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Software for managing the new employee orientation process.

About SilkRoad Onboarding

Award-winning SilkRoad Onboarding has successfully transformed the new employee orientation process for tens of thousands of users. SilkRoad Onboarding continues to innovate to drive ever-greater employee engagement for organizations around the world, ensuring that new hires can be high-performing employees from day one.

Engage New Hires From Day One

Whether its onboarding, offboarding, mergers and acquisitions, or even a corporate move, SilkRoad Onboarding offers a highly flexible way to automate all of your manual onboarding workflows and processes, allowing you to deliver the right content to the right people at the right time.

Track all of your activities: Stay on top of deadlines and compliance issues with automatic e-reminders and triggers. Easily customize automated workflows to fit your processes.

You’ll improve new hire day-one readiness, and you’ll accelerate their time to contribution. Managers will love it. And so will you.

Provide a Consistent Branded Experience

Only SilkRoad offers a web-based new-hire orientation experience included with SilkRoad Onboarding. You’ll have a branded employee onboarding portal. Easily customize content with your corporate brand, messaging and other information that engages new hires every step of the way. Create content specific to each individual. Update content in real time as often as needed for a personalized, company-branded experience.

Make sure you deliver the right content to the right people at the right time. The easy to use editor requires no HTML knowledge. Tailor the content by location, department, team, role, or responsibilities. The sky’s the limit, without losing consistent messaging. See some great onboarding portals.

Go Paperless With Onboarding

Eliminate all of the paper forms, postage and copies with SilkRoad Onboarding electronic form capabilities, reducing costs for their organization. Instead of days and days of orientation, new hires receive just the right information. They click through, accept, validate. So simple. No copying, shipping or scanning.

Build the Forms You Need Fast - Just Drag and Drop

Create as many eForms as you need with drag and drop speed. Once the eForm is created, you have the flexibility to edit and update the eForm whenever needed. Use eForm Builder across all SilkRoad Onboarding events. eForms are automatically responsive to screen sizes.

  • Control and define your list values for dropdowns, check boxes, and radio buttons.
  • Edit any values anytime – those edits will be effective moving forward
  • Choose from basic or advanced elements, including an eSignature and Acknowledgement.
  • Use field validation
  • Brand your forms with corporate logo

Improve Employee Retention

Early engagement with your organization’s culture and brand improves new employee retention, minimizes first-day no-shows, and early employee turnover – those “quick quits” that stall corporate momentum.

Automate and manage all employee career events to further drive engagement throughout the employee’s career and reduce risk around events such as offboarding, transfers, promotions, department moves, acquisitions, and other actions to ensure that all parties accomplish all steps in the process.

Maximize Compliance, Decrease Risk

We care about your compliance success, so SilkRoad ensures that compliance tools are up-to-date with the latest government requirements.

Boost Onboarding Efficiency

Automated workflows and dashboards for HR staff can drastically improve productivity as much as 30%. You’re not pushing paper anymore; you’re managing and organizing.

Do More Than Onboarding

Most employee career events require that a consistent process, workflow and forms be completed. SilkRoad can be adapted easily to handle employee offboarding, corporate location moves, mergers and acquisitions, employee relocations (expat situations), or channel partner and customer onboarding.

Leverage the SilkRoad Talent App Exchange

The SilkRoad Onboarding solution offers robust web services and bulk user integrations to/from your existing HR application, such as Recruiting, HRMS, IT provisioning, and Background screening. You can also choose to integrate with SilkRoad Talent Apps.

Leverage SilkRoad Life Suite Integration

SilkRoad Onboarding seamlessly integrates with the SilkRoad Life Suite, an end-to-end talent management suite that includes modules for recruiting, learning, performance, HRMS, and a range of talent applications that can be quickly configured with Life Suite to round out your HR systems.

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