Physician reimbursement in a cost-effective, fair, and centralized framework

About FeePulse

FeePulse was created to address physician compensation in a cost-effective, fair, and centralized framework. This centralized solution allows organizations and professionals to save time, save costs, and ensure that providers have the access they need to compensation resources and processes.

Designed for healthcare organizations and hospitals of all sizes, FeePulse automates any compensation model with ease. With this software, you can create, configure and manage any compensation elements including base draws, provider profile, admin payments, directorship, variable incentives, and key performance components such as quality, patient sat, productivity, and panel management. Also manage and assign variable elements such as goals, thresholds, rates, budget and base values at any level in the org hierarchy.

FeePulse is the best cloud-based solution possible that is data-driven with the current and relevant information.

FeePulse Features

  • Physician compensation
  • Provider compensation
  • Doctor compensation software
  • Physician compensation report
  • Performance-based compensation
  • Evaluate, calculate, and adjudicate compensation plans
  • Data integration with contract uploads

Provider Compensation Methods

  • Hourly Rate/Daily Stipend
  • Weekly Stipend
  • Monthly Stipend
  • Annual Stipend
  • On-call coverage/Per Work RVU/Per Procedure
  • Amount Compensated per On-Call Compensation Method
  • Number of Hours per On-Call Compensation Method
  • Holiday On-Call Compensation Amount (per day)
  • Weekend On-Call Compensation Amount (per day)

Data Integration

FeePulse software integrates with dynamic FHIR Based flexible data model to store any number of various segments,datasets for benchmarking, CPT codes, change master and wRVUs.

FeePulse Pricing

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Product Overview

User Reviews of FeePulse

Submitted on March 22nd, 2022 by Matthew R.

FeePulse helped me to automate my compensation tasks in my practice, and has given me the peace of mind that I needed.