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About TribeHR

All Your Core HRIS Needs in One Place

TribeHR is a new breed of HRIS. It combines the best of HR information management with innovative social features like peer and public recognition, shared goals and values, an interactive corporate news feed, and an engaging social interface that employees love.

Attract and Recruit the Right Talent

Recruiting is hard work. There are lots of talented people interested in your job openings, but it takes time and patience to find the right fit for the job, the right fit for the team, and the right fit for the company. TribeHR automates repetitive tasks and shortens the hiring cycle for consistently better hiring results.

Review, Reward and Retain

TribeHR’s talent management suite shines, engaging employees in a uniquely social way. With a wide variety of tools to support personalization, engagement, feedback, collaboration, cultural alignment and employee growth, TribeHR helps build a culture of success and enhances employee satisfaction. TribeHR clients are finding that social HR offers a measurable ROI far beyond what they expected.

Access Anywhere, Anytime

Employees want to access their information when and where they are. With TribeHR for iOS, employees can search their company directory, view the company news feed, and recognize other employees. You’re now able to give every employee the access they’ve always wanted!

360 Feedback

TribeHR’s talent management capabilities enable everyone to give and receive 360 feedback from their peers, their reports, and their managers. Feedback can be provided in the context of a formal review process, or by request at any time. Anyone in the organization can request feedback on a specific activity or their overall performance, whenever they need it–allowing employees to take ownership of their own performance and growth.

TribeHR 360 Feedback: What it does

  • Enables managers to request feedback about their reports from others, either in preparation for a review or outside of a review process.
  • Allows any employee to request feedback from peers, reports, supervisors or managers at any time.
  • Option to incorporate peer feedback into a review.
  • Empowers employees at all levels to manage their own performance and growth.
  • Provides the ability to request anonymous feedback.

Applicant Tracking System

TribeHR’s applicant tracking system makes the hiring process social! TribeHR’s powerful applicant tracking system begins with your own customizable job board – making it easy to post positions and accept applications. Applicants can apply directly online with their resume and cover letter or easily apply with their Linkedin profile, making it easy and efficient.

And for each posted position, you assign the hiring team and decide who will collaborate in the hiring process. You may want reviewers to pre-screen and rate applicants before flagging the hiring team; or perhaps candidates will be interviewed by multiple interviewers, either individually or as a team. It’s easy to keep everyone involved and on the same page when applicant files, interviewer notes, comments and ratings are all kept in one location.

Whatever your preferred hiring approach, applicant tracking in TribeHR makes it easy and as social as you want it to be.

TribeHR Applicant Tracking System: What it does

  • Creates your own online job board that can be customized to match your website and company branding.
  • Accepts applications from your custom job board, by email, and from Linkedin and Facebook.
  • Allows you to define hiring teams and select applicant reviewers with various permissions.Notifies the hiring team and reviewers when new applications are received based on set preferences.
  • Automatically stores and tracks applicant data including attached resumes and cover letters.
  • Enables notes and comments and attaches them to the applicant file so everyone involved in the hiring process is kept up to date.
  • Keeps all notes and comments with the application throughout the hiring process.
  • Automatically transfers applicant data, including notes and documents, to the TribeHR employee profile when an employee is hired.

Compensation Tracking

From within TribeHR’s core HRIS, you can easily manage and track employee compensation information. Establish default settings based on the most common approach used in your organization, and then easily customize any individual employee files that differ.

Whether your company has standardized compensation practices or every employee has a different compensation arrangement, TribeHR gives you full control of the details!

TribeHR Compensation Tracking: What it does

  • Integrates with the employee profile and payroll information.
  • Supports default currency settings at the company, location or department level.
  • Allows you to change the applicable currency for individual employees.
  • Allows you to identify or change the type of compensation that applies to an employee (hourly, salary, or contract) and whether they are part-time or full-time
  • Gives you flexibility and complete control of compensation details.
  • Tracks historical salary data, including the occurrence and amount of any raises, so you never lose the history.

Corporate Calendar

Your TribeHR Company Calendar conveniently ties together date-dependent items like employee vacations, sick days, due dates for goals, birthdays, employment anniversaries, company events, and more! For you, this means no more vacation tracking spreadsheets or countless memos about the company barbecue. For employees it means the convenience of self-service while integrating work calendars with their preferred personal calendar software.

