NuView EBS

A web-based multi-module management system designed by NuView EBS, LLC.

About NuView EBS

Sold as HR only, Payroll only or integrated HR/Payroll solution for maximum flexibility.

Our product suite offers comprehensive tools to help you better manage people, process & strategy across your enterprise. Whether you are a CEO, CFO, COO, VP of HR, Directors, Managers, Recruiter, HR Generalist, Benefit & Comp Specialist or Payroll Manager, we have workflows, functional area metrics and reporting tools to help you streamline process, implement HR & Payroll best practices and better align HR strategy with the corporate goals.

Candidate Self-Service

Applying to job openings on-line is now the recruiting norm. In addition, research shows that today’s job candidates use your company’s web site to form an opinion about your company, its culture and how you treat potential candidates.

How do you currently respond to candidates? Do they get an email that their resume was received? Or do you leave them with the feeling that their resume has fallen into a black hole? Can candidates check the status of their submittal? Can they easily update information on their resume? Do they constantly call to check the status of their application?

Today’s savvy job hunters apply to companies that let them easily apply for jobs and to companies that are both responsive and timely to their job submittals.

All too often, companies collect resumes and job candidates never hear from them again. Sound familiar?

In the short term, this reduces the number and quality of your applicant pool. Thinking longer term, this will certainly impact your company’s ability to remain productive, competitive and profitable as competition for these same candidates heats up.

NuView’s Candidate Access Channel allows job applicants to apply for job openings and submit their resume on-line. Taken a step further, they are also able to come back to your site at a later time and check the status of their submission(s). They cam also apply for additional openings and/or update their resume with more current information as needed.

Candidate access is really employee self-service, but for job candidates. You empower candidates to communicate and interact with your company through the use of web technology.


  • Applicant Wizard walks candidates through each step
  • Collect demographics, skills, certifications, education, prior employment
  • Define additional screening questions
  • Easy resume entry – Upload, Copy/Paste or Type in resume
  • Electronic signature/candidate certification agreement
  • Candidates can check status of all submittals
  • Candidates can change own password
  • Candidates can update their information
  • Built-in workflows, notifications, correspondence, emails
  • EEO reporting

Employee & Manager Self-Service

The Self-Service modules help companies reduce paperwork, streamline HR practices (such as address changes and benefits enrollment) and implement workflow processes such as vacation approvals and authorizations, delivering significant time and cost savings to a company.

Documents such as PIF’s (personal information forms), PAF’s (personnel action forms), company policies, company news, 401k information, personalized benefit statements and employee reviews can all be distributed and authorized using self-service. Once information is completed and authorized, it is posted to MyHRIS automatically.

This is an ideal use of a Web Based HRIS solution with an extremely fast ROI. Managers and employees can use these tools to increase transaction speed, ensure greater data accuracy and promote employee communication within the organization. Paper is replaced with easy to use and understand Web forms that can be accessed from employee desktops and/or kiosks.

Self-Service is sold at two levels:

  • Basic ESS & MSS Self-Service
  • ESS & MSS with Integrated Workflow

Basic Employee Self-Service & Manager Self-Service

All MyHRIS purchases include basic employee and manager self-service. Employees and Managers login using a SSN and unique PIN. They may then view all permitted data as read only. If you allow an employee or manager to change data, that change will be final and stored in the database.

Employee Self-Service & Manager Self-Service With Integrated Workflow

(Advanced functionality, including authorizations and routing functions)

  • Life changes - marriage, divorce, birth, separation, address/relocation, emergency contact, and beneficiaries
  • Company related - job postings, course enrollments and benefit enrollments
  • Informational- Benefit SPD, Personal Links, Benefit statement, company policy & standards
  • Authorizations - timesheets, vacation requests, reviews, salary changes, forwarding, history of transactions.
  • PAF - Personal Action forms, requisition request, salary change request, status change, new hires, terminations
  • Standard company forms - W4, I9, company forms for benefit enrollment

HR & Benefits Administration

The HR & Benefits Administration module contains a comprehensive, centralized database that maintains employee data on over 30 different forms. Employee work history, compensation, benefit selections, 401k plans, skills inventory, employee #'s and related ID’s, status, position, department, job, location, emergency contacts and other user-defined information is available either on-screen, in printed standard reports or generated from user ad hoc queries. Advanced features, such as To-Do Task Lists and the ability to add fields and tables, make this product the most complete Human Resource system on the market.


