain multiple instances of the same report and each individual report may have different selection criteria. Each batch may consist of reports from different modules.

CYMA’s User Level Security options ensure only authorized users have access to sensitive company information and vital functions. In addition, users can be restricted from running CYMA URL’s that automatically process information from web page links in eDesk.

CYMA’s eDesk, is an HTML based resource center, containing getting started information, tutorials, JavaScript Financial Calculators, and a wide variety of CYMA reference materials. eDesk can also be customized to run CYMA functions from the click of a link or be modified to act as a departmental intranet (HTML coding experience required).

CYMA System Manager Benefits

  • Set up batch reports for quick reporting
  • User Defined Report Lists allow for quicker and more efficient report handling
  • Supports an unlimited number of companies out of the box
  • Strong user security by module, menu item, reports and functionality, based off user type or administrator customization
  • Specify data entry preference by user from three types for maximum efficiency
  • Advanced utilities allow for increased performance
  • Customizable eDesk allows total HTML customization, branding and report/menu shortcuts all from one page
  • Embedded help, tutorials and getting started guides
  • Attach documents, images, locations, or any file to any Customers, Vendors, Products, Jobs, Employees, Project and Grants

CYMA System Manager Features

  • Spreadsheet-like grid control used throughout
  • ýTabbed-Dialogý box
  • Multiple Document Design allows multiple modules and/or windows to be open concurrently
  • Pervasive.SQL Version 10 database
  • Detailed audit trail on modification and deletions
  • Data is entered in file transactions where entire batches of data are committed completely or not at all, ensuring that whole transactions (header and detail records) are completed
  • Unlimited Companies
  • Perform string based searches
  • Named Report Batches
  • Copy Companies
  • Cash or accrual accounting methods supported
  • Allocate transactions to Jobs, Grants, Projects and Transaction Classification Codes
  • Attach documents, files or locations to any Customer, Vendor, Product, Job, Employee, Project and Grant
  • Support for duplicate products
  • Optional auto popup calendar when entering data in date fields
  • Calculator added to all currency and quantity fields (accessed by pressing Ctrl-T)
  • System remembers the last defined ý# of copies printedý when printing checks, invoices, statements, reports
  • Window size is saved after close (sticky windows)
  • Improved performance of reports. Reports will run faster if the highlighted selection criteria is used.

User Features

  • Three different keyboard modes are provided to accommodate fast data entry for heavy keypad users as well as to accommodate users who prefer little use of the mouse
  • Fixed or floating decimal entry options
  • System functions are designed to allow use of the keyboard or mouse, depending on user preference
  • Notes can be kept for all master records with or without automatic ýpop-upý capability
  • Comprehensive context-sensitive help system. (F1)
  • Use the mouse scroll wheel in browser screens
  • Purge GL History
  • Purge Payroll
  • Purge Inactive Records
  • User defined CYMA menus and interactive Workflow Entry Diagrams in eDesk allow for custom, enhanced menu access
  • User Defined Report Lists

System Security Features

  • Multi-level security by:
    • Companies Modules
    • Entry Screens Reports
    • System Functions (i.e., posting, printing)
    • Module Access
    • eDesk URL Linking
    • Full Access menu level
    • Sales Manager override
  • Social Security Number Encryption at the database level
  • Optional activity timer requires users to enter the password again when there has been no keyboard or mouse activity on the workstation after a specified time lapse
  • View Access menu level
  • Audit Trails by user for record changes or additions

Report Features

  • Optional Crystal Reports module allows users to modify system reports and create new reports that can be added as selections to the Report menus
  • User Defined Transaction Classification Codes
  • Additional reporting options include the use of the F9 third party report writer for use with CYMA GL
  • Reports can be output to screen, printer or common file formats supported by Crystal Reports
  • Data-sensitive or period-based reporting
  • Multiple selection and sorting capability on reports
  • 100’s of reports to choose from

Browser Features

  • View any file, record by record, with this advanced look-up facility for frequently used codes
  • Users Selects from multiple look-up options:
    • Fields to view in columns
    • Order and width of the columns to display
    • Column to Search and Sort
  • Each user may save their options for each browser
  • Add master records on the fly during data entry

System Utilities

  • Print file structures
  • Pack and re-index files
  • Recalculate Payroll Balances
  • Recalculate General Ledger Balances
  • Recalculate Accounts Receivable Balances
  • Generate Account Segment Names
  • Online Backup Capabilities
  • Auto Segment Balancing

General Import Feature

  • Imports form other systems available via Comma Separated Value file (CSV) to: General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll


  • Customize HTML designed desktop for user defined CYMA menus or default web page
  • Run common CYMA reports and functions from embedded HTML links or from an address bar.
  • Interactive Workflow Entry Diagrams help illustrate system/accounting processes
  • Embedded JavaScript financial calculators cover common functions such as:
    • 1040 Tax Calculator
    • Breakeven Analysis
    • Business Valuation
    • Cash Flow
    • Equipment Buy vs. Lease
    • Financial Ratios
    • Inventory Analysis
    • Loan Amortization
    • Loan Comparison
    • Working Capital Needs
  • eDesk contains dozens tutorials and reference materials in addition to contextual help

Product Overview

Market Focus

Ratio of reviewers by organization size.

Industry Focus

Ratio of reviewers by sector.

Professional Services
Health Care
Other Industries:
  • Construction (6%)
  • Hospitality (6%)
  • Finance and Insurance (4%)

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