Human Resources

A human resources management system designed by Nextsoft.

About Human Resources

Nextsoft’s Human Resources solution will provide you with a central location for tracking employee information, such as: personal data, hire/fire dates, payroll and benefits, and pay history. Furthermore, you are given a journal that allows you to keep notes for each employee throughout their employment tenure. All notes are automatically stamped with date and editing user. Additionally, each employee file can have documents such as commendations or grievances attached to it.

Employee Information

Nextsoft will store employee name, address spouse, home phone, SSN, direct deposit bank info, personal notes, hire, termination dates, and date of last review and next review.

Filing Status & Payroll

The Filing Status area holds all pertinent payroll specific data, such as federal and state filing status, state of filing, number of exemptions, and any local tax jurisdictions.

Job Skills

The Job Skills page allows you to list employee skills and tasks the are qualified or authorized to perform. This then interacts with the Time & Attendance solution to collect activities an employee performs (punched on their timecard) allowing you to view all task or activities an employee performed during a day.

Paycheck History

Each paycheck for the employment life of the employee is kept in their file, along with hours, deductions, taxes and all related information. Year-to-date and life-to-date balances on 401k, loans and other deductions are readily available during a review or personnel matter.

Pay Rate

The Pay Rate page allows you to build rates using a pay scale system (like a union or government scale). As an employee improves experience or tenure, you can apply new pay rates based on the next tier in the scale. For non-scaled hourly or salaried employees, pay rate changes are logged in the employee’s journal, providing a complete audit trail of wage increases over the tenure of their employment.

Journal & Documents

All employee files have a Documents area in them, which allows you to store received letters from or written to employees. Additionally, they can contain faxes, spreadsheets, commission reports, reviews, and employment applications. Furthermore, the Journal allows you to record notes and other miscellaneous information in a private journal for each employee. This might include notes summarizing telephone calls, sick calls or reviews.

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