The newest technology, a mid-size Active ERP Software Suite that comes with robotic Artificial Intelligence users.

About Active ERP

Aboard Active ERP (aERP) Includes:

  • A very robust, very scalable and perfectly priced ERP software package that addresses the present and future needs of your growing business.
  • Robotic software users that actively and constantly work your Supply Chain and Production Scheduling to keep it optimized.

The robotic users, if left alone, can run your Company optimally.

aERP can be supplied from the cloud in Software as a Service (SaaS) mode or through purchased licenses to install in the customer’s networks and servers.

The system incorporates as standard features many unique features that are either not available in other traditional ERP systems or only provided as expensive optional modules.

With Aboard Active ERP (aERP) you will have the power of accurate and reliable information at your fingertips to make smart business decisions and enhance your productivity by promoting efficiency.

Aboard Active ERP is the first active ERP software suite, that harnesses the power, flexibility and ease of use of the latest software technologies and also provides embedded robotic capabilities.

The system’s solid operational backbone and database structure provide flexibility, scalability, interoperability with other systems, multi-site deployment, remote access and unsurpassed reliability.

Basic Features:

  • Seamlessly adapts to your Company by configuring Options
  • Follows your full business cycle, including Purchase, Reception, Warehousing, Sales, Shipping, Billing, Collection, Payments and Manufacturing Batch and Lot Tracking for full traceability
  • Makes sophisticated Inventory Tracking, Costing and Accounting accessible to users of all levels of computer proficiency, by simple point-and-click operation
  • Easy to use and scalable to an unlimited number of users
  • Integration with other systems and applications for seamless operations and reporting
  • Unlimited number of accounts, sub-accounts and auxiliary ledgers
  • Robust networking and database capabilities, including field-level locking for unparalleled multiuser flexibility and overall availability
  • Multi-currency, with no limits on the user-defined currencies supported
  • User-defined Journal Entry types and Auxiliary Ledger types
  • Consolidated customer balances, open by sub-accounts, in multiple Auxiliary Ledgers
  • Full suite of accounting, sales, purchasing and Manufacturing documents
  • Multi-company and multi-level consolidation into fully functional companies
  • Inter Company transfers
  • Real-time, on-line accounting operations with full edit and delete capabilities
  • ODBC compliant to guarantee compatibility with all Reporting and Data Mining Tools
  • Unlimited history length
  • Full system security, with user-defined Roles to simplify administration
  • Smart phone and tablet interfaces

The Robots:

  • Seamlessly adapt to your Company by configuring Options
  • aERP’s robots are constantly generating transactions and optimizing merchandise availability
  • Instead of the traditional ERP method of providing informational screens for your human users to create Work Orders, Purchase Orders, etc. manually as needed, the robots automatically create them
  • The Work Orders and Purchase Orders that the robot creates are placed for “just in time” inventory and for optimization of your financial and warehousing resources
  • The robots can be overriden by the human users when convenient
  • Driven by your sales, the robot can run your company optimally

Optional Modules

  • Point of Sale
  • Integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Bar Code Fulfillment
  • Customizable Bar Code Label Printing
  • Dashboard
  • Custom Reporting Tool
  • Graphic Cash Flow Plan with automatic calculation of average customer payment delay days
  • Manufacturing Shop Floor scheduler
  • Online Credit Card Processing
  • Shipping Wizard
  • OSHA - GHS Compliance
  • Comprehensive B2C Web Store Integrated in Real Time
  • Comprehensive B2B Web Store Integrated in Real Time
  • Comprehensive B2C and B2B Web Store Integrated in Real Time
  • Smart Phone App for the Internal team (for Android, Windows 8 and iPhones)
  • Smart Phone App for the customers (for Android, Windows 8 and iPhones)


General Ledger

  • Unlimited number of accounts
  • Hierarchically structured chart of accounts
  • Foreign currency accounts with dual balances
  • Comptroller defined transaction types
  • Post transactions in any order in time without ties to accounting periods

Accounts Receivable/Payable

  • Multiple sub-accounts for customers and vendors
  • Consolidated customer and vendor balances by sub-accounts
  • Foreign currency accounts for customers and vendors
  • User-defined auxiliary ledgers and ledger types for multi-department flexibility
  • Outstanding debts by pending documents with full ledger capabilities in each pending document

