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About Solstice

Solstice+ is an efficient and parameterable payroll and human resource application software. Any authorized user may easily create and modify the codes for payroll, banks and deductions, as well as manage complex work schedules and an unlimited number of collective agreements, all without the assistance of an IT specialist.

Solstice+ is a solution that gives you 100% control of your payroll activities and includes some HR modules. Solstice+ payroll functions operate independently. This application software is compatible with most existing HR management software.

The timesheet allows for easy and immediate consultation of remuneration, deductions, banks totals and accounting postings information.

Solstice+ was created to resolve four major concerns of payroll managers:

  • Integrity of data and payroll history ensured by automated validation procedures
  • Greater efficiency, as the need to enter recurring data has been eliminated, thus reducing the possibility of human error
  • Flexible parameterization allows the application software to be adapted to the needs of any organization’s payroll system
  • Controls include the automated tracking of modification history for payroll operations, three levels of alerts, and access to payroll system by user or role in the organization

Solstice+ has many automated operations and functions that require less user intervention, thereby reducing the risk of error. The Profile Management Function Lets You Make Changes to an Entire Group of Employees at Once With Just a Click of the Mouse

An unlimited number of deductions, banks and bonuses may be added to an employee’s profile. With Solstice+, employee files may include many assignments and multiple postings per assignment. Furthermore, payments may be made to more than one bank account per employee.

Prepare Your Pay in Advance With Solstice+

Solstice+ can accommodate multiple pay period frequencies and several pay groups, in addition to preparing the pay in advance. With Solstice+. managers can be more proactive because they can make modifications by the effective start date. Solstice+ includes a tool to generate reports, an invaluable source of management and pay monitoring data.

Portable and Universal Technology

Solstice+ was entirely developed on an open architecture, which enables the software package to be rapidly and uniformly deployed on any type of platform. Solstice+ is a multilingual payroll and HR system adapted to Canadian organizations.

Product Overview

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