TribeHR Corporate Calendar: What it does

  • Integrates with the time-off request and approval process to automatically track all approved time-off.
  • Allows you to make any type of scheduled time-off visible to the team, the department, or the company–or you can restrict visibility to the employee and manager only.
  • Supports automatic updates to Outlook, Google Calendar, and other iCal-enabled software.
  • Shares company events in one convenient location that makes it easy to avoid event scheduling conflicts.
  • Supports location-based event scheduling for organizations with multiple plants or offices.
  • Offers more than 40 international holiday calendars which can be automatically displayed in all calendars or shown selectively, based on the geographical location of a team, department or physical plant.
  • Allows you to make employee birthdays and employment anniversaries visible on the calendar if your company policy supports it, so that you can add a personal touch and encourage celebrations in the workplace.
  • Makes it possible for employees to share due dates for goals they have set. This is especially valuable to those who are motivated by making their goals public and who appreciate the support of their team in achieving those goals.
  • Enables calendar filtering by organization, location, department or team–so you can keep tabs on the entire company, or focus right down to the team level!

Customizable Job Board

Today’s best candidates don’t wait for opportunities to appear; they actively seek out the companies and positions that appeal to them. TribeHR’s customizable job board sends the right message:

  • Clean, professional, and easy-to-use
  • Customized to reflect your brand
  • Simple, online application that pulls in their LinkedIn profile or attached resume
  • Seamless integration with your website for a great user experience and easy access to everything future employees need to know about your organization

And that’s just the front end! When candidates submit applications through your customizable job board, their information is automatically entered into TribeHR’s applicant tracking system, so you have total control over the hiring process from day one.

TribeHR Job Board: What it does

  • Provides branding consistency starting from a candidate’s first encounter with your company.
  • Automatically publishes job postings entered into the TribeHR applicant tracking system without any assistance from a technical resource or your IT team.
  • Allows you to organize multiple job postings into categories (e.g. sales vs engineering), making it easy for candidates to find a position that might be right for them.
  • Stores inactive job postings for future use, so they don’t have to be re-created each time. Supports job postings for multiple hiring locations. Automatically stores information from LinkedIn profiles, simplifying the application process for both candidates and recruiters. Indexes resumes so their content is searchable, making it easy to identify possible candidates within your applicant database. Tracks the source of each application for improved recruiting analysis. Saves time, reduces duplication, enhances consistency, and simplifies recruiting.

Employee and Resource Document Storage

It’s simple to store employee records, job descriptions, policy manuals and other HR documents in TribeHR.

Attach specific employee documents to an employee’s profile–you can even upload PDF copies of documents that must be printed and signed, to keep employee records complete and in one place. You can also attach supplementary documents (like reference letters, diplomas, and other credentials) to a job applicant’s file in the TribeHR applicant tracking system. Finally, company resources, onboarding materials and policy manuals are easily added to the resources section of TribeHR for convenient, company-wide access. It’s all in TribeHR!

TribeHR Document Storage: What it does

  • Keeps supplementary employee records and documents in one place, attached to the digital employee file and profile.
  • Allows supplementary files and documents to be added to a job applicant’s file, giving the hiring team immediate access to all the information they need.
  • Stores additional HR files and documents in the resources area.
  • Organizes HR-related documentation and makes it available within the HRIS for ease of access across the organization.

Employee History Timeline

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew, at a glance, the entire story of an employee’s history with your company? With TribeHR you can! Each employee profile stores the complete history of the employee in date-effective records that clearly identify changes, milestones, and growth experienced since the date of hire.

From address and salary changes, through promotions and transfers between locations–TribeHR records it all, and maintains the historical version of the data. So you have a complete change history that tells the story of every employee’s time with your organization.

To make it even easier, TribeHR displays that history in an appealing timeline format that can be easily scanned for key information. Access the information you need in just seconds, from anywhere.

TribeHR Employee History Timeline: What it does

  • Saves all changes to employee data in the employee file and profile.
  • Stores prior versions of employee data forever (or until you choose to delete them).
  • Allows you to expand or contract the employee history view within the employee profile.
  • Displays the complete employee history in an easy-to-read timeline format that conveys a clear sense of progress and continuity.
  • Tells the story of an employee’s time with the company in a quick snapshot that includes the nature, date, and actual data that was changed.

Employee Self-Service

In TribeHR, employee self-service is not about passing administrative tasks onto employees; it’s about empowering employees to take control of personal information and co-worker interactions. With online employee profiles instead of paper-based files, employees are encouraged to personalize their workplace image and interact with their peers in a more collaborative way.

Maintaining the accuracy of basic personal information is simple and painless. Access to co-workers is only a click away. HRMS self-service empowers your employees to explore and expand their potential, by giving them the ability to set and track personal, career, and skills-development goals from within their personal dashboard.

