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This product was acquired by SAP in 2018. As such, this product is no longer sold or supported. The capabilities can now be found within SAP Sales Cloud and other SAP software offerings. Please visit the sales forecasting software page for alternatives.

Callidus Software, Inc., The Business Performance Systems Company, provides enterprise software applications that automate management of ýmarketplace pay-for-performanceý programs used to drive corporate revenues: Enterprise Incentive Management (EIM) and Channel Promotion Management (CPM) software. By using pay-for-performance inside and outside a company to drive revenues while managing costs, our customers can strategically align the interests of employees, channel partners, suppliers, vendors and even customers in ensuring their success.

We boost business performance by providing precision, trust and effectiveness to pay-for-performance programs. Our first application, TrueComp®, automates modeling, administration, reporting and analysis of variable compensation, most often sales commissions. TrueChannel", similarly automates channel promotions programs, which are paid incentives to distribution partners. TrueComp and TrueChannel also can help you reduce channel conflict, launch eBusiness initiatives and truly understand the full spectrum of revenue drivers affecting your business.

Callidus Software believes considerable leverage for improving the overall financial performance of a business lies in providing precision and trust for the management of pay-for-performance programs. In many companies, the sheer pace of the business plus the requirement to operate and report on a quarterly basis exceeds the rate at which precise management of pay-for-performance programs can be accomplished. So, errors in commissions, bonuses, channel incentives, supplier payments and the like are accepted as the ýcost of doing business.ý Worse, under-accruals of pay-for-performance liabilities can surprise public markets and punish a firm’s stock price. Conversely, over-accruals of the same costs can leave ýempty dollarsý on the balance sheet that result in a company’s under-valuation. Callidus Software is committed to providing corporate financial professionals with the pay-for-performance program management tools needed to ensure that incentives result in top line enhancements while yielding predictable and controllable costs. Callidus Software’s TrueChannel is the first enterprise-class Channel Promotion Management System designed and developed by the industry’s most knowledgeable and experienced channel promotion management experts. As such, it is the most comprehensive and robust system available to address the challenges of managing trade promotions.

TrueChannel is the first trade promotions management system that is flexible enough to adapt to your changing environment. It is robust enough to reliably automate trade promotion management for any size organization while providing a full audit trail, web-enabled planning, allocation, prior approval, reporting, and comprehensive performance measurement and analysis tools.

Callidus Software’s TrueChannel is the only trade promotions management system designed by trade promotion experts. Over 25 years of experience in developing and implementing hundreds of trade promotions programs have gone into designing TrueChannel to ensure that it can handle the needs of any program of any complexity. No other system available today has the full range of trade promotion management functionality TrueChannel offers.

At Callidus Software, we understand that change buffets your business and disrupts your ability to deliver strategic and competitive marketing programs. We know that you require precise accounting for dynamic trade and channel promotion management processes. We also realize you’ve had to accept compromises in functionality, information, and accuracy associated with trade promotion, MDF and co-op payments; or have sacrificed competitive promotional program parity because your processes and systems don’t support the programs you need to offer. Failure to adequately and appropriately manage the budgets and expenditures associated with your channel promotion programs will, most likely, result in the ineffective tactical control of your promotional allowance marketing programs entirely. The pressure to solve today’s operational problem forces you to consider the opportunity cost of deferring a long-term, strategic approach to channel promotion marketing, sales, and financial performance because the daily scramble to support operational requirements never abates.

By identifying and managing the dynamic and variable functions of enterprise-wide channel promotion management that limit visibility and predictability, everyone in your company can simultaneously address day-to-day needs (such as managing efficient and effective trade promotion) and strategic goals (such as increasing market share and improving ROI and account-level profitability). The key is to automate the activities related to channel trade promotion management processes to make them more predictable, and thus amenable to analysis and planning. Callidus Software builds enterprise software applications that help companies transform difficult tactical variable resource program tasks into strategic tools for improved sales, marketing and financial performance.

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