Banks and Bank Reconciliation

  • Multiple banks with multiple accounts per bank
  • Multiple check books per bank
  • Automated reconciliation procedures, with automatic bank downloads

Payroll Accounting

  • Employee Accounts, Payroll History and Payroll Check Emission (no payroll tax calculation)

Fixed Assets

  • Track fixed assets and post amortization journal entries automatically


  • Inventory by user-defined Item Classes and Item Lines
  • Extra, user-defined Item attributes
  • Four bar codes for each item: UPC, Inner Pack, Master Pack and In-House Code or RF ID
  • FIFO, LIFO, Average and Standard valuation methods
  • Landing costs and landed costs per Item
  • Inventory by Batch or Lot, with expiration dates and batch tracking from vendor to customer through multi-level manufacturing processes
  • Inventory by Location
  • Automatic conversion of Units of Measure, even for different dimensions like weight to volume by using density or specific volume
  • Costs in foreign currencies
  • Wireless Warehouse management through tablet computers and smart phones
  • Item Images that can be displayed on the screen and printed in Quotations
  • Automatic commits of merchandise to specific orders and automatic handling of Back Orders with additional manual overrides to reflect urgencies or priorities
  • Automatic bar-code fulfillment module
  • Automatic Procurement Tracking
  • Automatic reconciliation of General Ledger Inventory with Physical Inventory


  • Standard Bills of Materials and Formulas
  • Real Production Units Costs based on actual consumption of components and non-inventory cost components like labor, electricity, etc.
  • Real time handling of the Inventory of Finished Goods, Raw Materials and Work In Process items
  • Optional online connection to Manufacturing and Quality Control Equipment for real time data gathering
  • Optimizing Manufacturing Dashboard fully integrated with Sales, Purchases and Inventory
  • Optimizing Plant Floor Scheduler
  • Automatic inventory, manufacturing and purchasing forecasts
  • Efficiency tracking and optimization by analysis of the Standard Manufacturing Formulas or Bills of Materials
  • Multi-level Bills of Materials, with unlimited levels
  • Component Batch tracking
  • Batch participation analysis for recalls and quality control
  • Batch identification by customer and vendor
  • Inventory by Batch with Expiration Date
  • Automatic conversion of Units of Measure, even for different dimensions like weight to volume by using density or specific volume
  • Fully integrated with the General Ledger Module


  • Prepare and track Requisitions, Approved Requisitions, Purchase Orders, Warehouse Receipts and Vendor Invoices
  • Full Returns cycle with Vendor RMAs, Vendor Credit Memos and Ship Back Lists
  • Automatic conversion of Units of Measure, even for different dimensions like weight to volume by using density or specific volume
  • Link vendor invoices to shipment charges and miscellaneous expenses
  • Track multiple vendors and item prices
  • Automatic remembering of the last purchase price for each Item with each Vendor


  • Prepare and automatically link documents for easy retrieval (Quotation Requests, Quotations, Sales Orders, Invoices, Packing Slips and Pick Lists)
  • Quotations with color images of Items being offered
  • Unlimited number of customer-specific price lists in local and foreign currencies
  • Search same-item/same-customer documents for quick price checks
  • Multiple search criteria to locate items (brand, type, model, etc.)
  • Pop-up screen for related items
  • Automatic conversion of Units of Measure, even for different dimensions like weight to volume by using density or specific volume
  • Search screen for equivalent item numbers
  • On-the-spot inventory commitment upon Sales Order preparation
  • Track back orders automatically
  • Fully integrated Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to interface with major customers
  • Automatic procurement by generation and consolidation of Purchase Orders or Manufacturing Work Orders
  • Full Returns cycle with RMAs, Credit Memos and Return Receipts

Product Overview

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User Reviews of Active ERP

Submitted on March 4th, 2018 by Anonymous

They had a guarantee for 60 days after going live if the product doesn’t meet our needs and they can not fix or remedy it, we have a money back guarantee. The actual cost for implementing it was dramatically less than other software I looked into. Great monthly rate, and a reasonable price for implementation.

The sales person worked closely with the software developer person that heads the team of rolling out the product. I’m not sure if there was ever a time that they weren’t on the same phone call assisting me together. This was very helpful for me. Also, the software developer will be the person running my particular roll-out, which I feel is nice.