  • Status, jobs, positions, and company organizational structure
  • Salary & compensation - with salary modeling
  • Table driven flexible benefits; Automatic premium calculations
  • “Cafeteria style” benefits, FSA’s, Benefit history
  • Performance reviews, skill, education and prior employers
  • Retirement & Pension
  • Full COBRA administration with letters 401(k) plans & stock options; Investments and relocation
  • Payroll & Benefit interfaces (i.e. ADP, Ceridian, Aetna, Cigna, Fidelity Investments, Home grown systems)
  • Skills Inventory & Courses taken with history
  • Absence tracking, FMLA, Time & Attendance
  • Drug testing, Disciplinary action
  • Immigration; Emergency Contacts, OSHA; Health & Life safety
  • All integrated with Microsoft Office


Most companies look at profit and loss statements and other financial indicators to access the overall health of their organization. But that’s only part of the equation. When you look closely at Human Capital Information, you get a more complete picture that highlights key indicators, which may influence corporate strategy and impact the bottom line.

Metrics is a tool that allows HR Departments to develop and drive corporate strategies through access and presentation of human capital information, in a “language” understood by the CEO, CFO and COO. Companies identify, track and analyze key variables, by job function/role and business need. This information is then graphed, over a defined time period, to highlight human capital trends and the interaction of key variables.

For example, key metrics for Recruiting might include time to fill, time to start, cost per hire and quality of new hire.

Metrics provides the corporation with a clear, statistical perspective on human capital performance. Taken a step further, it provides a benchmark for management to measure itself against company goals and objectives, as well as against industry standards.


  • Performance Management
  • By job function
  • Comparison against company average
  • Comparison against industry standards (data supplied by third parties)


Comprehensive Payroll Suite

The NuView EBS payroll-processing suite provides total client control and real time data for 100% accurate payrolls. We specialize in complex payroll requirements and customizations to meet client needs.


  • Internet access … anywhere, anytime
  • Real time means NO batch uploads
  • Audit registers allow you to correct errors before printing checks
  • Print and distribute checks through NuView EBS or print your own checks
  • Prints manual checks on demand
  • Includes a powerful, easy-to-use Report Writer
  • Interfaces with 3 rd party timekeeping, GL, 401k systems

Tax Filing

We offer a complete tax solution including filing of federal, state and local taxes.


  • On line lookups for state, local, school district taxes
  • Software handles reciprocals
  • NuView EBS files quarterly and annual federal, state, local taxes


Our solution includes a comprehensive third party pay system for garnishments.


  • Electronic file transmission to third party payees
  • Client may prints checks to third party payees
  • NuView EBS offers option to print/mail garnishment checks for client
  • Client may pay expense reimbursements from third party pay system

Time Keeping

Our solution automates the time keeping process.


  • 100% web based solution
  • ASP or in-house licensed models
  • Web based time sheets
  • Detailed job costing

Performance Management

Are your employees productive? Do they have specific objectives and measurements? Are you identifying key skills and development needs? How are you flagging the “keepers” in your organization?

Employee reviews done on paper are often incomplete. Most of the time, they are used to justify a salary increase and then just filed away until the next review. They are often “one-sided”, reflecting only the supervisor’s perception. Many reviews don’t even specify future goals, much less follow up dates, to those goals. It’s tough to build a solid workforce, with the right skills, and maintain high employee satisfaction, in this type of environment.

NuView EBS’s Performance Management module provides an efficient way to perform employee reviews on-line, while capturing critical information about employee skills and accomplishments, which will ultimately lead to a more productive, happy and competitive workforce.

This module allows both the employee and the supervisor(s) to rate the employee on a wide range of skills and abilities. Busy managers don’t always remember employee accomplishments over the course of a year. If there is not a career path or succession plan in place, Managers may not know how the employee sees himself/herself down the road or what additional training and development is necessary to get the employee to that point.

The Employee Self-Review portion takes care of all that.Employees review themselves, at their leisure, in a non-threatening environment, against standard skills and capabilities related to their current position. There’s plenty of room for the employee to indicate key strengths, areas of greatest development potential and notable achievements.

Says one client “Employees love the self-review. They feel their input is valuable and that it’s a good way to remind managers about all their accomplishments over the past year. Employee satisfaction is perhaps one of the biggest plusses, in addition to timely, more efficient reviews.”

Once completed, Managers rate the employee on the same criteria, using a side-by-side comparison with the employee self-review. Once the Manager completes the review, both employee and manager sit down, discuss the review, set outcome (pay increase, warning, promotion, etc.), and set future goals with delivery dates.

Essentially, the pain of performance reviews has been taken away, with the added benefits of reducing the time spent on reviews, drastically cutting down paperwork, and providing the employee with the opportunity to voice their opinions, making the whole process less confrontation, and more productive. A win-win situation for everyone.


