A fully-integrated multi-task, multi currency, ERP/CRM/HRM accounting suite.

About Android-ERP Business

Supported job modules is Sales, Rentals/Leasing/HP, Warehousing, Repairs and Maintenance, Manufacture to Order or Stock, and general business. All integrated with expenses, engineering costs, etc, providing a real-time cost of goods per job. Integrated document manager on jobs, quotes, and contacts to link email, images, drawings, etc, to job or project. Speed up transaction entry with built-in short-cut features. (projects links to multiple jobs for very large projects).

Cheque and Envelope printing, Payments, Statements, Accounts receivable and payable, SALES TAX, GST, VAT reconciliation.

Rule based access control on all modules ensure controlled access, integrity of data and workflow procedures.

Extensive queries on all modules with exports to html, word, excel, pdf, csv, email, or printer.

Video Overview

Module Shortlist

  • Quotes and estimations
  • Pro-forma invoices
  • Sales invoices
  • Purchase orders
  • Deliveries and dispatching
  • Jobs
  • Document management
  • Repairs and costing
  • Vendor procurement inquiries
  • Product listings
  • Bill of materials
  • Multi-location serialized stock and inventory
  • Tasks
  • Job-cards and time-sheets
  • Time and attendance
  • Account payments and statements
  • Accounts payable and receivable
  • Faxes and notes
  • Sms
  • Sales commission
  • User access control
  • Customer and vendor accounts (CRM)
  • Staff accounts (HRM)
  • Staff leave
  • Staff costing
  • Staff diary
  • Staff messaging
  • Scheduler and calendar of appointments

Android-ERP Business Features

Access your business securely from anywhere. Fully integrated multi-task, multi-currency, ERP/CRM/HRM accounting suite suitable for the entrepreneur, and small to medium companies. Unlimited shared companies and users (see license terms). SQL server based to share data with multiple users in real time on local area network and/or cloud server with secure remote access.

Product Overview

User Reviews of Android-ERP Business

Submitted on May 3rd, 2021 by Melani Esterhuizen from ASW Group

We have been using the Android-ERP software since the day our company was established in 2014, and prefer it well above other business software packages on the market. The software allows us to manage our projects efficiently from the start. We order all our components on the system, track the delivery status of items, do our invoicing and manage our payment status both from our customers and to our suppliers. At the end of a project we are able to see what the total expenses on a job was vs our income and the business system then shows us our profit made on the project.

We are a leading dynamic and experienced system integrator and electrical engineering company in the industrial environment. We provide industry leading system solutions, system upgrades, new installations, turn key products and support and therefore this software package is perfect for our needs.

We use the Android-ERP Business for all our daily requirements and below is a brief list of the modules that we use regularly. Jobs, Quotes, Order, Enquiries, Invoices, Deliveries, Returns, BOM, Stock Count, Statements, Payments, Notes, Contacts, Access Control, Forex Rates, Terms, Discounts, Staff File, Staff Leave, Queries and much more

The system is very user friendly, learning the ins and outs of the system didn’t take very long and when we had questions Louis was always available to guide us. We also find the help files sufficient and most of the time all the answers lies in there.

The Android-ERP software has made a huge difference to us and is so accessible that everyone in the company has access to it. We will definitely recommend this software to other companies and have done so in the past as well.

Submitted on April 21st, 2021 by Andre Marx from Simplified Automation Solutions

We at Simplified Automation Solutions have been using Android-ERP for the past four years and myself personally have been working with the software for more than 8 years now in the electrical engineering industry.

We are always looking for more hours in our days as time simply passes without you achieving what you wanted to achieve from your day. This software really helps in managing time more effectively. Sitting in front of your PC doing quotes, ordering spares, managing stock, generating customer statements … you name it, the time doing that, is drastically reduced due to the ease of use modules Android-ERP has made available to use. It is really easy to set up, use and easy to train other colleagues as the system is really straight forward easy to understand.

I would definitely recommend the software to other companies.