LightWork Software

A web-based software system designed by Perryman Software.

About LightWork Software

LightWork® Software makes the human resources management experience easy and valuable to your organization. LightWork turns the overwhelming task of managing employees into an indispensable business strategy with dynamic human resources management software tools.

About LightWork® Software

A web-based software human capital management (HCM) solution that can be sold as a full solution or on a modular basis. Because each organization’s IT requirements are as diverse as its employees, LightWork Software offers two deployment models. It can be deployed on a company’s local server, private cloud or as a software as a service (SaaS).

The LightWork Software offers several areas of expertise in managing and growing your organization’s workforce through human capital management. Now you can strategically plan your company growth and development.

  • People Management: Use LightWork People allows you to house your company’s employee data.
  • Time and Attendance: LightWork Time unifies all employee time tracking with multiple avenues to track time.
  • Performance Management: Performance Management allows you to conduct performance evaluation, set goals and track results.
  • Recruit and Onboarding: Offers powerful and flexible applicant tracking and recruiting software.
  • Learning Management: Offers easy access to an abundance of strong content for a variety of roles and industries with a substantial catalog of courses.
  • Employee Analytics: LightWork Analytics is a business intelligence tool designed to let the user ask questions about data, and display those answers in formats that make sense.
  • Alerts and Workflow: Prevents problems before they start. Automated alerts about critical events can be set up based on your specific needs to ensure things continue to run smoothly.

People Management

  • Employee Profiles: Employee profiles can be updated from an outside source or within LightWork People. These profiles hold information like, general employee details, organizational levels, the primary and secondary job, employment status, etc.
  • HRMS Imports: Keeping track of employee information can get messy. LightWork People makes it easy to manage all employee data in one place. It is easy to import employee data into LightWork from another HRMS system or excel sheet.
  • Attachments: Ever have a need to keep track of employee specific documents? With LightWork People, documents are easily attached to an employee’s profile.
  • Jobs: LightWork People Management allows you to create, modify, and delete job positions within the company. This makes it easy to assign jobs to existing and new employees.
  • Organization Levels: LightWork People has 10 organization levels that can be utilized to categorize employees within the organizational structure. Example: Location, Region, Department, Cost-Center.

Performance Management

LightWork Performance Management is a dynamic workforce management system designed to help identify strengths and areas for improvement in employee performance and set goals for employee and company success. Its flexibility and intuitive interface contains easily modified appraisals and criteria templates to help provide valuable feedback to your employees in a thoughtful and efficient way. Templates can also be created from scratch. Global setup options and integration with your organization’s current HRMS software allows quick and easy, set up, eliminating the need for rekeying of employee data and guaranteeing the accuracy of employee information.

Feature Highlights

  • Multirater Workflow: Review workflows can be configured to gather feedback from the employee’s supervisor only or to gather feedback from multiple sources including the employee, the employee’s peers, other managers, and even parties outside the organization like contractors, suppliers, or customers. These defined workflows can be as unique as your organization and may vary based on appraisal type and employee.
  • Template Library: The LightWork appraisal library allows the user to get started with LightWork quickly and easily. Appraisal templates can be modified to meet your requirements or replaced with templates based on unique specifications. Within the templates, measurement criteria can be defined for similar job functions. Appraisals can be as simple or as detailed as your organization requires.
  • Visual Analytics: See a visual representation of where employees’ appraisals sit in the organization with LightWork Analytics. Also view a visual analysis of how employees score on competencies individually, as an organization, and more.
  • Deployment: Because IT requirements are as diverse as an organization’s employees; LightWork Software offers two deployment models. It can be purchased and hosted on your server or leased through the software as a service (SaaS) model.
  • HRMS Integration: LightWork’s Universal Connector tool allows your current HRMS system to be integrated with LightWork for easy deployment and a consistent user experience.
  • My Team: This feature allows you to see information on members in one central location. Demographic data, employee pictures, and valuable performance information are all available at your fingertips.
  • Goal Management: Managers and employees alike can define individual employee goals of a professional or personal nature for a holistic personal development plan. Future goals and objectives can be set to appear on the next appraisal for easy assessment and follow up.
  • Journals: Employee journals allow employees and supervisors to record notes on goals and performance between appraisal cycles throughout the year. When it’s time for another review, you’ll have the tools you need to give accurate feedback.
  • Phrase Selector: The phrase selector provides an extensive library of comments for reviewers to use or modify to best articulate their feedback for an employee. The phrases displayed are based on the competency being rated and the score the reviewer has selected.
  • Word Check: The word check feature helps reduce errors in appraisals and other documentation by recognizing language that is considered inappropriate as defined in the LightWork setup.

