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Protoparts eRep

A web-based software system designed by BCA Technologies, Inc for manufacturing companies.
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What is Protoparts eRep?

Protoparts eRep is a web-based, software framework specifically designed for the Building Industry Manufacturers that allows your customers to log in from the manufacturer’s website and select, configure/price, quote, generate submittals, and order both complex and simple products in one integrated solution.

What would take you years to properly design, develop, test, and deploy …is already done. Over 10,000 HVAC users world-wide already use the Protoparts eRep solution to meet their needs.

What is the Advantage for My Business?

Protoparts eRep gives your company competitive edge because customers find it to be faster and easier to do business with you when compared to your competitors. It automates sales for both the manufacturer and their customers.

Protoparts eRep has the pre-built, integrated software modules that provide what you need - when you need it and for a lower cost than any other option. The framework is already design, programmed, and tested and can be customized to meet your exact product and business needs. When you are ready to add more features, they are ready to be added in weeks, not months. And using EDI and XML, Protoparts eRep can be integrated to your existing software technology systems, like ERP and CRM.

How Does It Increase My Bottom Line?

  • Your sales will increase because it is easier to do business with you than your competitors. Our customers have found they can recruit the best sales reps, get more quotes that result in more sales from the day the software is rolled out.
  • Customer service will increase because your customers can serve most of their own selections and pricing 24/7 on their schedule and get quotes to their customers extremely fast.
  • Profit will increase not only because of sales, but because your costs of processing more orders goes way down. Orders are accurate and eliminate many “bad order” problems and costs.

Why Use BCA Technologies?

In business doing this since 1992. Protoparts eRep is proven, tested, reliable, no risk of failure. In one of our customer’s words: “We could hire any programmer but the difference between BCA and everyone else is that they have years of Industry knowledge. Brian knows what the end user needs to see along with how to set up all the working parts. That is a huge plus to be working with a company that has programmers WITH HVAC industry expertise. They know exactly what our reps and engineers need plus it has already been tested and proven.” ~ Stacy White, Engineering Support, Krueger

Reviews of Protoparts eRep

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