EMPulse Series HRMS

A human resources management system designed by ORANGE Digital Systems.

About EMPulse Series HRMS

EMPulse Series is a highly flexible human resource management system (HRMS) that helps Canadian organizations reduce operational costs and enhance productivity by streamlining processes in each of the following areas:

  • Human resources
  • Payroll preparation
  • Payroll processing
  • Project tracking and job costing
  • Timesheet entry and approval

The EMPulse Series product line consists of fully integrated software applications that enable you to liberate your workforce from routine administrative tasks so that they can focus on meeting organizational goals. With the powerful tools and centralized information delivered by the EMPulse Series, your organization will be able to:

  • Save time and money by automating your workforce management processes from data entry all the way to direct deposits, expense tracking and project accounting
  • Reduce errors and duplication of effort by centralizing workforce data and by providing a single interface that provides consistency and familiarity across applications
  • Make better decisions, faster with seamless visibility into workforce-related information across multiple applications
  • Simplify and enhance data management by concentrating labour data in a single database
  • Build as you grow by deploying the software you need today and by adding more components as your needs evolve

EMPulse Human Resources

Improve the effectiveness and productivity of your human resources department by centralizing employee records and actions and by providing them with tools to enhance their ability to hire, manage and retain the best employees. EMPulse HR automates routine processes and places employee information at your fingertips to help you reduce your administrative overhead and save valuable time, while improving HR service levels and reducing costs.

Key Features of This Module Include:

  • Position management
  • Compensation planning with wage profiles, policies and seniority rules
  • Career development and training
  • Team composition with employee skill matching
  • Employee communication with email security
  • Licenses and permits inventory
  • Vacation, sick days and personal time allotment
  • Union information
  • Grievances tracking
  • Disciplinary actions
  • Employment history, reviews and personnel reporting
  • Health & safety
  • Management of company property (e.g., cars, laptops, badges, uniforms, etc.)
  • Assignment and printing of employee badges
  • Timesheet, earnings, travel and entertainment history
  • Tight integration with EMPulse payroll modules

EMPulse Payroll Preparation

Streamline the most time consuming aspect of the payroll function – the preparation of the gross pay – by automating labour-intensive tasks such as benefit management, entry and approval of time and expenses, and conversion of worked hours to earnings. With EMPulse Payroll Preparation, you will eliminate costly errors, redundant data entry and rework while ensuring the accurate and consistent application of your complex pay rules. Whether you use a payroll service or process your pay in-house, EMPulse Payroll Preparation can help you to save a substantial amount of time and money by preparing the data needed to process the payroll faster and more accurately than ever.

Key Features of This Module Include:

  • A powerful payroll calculation engine featuring user configurable calculation rules, minimums, maximums, ceilings, and arrears management
  • Unlimited configurable pay items including earnings, accruals, benefits, expenses, reimbursements and deductions
  • Advanced time bank management
  • Electronic timesheets to enter, review and approve worked hours, which can be entered manually or imported from spreadsheets, text files, or attendance systems
  • Configurable rate tables to automatically determine the correct pay rate in even the most complex situations
  • Benefits administration, including enrolment in benefits plans and packages, program eligibility, automatic calculation of rates and amounts
  • Multiple pay and holiday calendars with user configurable eligibility rules
  • History of employment status and pay rates
  • Wizards for termination, hiring, vacation release, retroactive pays and rate changes
  • Wide range of reports that can be viewed, printed, exported or securely emailed
  • Tight integration with EMPulse Payroll Processing, HR and Job Costing

EMPulse Payroll Processing

Retain control of your payroll data, avoid recurring fees and improve cash flow by completing the payment of your employees in-house. EMPulse Payroll Processing works in tandem with our payroll preparation module to convert gross earnings, benefits, reimbursements, deductions and other pay items into net pay. With its deep functionality and unparalleled ease of use, EMPulse Payroll Processing allows you to issue pays, prepare reports and tax slips and send pay-related information to your accounting system with minimum effort and complete accuracy.

Key Features of This Module Include:

  • Cheques and direct deposits: pay employees directly by printing cheques on blank paper (MICR) or on pre-printed sheets or by making direct deposits into multiple employee bank accounts
  • Federal and provincial tax support and updates for all provinces and territories
  • User configurable rule-based calculations including table driven rules, percentages, seniority rules, pay item inter-dependencies and much more
  • Unlimited number of employees and employee groups in all provinces and territories
  • Multiple payroll frequency within the same company and multiple pays per pay period
  • Configuration and tracking of employer expenses and contributions
  • Interface with accounting systems and other business applications
  • Employee communication tools including messages and password-protected delivery of earnings statements
  • After the fact manual cheques and adjustments
  • Employment termination wizard to automatically generate Records of Employment (ROE) for individuals or groups of employees
  • Wide range of reports that can be viewed, printed, exported or securely emailed

EMPulse Project Tracking & Job Costing

Improve operational efficiency by tracking workforce project activities with increased accuracy. With EMPulse Project Tracking & Job Costing, you can establish a detailed picture of your labour costs for employees whose work spans across multiple activities, cost centers, projects, clients or any other costing parameter of interest.

Imagine a system that automatically turns multi level project timesheets into pay cheques, billing requests and General Ledger transactions even in the most demanding project environments. With this software component of the EMPulse Series HRMS, burden percentage estimates are no longer needed since user-configurable employer costs are attached to all project activity records to ensure true and complete cost analysis.

Key Features of the Module Include:

  • Multi level, user configurable project tracking (i.e. by project, activity, cost center, site, resource etc.)
  • Extended rate resolution to handle workforces with dynamic pay grades, based on parameters such as job, sector, cost centers, machines, department allocation and others
  • Project accounting with automatic distribution of direct and indirect project costs to your General Ledger
  • Customer billing request generation with flexible billing rate control
  • User-configurable project burden breakdown to accurately calculate indirect costs
  • Advanced reporting, including reports for estimated vs. actual job costing, detailed and summary project analyses by employee or by job, and work-in-progress tracking
  • Detailed project definition including time estimates, due dates, status changes and scan codes

EMPulse Time Entry & Approval

Provide employees with a quick and efficient tool to record worked hours, view personal information, and submit expenses while increasing managerial visibility and control. Timesheets and expenses captured with this tool are seamlessly integrated with the Payroll Preparation module, thus streamlining data collection and accurately and efficiently handling the first step of the payroll process.

Key Features of the Module Include:

  • User-configurable screens (by days, weeks, with or without pay rates, etc.)
  • Handling of shift and activity premiums (i.e. automatic overtime detection)
  • Advanced scheduling of activities (i.e. absences, overtime, etc.)
  • Employee expense management
  • Support for multiple time banks
  • Ability to view employee personal information
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Product Overview

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