Time and Attendance

LightWork Time and Attendance is a program designed for companies with single or multiple locations and easily accommodates remote employees. Both managers and employees can input employee time at intervals specified by the company. Time can be entered via desktop punch, kiosk punch, or biometric/swipe time clock. Time can be tracked in lump sums or in ranges of specific hours worked. Earning types for these hours are fully user definable and can be assigned types such as regular, paid time off, or sick time. Rules to identify and calculate overtime are built into the system eliminating the possibility of overtime coding errors.

Once all time from a location has been entered, the site manager can save and approve all time entered as complete. If an employee works in multiple locations, multiple site managers can input and approve time for the same employee.

Human resources can then see which locations have approved time for that pay period and which locations are still awaiting approval. HR can initiate an export file from LightWork Time to be imported into the payroll system for approved timesheets.

From developing innovative solutions to providing award-winning customer support, LightWork is dedicated to surpassing your expectations in all aspects of their business.

  • HRMS Imports: Integrate your current HRMS, payroll system, or excel sheet with LightWork Time for easy deployment and a consistent user experience.
  • Payroll and Attendance Exports: LightWork’s export interface allows for your company’s HRMS system to link with LightWork, making it easy to export payroll and/or attendance data in the format that your company’s payroll system requires.
  • Time Imports: LightWork can work with your Point of Sale (POS) formatted flat file or another OleDb compliant data source to make importing your company’s time simple.
  • Time Clocks: LightWork Time’s biometric time clocks install easily on your network and supports both hard-wired TCP/IP as well as option wireless connections.
  • Punch Kiosk: Don’t want to use time clocks? LightWork has a built in kiosk mode that allows employees to punch in and out from any LightWork station. Use the configuration tools to allow for different kiosk to be setup to match punches for different organization levels within your organization.
  • Self-service Kiosk: Employees can review details about their schedules, attendance, request time off, paycheck stubs, and make real time changes to their profile, with HR approval workflow.
  • Lightwork Mobile: LightWork Mobile allows your employees to punch, check their time, even approve timesheets, all while on the go. The mobile application is compatible with any iOS, Android, Mac OS X, and Windows devices. Kiosks can be set up at specific locations or set up on employee’s devices.
  • Employee Profiles: See information on your employees in one centralized location. Demographic data, employee pictures, and other valuable employee information are all available at your fingertips.
  • Customization: With LightWork’s text customization you will be able to change verbiage throughout your LightWork system, seamlessly customizing the software to your company culture and processes.

Recruit and Onboarding

LightWork Recruit, powered by iRecruit, is an easy-to-use, powerful and flexible applicant tracking and recruiting software. LightWork Recruit’s set-up and implementation are quick and easy.

  • Immediate ROI: LightWork Recruit pays for itself with branding, posting to major job boards, tax credit processing, and the value gained from having a centralized system.
  • Software as a Service: As a Software as a Service (SaaS) hosted solution, there is no need for a local desktop or server installation. This makes LightWork Recruit and Onboarding both straightforward as well as cost-effective. Attracting and hiring top-level talent has never been easier or more efficient than with LightWork Recruit.
  • Applicant Tracking: By keeping closer track of the status of each applicant, there can be more effective communication with applicants and managers. All correspondence with the applicant would be housed for your convenience in one centralized hub.
  • Career Center Employment Branding: Build a strong employment brand and give a great first impression to enhance the candidate experience when they visit your career center.

Learning Management

LightWork Learning Management, powered by dialogEDU, offers easy access to an abundance of strong content for a variety of roles and industries. No more searching endlessly for the perfect content only to find half of what you’re looking for in several different places. LightWork Learning Management has a substantial catalog of courses easily available to select from that is rich in content from industry thought leaders.

  • Learning Repository: A digital library allows the instructor to create, re-use and share learning objects to standardize the organization of digital content. LightWork’s built-in authoring tool helps to build content quickly and create responsive quizzes, presentations, discussion topics, and assignments for the repository.
  • Targeting: Deploy customized training and specific targeted content (audio/media/events/ and forums.) associated with specific job titles/ roles/audiences. Digital communities and social groups are targets to enhance the sharing of knowledge.
  • My Virtual Locker: Individual, private, and secure feature for learners to maintain active courses, forums, scheduled events, notifications, achievement badges and certificates.
  • Software as a Service: As a Software as a Service (SaaS) hosted solution, there is no need for a local desktop or server installation. This makes LightWork Learn both straightforward as well as cost-effective. Attracting and hiring top-level talent has never been easier or more efficient than with LightWork Learn.
  • Active Directory Integration: Student and employee records using built-in LDAP and SAML create an integration allowing learners to utilize single sign-on capabilities within any network.
  • Robust Reporting: Administrators have enterprise level analytics across every level of learning, through custom reports or leveraging existing analytics to make informed business decisions with accurate and real time data.
  • Mobile Access: Content can be accessible for learners either via the web or any mobile device making access to the learning in LightWork available at anytime from anywhere.
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