TribeHR Employee Self-Service: What it does

  • Gives employees ownership of their profiles
  • Improves accuracy of basic personal information
  • Improves the quality and richness of employee data
  • Enriches employee development information
  • Includes a complete work history with all changes to profile information, making it easy to understand what has changed and why!

Employee Time-Off Tracking

Tracking and managing employee time-off is one of those HR tasks that should be simple, but seldom is! Imagine a system that automatically tracks available and used time-off, keeps tabs on everyone’s scheduled vacation time, records each employee’s requests for time-off and the manager’s response, and maintains actual time-off records forever. TribeHR is that system!

Stick With the Standard, or Make It Unique

TribeHR conveniently includes a number of common types of time-off which you can use “as is” or customize to suit your needs. Better still, you can identify as many types of paid and unpaid time-off as you need, then define the allocation, accrual rules, carryover amounts and reset parameters for each. TribeHR provides all the flexibility you need to create the combination that best supports your employees and makes your company unique.

TribeHR Time-Off Tracking: What it does

  • Allows you to create multiple types of time-off with distinct rules and parameters.
  • Establishes company default settings while giving you the power to apply different rules for individual employees.
  • Provides an automatic, tracked process for managing time-off requests and approvals.
  • Displays the current count of available time-off on the employee dashboard.
  • Encourages employees to check the shared calendar before requesting time-off.
  • Makes it easy for employees to request time-off within the application, and tracks both their request and the manager’s response.
  • Allows managers or administrators to request time-off on behalf of an employee.
  • Sends an email notification, with a convenient one-click approval link, to the manager when time-off is requested. * Managers can also review, edit, reject, or approve requests within TribeHR when the time is convenient for them.
  • Integrates with the company calendar to enable better workload management across your team, department, and organization.
  • Automatically enters a record of all time-off requests, approvals, and denials into the time-off section of the employee profile.
  • Automatically tracks how much time-off is earned, banked and used by each employee
  • Reconciles accruals and usage, making it easy to run payroll reports.
  • Provides dynamic reports so managers can track team, department, or company trends at a glance.

Goal Management

In effective organizations, everyone has goals. With TribeHR, employee goals become social and collaborative. When goals are social and collaborative, you can tie them directly to corporate objectives and values, so that every employee understands where they fit and how they contribute to the company’s overall strategy.

Harnessing the Power of Social Goals

Individual employees and managers can easily establish critical goals in TribeHR. Then they can share those goals with colleagues, asking for their support, or even creating a joint goal with shared responsibility for completion.

With TribeHR, teams and departments can also set group, related or dependent goals, linking each of them together. And all goals can be explicitly tied to company values and objectives, helping you build the culture you want! Harnessing the power of social goals helps you to ensure that employee initiatives are both productive and strategic.

TribeHR Goal Management: What it does

  • Makes it easy for managers and employees to set and track the progress of job-related and personal goals.
  • Enables joint and team goals with shared responsibility.
  • Enables subordinate goals that support or relate to other goals in a hierarchy.
  • Allows employees to either share goals or keep them private.
  • Enables private development goals to support employee development activities.
  • Includes deadlines and due dates for public goals in the company calendar, to keep them top of mind.
  • Displays goals that are overdue (or coming due) on the employee overview page as a quick reminder.
  • Stores progress, changes and any ongoing commentary associated with each goal.
  • Posts the successful achievement of public goals in the company activity stream to encourage the celebration of success.

Hiring Teams

Experience the advantage of many hands and multiple perspectives–without creating chaos! With TribeHR, you decide what each member of the hiring team can do, and who owns the final hiring decision. Assign reviewers, change the hiring manager, rate and rank candidates, and share notes with the rest of the hiring team.

From the moment a candidate applies, all comments, interview notes, ratings and rankings are collected in one place. Keep your hiring team on the same page through the entire process.

TribeHR Hiring Teams: What it does

  • Enables an individual or team hiring process.
  • Facilitates workflow and role definition within the hiring team (who is notified when a new candidate applies, who pre-screens applicants, who conducts interviews, who makes the final hiring decision, etc.).
  • Supports communication between members of the hiring team.
  • Provides a single location for storing reviewer comments, interview notes and candidate information.
  • Makes the hiring process easier and more consistent.

HRIS Reports

Transform Data and Build Knowledge

Your HRIS is the hub for employee data. TribeHR reports help you turn that data into useful information that builds organizational knowledge and supports strategic decision making. With a wealth of pre-built, interactive reports, TribeHR allows you to sort and modify so that you can zero-in on the exact information you need. And if you need to access the raw data, no problem! Simply export the date you need to Excel or your preferred spreadsheet program.

