A multi-module management system designed by Tyler Technologies.

About Personnel

EDEN Personnel enables agencies to manage not only funding and staff issues, but also authorized, frozen and filled positions. The position-based design provides excellent control and management of the entire human resources process. For example, the Position Budgeting function enables users to model and forecast future labor and benefit costs. Position Control controls positions to the maximum number allowed making it an ideal tool for managing job-sharing situations. EDEN Human Resources has an optional Web application that allows Web-based employee ýself-service.ý EDEN Personnel also has a familiar Windows-based environment, extensive flexibility and complies with state and federal regulations.

Applicant Tracking

EDEN Applicant Tracking guides you through the critical steps of recruitment, provides tools to assure compliance with labor laws, and tracks data on both the recruitment process and the applicant. Applicant Tracking also works with EDEN Human Resources to simplify data entry once an applicant is hired.

Employee Training

EDEN Employee Training provides an easy way to manage all aspects of internal and external job training. From customized course listings to Web-based enrollment, Employee Training helps agencies perform a variety of tasks with ease. Employee Training also links directly to other EDEN applications, such as Payroll, Human Resources and Performance Review, so that employers can easily assign and evaluate an employee’s training needs.

Human Resources

EDEN Human Resources provides a comprehensive solution to track employee data and produce a variety of regulatory reports such as those required for OSHA, FMLA and EEOC reporting. Comprehensive employee records enable you to store all employee information, including promotions, transfers and terminations, in one location. EDEN Human Resources integrates with EDEN Payroll and Employee Training applications to provide instant updates between modules that eliminate duplicate data entry. Also, the Web-based employee self-service option reduces demand on busy HR departments by enabling the employees to access predefined information.

Job Description

EDEN Job Descriptions provides a comprehensive delineation of job duties, responsibilities, and requirements required for the recruitment process. Job Descriptions integrates with Applicant Tracking to support recruiting, training and performance appraisals.


EDEN Payroll meets local governments’ most complex payroll requirements. This module allows you to control authorized positions and handle complex benefit and deduction calculations. Payroll supports Cafeteria Plans, an unlimited number of leave types and plans, COBRA, 401K, EIC and more. Payroll offers integration with EDEN General Ledger, Budgeting, Accounts Payable, and Project Accounting. Also, integration with EDEN Human Resources and Employee Training means that data modified in one module is seamlessly reflected in the other.

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