Saviom Enterprise Resource Management

A software system designed by Saviom.

About Saviom Enterprise Resource Management

Our intelligent scheduling software helps organisations manage and optimise their human resource allocations… and mathematically boost productivity, save time and increase planning efficiency.

Schedule Resources Quickly and Easily

Take the hassle out of planning complex resource plans with Saviom’s resource scheduler.

  • Real-time visibility: Give planners instant, real-time visibility of each team member’s availability against current projects, other work and vacations.

  • Flexible bookings: Configure the solution to your unique requirements for much-needed flexibility when it comes to creating, shifting and splitting bookings.

The Best Way to Maximize Resource Utilization

  • Optimize Utilization: Saviom’s utilization and availability tracking reports ensure that each of your resources is assigned the optimal amount of work. You’d be amazed at how many more projects a team can complete when resources are properly utilized.

A Powerful Platform for Forecasting and Decision Making

  • Anticipate resource requirements: A detailed, real-time overview of excess or shortfall in resources will enable you to quickly identify any gaps when:
    • Preparing for pipeline projects
    • Deciding whether to retrain, recruit or reallocate resources
    • Managing last-minute hiring activities and reducing staff turnover

Find the Best Resource for Your Project

  • Ensure project success: Saviom’s resource management software enables you to immediately identify the best resources for each project. Search criteria includes skills, level experience, cost and location.

Gain Real-Time Intelligence From Intuitive Reports and Analytics

  • Your data. Your way: Your business and its goals are unique. That’s why you need intuitive, user-configured reports. Our solution allows you to slice and dice the data as you please to create customized graphs and charts. You can even export your data to an excel spreadsheet for further analysis.

Integrate Seamlessly With Your Existing Systems

Integrate with any of your existing systems for seamless data import and export:

  • Control your sync frequency: Periodic or real-time exchange
  • Multiple data points: Integrate with multiple data sources (ERP, CRM, PPM, HR)
  • Only sync what you need: Choose the type of data to exchange (staff, projects, tasks, timesheet, leave etc.)
  • Exten reporting: Integrate with existing BI and reporting systems

Product Overview

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