Generate Dynamic Date-Effective Reports

TribeHR stores your HRIS data in your own secure database with bank-quality encryption, so that you can feel confident that your information and historical data is safe today, and tomorrow. No need to sift through storage boxes for old employee records–choose any date range to generate a snapshot of the information you need at any point in time.

TribeHR Reports: What it does

  • Generates dynamic reports for identified date ranges, using date-effective records.
  • Makes it easy to sort and modify report content for increased focus and relevance.
  • Allows managers to easily review and analyze long-term and emerging trends in employee data.
  • Provides substantive evidence to support strategic human resource decisions.
  • Exports data directly to Excel or in CSV format.
  • Includes a growing inventory of built-in reports in various categories, including:
    • Vacation and Time Accounting
    • Demographics
    • Recruiting
    • Development and Growth
    • General Reports
  • Draws on employee data stored in a secure, encrypted database.

Multi-Location and Currency

TribeHR enables companies with a business presence in more than one physical location to maintain a consistent, integrated human resource management system across the organization. From assigning the currency associated with a specific location or employee, to displaying internationally appropriate calendars, TribeHR makes it easy!

TribeHR Multi-Location and Multi-Currency: What it does

  • Enables the identification of multiple office locations.
  • Allows you to set the default currency for each location.
  • Makes it easy to assign employees to a specific location, or reassign them from one location to another.
  • Allows you to attach a specific holiday calendar to each location.
  • Automatically integrates the identified international calendar with time-off calculations for that location (e.g. paid statutory holidays are accounted for in time-off accruals and for payroll calculation).
  • Location specific report and corporate calendar filters.
  • Allows managers to focus on their own business unit while retaining access to company-wide HRIS information as needed.

Organizational Chart

TribeHR automatically charts your organization based on the reporting relationships you identify for every employee in the system. Dynamically generated, the organizational chart immediately displays changes to reflect recorded promotions, departmental moves and terminations–giving every employee a clear view of the organization!

TribeHR Organizational Chart: What it does

  • Provides a visual display of the reporting structures within your organization
  • Allows administrators to change the organizational structure by simply clicking and dragging individuals or departments within the visual display
  • Generates automatically from employee data in the HRIS, showing changes in real time
  • Reflects employee changes as soon as they are entered in employee files

Peer and Public Recognition

There is a common mantra in management that says “praise publicly, criticize privately.” TribeHR makes it easy to master both!

Our own research has shown that public praise from peers is even more powerful than public praise from a manager! Employees love the way TribeHR makes it easy for them to recognize each other’s successes. Sending a quick congratulatory note to a fellow employee is simple and easy to do, but has a profound impact on motivation and morale. You can even send kudos to two or three people at once, congratulate the entire team or department, and attach a photo–all with a few clicks. Let the power of praise contribute to your high-performance culture!

TribeHR Peer and Public Recognition: What It Does

  • Makes it easy for employees to recognize each other publicly and for managers to recognize their team members.
  • Sends a notification of any kudos received to the employee and the employee’s manager.
  • Stores all recognition in the employee record and keeps them front-and-center on the employee dashboard to help maintain positive energy.
  • Option to allow employees to post recent recognition to their Facebook pages.
  • Prominently displays a friendly button on the employee profile and dashboard to encourage peer recognition.
  • Allows managers to automatically include notes and recognition in reviews.
  • Makes it easy to link recognition with company values, enhancing corporate culture and fostering “values champions.”

Resume Collection

he TribeHR applicant tracking system allows candidates to submit resumes in the way that suits them best. When candidates apply through your TribeHR custom job board, they can submit their LinkedIn profile, upload a resume in PDF, .doc, .docx or .rtf format, or combine their online profile with a cover letter. Applicants can also email a resume and cover letter directly to a job posting right from the website where the job is advertised!

TribeHR makes it easy for candidates to apply and easy for you to collect, organize and track resumes for all your job postings.

TribeHR Resume Collection: What it does

  • Integrates seamlessly with your customized job board.
  • Accepts LinkedIn profiles as well as resumes and cover letters in multiple file formats.
  • Automatically transfers resumes, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles to the applicant tracking system.
  • Allows applicants to email resumes and cover letters to a specific job posting, so you can easily leverage third party websites to attract talent.
  • Retains source information for all resumes and profiles collected.

Searchable Company Directory

Like a social network, your database of employee profiles facilitates collaboration. Great things happen when it’s easy to reach out and find a colleague who can help solve a problem or answer a question. Culturally and socially, your employees are accustomed to seeking out peer input to overcome challenges and make better decisions. TribeHR’s searchable company directory allows them to use the same collaborative approach at work.