  • Employee Self-review
  • Manager(s) review (including 360 reviews)
  • Side-by-side Comparison
  • Standard and free from questions
  • Goal Settings/objectives and due dates
  • Outcome / action
  • Training needs for the employee

Recruiting Management

The Recruit module maintains detailed records of applicant progress within your company’s hiring process. Through the resume load process, Recruit transforms all of those paper resumes and electronic files into applicant data. Applicant records are then created and populated with name, addresses, skills and education.

Recruit also lets you track detailed position and requisition data for all of your company openings. It supports job and position control methodologies, maintaining position requirements such as skills, education, salary limits and descriptions. Requisition budgeting provides excellent cost analysis on your recruiting efforts. With Recruit, you can graphically match positions to applicants, and automatically rank and identify the “best match” for each position. When used in conjunction with our HR & Benefits module, you have the convenience of “one click hire”.


  • Resume Scanning, parsing and loading into an applicant database pool
  • Automatic name, address, education and skill updates
  • Applicant work flow Applicant education, Prior employment and skills- Correspondence and interview tracking
  • Applicant questionnaires
  • Floating resume window for viewing resume from any screen
  • Applicant and position matching; “Best Match” ranking; Gap Analysis
  • Job postings and Position skills
  • Requisitions + Costs and Budgets
  • Receive faxed resumes directly
  • Automatic offer and rejection letters
  • Skill table, and categories with unlimited skill keywords for each skill
  • One click hire feature avoids re-keying of data
  • Fully integrated with Microsoft Office

Succession Management

Having a well-trained staff with the skills necessary to support company growth is critical for company survival. Our Succession Planning module ensures that organizations have trained and capable employees capable of moving into new roles, as your workforce operation needs change.

Succession helps you identify, prepare and develop leaders for future positions. You select the employee, define their career path and identify backups for positions within your organization.


  • Org Charts (with or without salary totals)
  • Identification of Backup Candidates for each position
  • Competency & Gap Analysis (text & graphical formats)
  • Organization Reports & Charts
  • “What If?” Scenario Planning/Modeling capabilities
  • Course Search on Employee Needs
  • Graphical Analysis on Employee Position Match
  • Publish Executive Profiles
  • Publish Developmental Profiles
  • Suggest Courses for Gap Analysis
  • Individual Employee Development Plans
  • Performance Reviews

Time Entry

Absence management, along with work hour allocations, are perhaps the least automated areas among white color employee populations. NuView’s timesheet capabilities allow you to track daily and weekly work hours for each employee, as well as paid and non-paid time off, for improved absence tracking and accurate time off balances.

Time off codes, such as Vacation, Sick, Jury Duty, Funeral and Comp time are all user defined. Employees can also assign portions of their workday (in hours) to specific projects, other departments or even different locations, so that you can accurately see where work hours are spent. This helps you develop internal labor cost estimates and charge backs (if applicable). This information can be exported to external financial systems for improved resource planning and hours/labor cost forecasting.

Accurately keeping track of employee work hours and absences, as well as work hour allocations, is critical to keep your company productive, profitable and competitive. This information can also be useful for spotting work trends and be used as the basis for rewards, recognition and incentive programs. Employees enter their hours and time off codes on-line, on either a daily or weekly basis. You can set up an approval process that requires the immediate supervisor to approve the timesheet before it’s routed to HR and Payroll.


  • Work hours and time off codes
  • Pay Type, Department and Location
  • Daily & weekly hour totals
  • Approval process/chain
  • More accurate earned/taken/remaining balances
  • Export to financials, other applications for improved forecasting/planning

Training Administration

Reorganizations, reduced staffing and new technologies have made training and skill development more important than ever before. Training administrators must simultaneously plan and track these developmental events using both internal and external resources. A continuous stream of notification letters, scheduling conflicts, standard course offerings and evaluations must be processed.

Training provides the power, flexibility, and ease of use to handle these complex and time-consuming tasks. Flexibility and intuitive design were top priorities in developing the Training module, which proactively alerts you to the tasks that must be accomplished.


  • Maintain courses for a job, position or employee
  • Training programs or curriculums
  • Instructor and provider (sponsor) tracking
  • Certificates and course credits earned
  • Enrollment by course or employee (mass and individual enrollments)
  • Prerequisites for courses, positions, programs and individuals
  • Automatic notification, enrollment, confirmation, completion and evaluation letters
  • Employee performance reviews, education and skills
  • Automatic letters, memos and file updates from the task processor
  • Material tracking
  • Receive faxed resumes directly
  • Wait listing
  • Loaner library

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