TribeHR Company Directory: What it does

  • Contains all employee profiles, across departments and locations
  • Displays basic profile information and additional content (e.g. goals) based on permissions and preferences set by employees and managers
  • Allows employees to search for colleagues by name and position
  • Automatically connects to the company organizational chart, keeping everything up to date
  • Provides access, through the TribeHR dashboard, to all employees

Skills Tracking

Every organization needs certain skills and competencies in its employees. These are the skills you seek while recruiting and the competencies you continue to cultivate in all employees. With TribeHR, managers can identify and update these skills for individual employees, then track them across the entire workforce. The dynamically-generated skills matrix report then helps identify strengths and skill gaps across the company, and supports your replacement and succession planning activities.

TribeHR Skills Tracking: What it does

  • Displays a list of key skills the company has identified as worth cultivating.
  • Allows managers to add skills to employee profiles and set, monitor, and change their level of expertise.
  • Allows employees to view the skills and skill levels their manager has attached to their profile
  • Provides managers with clear areas for employee development that are directly connected to the organization’s identified HR priorities.
  • Enables managers to automatically include skills in review templates.
  • Dynamically generates a skills matrix that shows employees’ skills and the level of expertise attained in each skill, so you can quickly identify strengths and gaps across your organization.

Social Employee Profiles

Personalized profiles offer a familiar, social alternative to paper-based employee files. They include all the necessary information your HRIS typically stores, but they grow and change in real time, just like your people do. Profiles give employees the ability to personalize their information, to give and receive kudos, and to track career goals and skills development-- all in an engaging and interactive way.

As part of the employee dashboard, employee profiles are integrated with TribeHR’s many interactive and self-service HRIS functions, including the shared company calendar and directory, time tracking, time-off requests and approvals, notices and messaging, RSS news feeds, and more.

TribeHR Employee Profile: What it does

  • Empowers employees by giving them full access to their employee files.
  • Includes unique employee skillsets and personal characteristics that often get overlooked in traditional employee files.
  • Enables collaboration by allowing employees to locate and connect with co-workers across the organization.
  • Helps maintain accurate data by allowing employees to easily update information.
  • Includes a complete work history with date-effective salary and title changes.
  • Integrates time-off requests and approvals, time-tracking, and other HRIS functions.
  • Supports and encourages peer recognition and Kudos.
  • Allows employees to easily set and track personal and career goals, then update skills as they develop and grow in their roles.
  • Provides managers with a deep and dynamic perspective of their teams.

Social Network Integration

TribeHR supports your social recruiting activities by allowing candidates to apply automatically from, storing the information directly in the applicant tracking system, even when applying from a mobile device. And with TribeHR’s Facebook integration, all open positions are automatically posted on your Facebook page, allowing you to attract top talent from your company’s wider network. When job applications come through social media you get the best candidates with all the information you need, faster and in a more consistent format–saving you time and helping to keep you organized.

TribeHR Social Network Integration: What it does

  • Posts open positions automatically to your Facebook page.
  • Accepts applications from Indeed Apply, for rapid mobile applications for on-the-go prospects.
  • Stores the applicant source, ensuring you know which recruiting channels generate the most applicants.
  • Reports applicant source by stage in the hiring process, so you know where your best candidates are coming from.
  • Reports applicant source by open position, allowing better applicant targeting.

Values and Culture

Keep Culture and Values Top of Mind

The strongest and most successful organizations have rich cultures that are embraced and celebrated by the entire team. When everyone is engaged and aligned, your company performs more effectively and more consistently.

Leverage Value-Based Recognition and Goals

Tie your company values directly to performance! When recognizing employees for a job well done, or setting goals and objectives, connect desired behaviors and outcomes directly to your company values. Demonstrate how a great support call reinforces your value of “Superior Customer Service.” Or set a team goal to reduce mistakes by 35% and explicitly link it to “Quality First.”

With TribeHR, your company values become active drivers of behaviour and a key component of performance. Highlight your value champions and let every team member see which values their co-workers are supporting. TribeHR helps you harness the power of social goals and peer recognition to quickly build a culture of success.

TribeHR Values and Culture: What it does

  • Links peer and public recognition to company values
  • Connects personal and corporate goals to company values
  • Makes it easy for managers and employees to see which values are supported
  • Enables HR leaders to identify and recognize which employees are championing values
  • Recognizes employees who are quietly reinforcing company culture every day
  • Raises the visibility of company values with unique, customizable badges and descriptions
  • Lets you tie corporate values directly into your formal performance management processes

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