A full ERP system designed by Cimpac.


CIMPAL is a modular ORACLE-based solution using client-server architecture and includes modules for product definition (BOM), routings, work centers, order processing, MRP, shop floor control, inventory management, purchasing, cost accounting and financial accounting. Solutions have been tailored for a variety of needs for specific companies including many non-traditional manufacturers. Software maintenance is available.

Accounts Payable

CIMPAL Accounts Payable Capabilities

  • Multiple companies and multiple banks are supported
  • Due dates and discounts are automatically calculated
  • Payments are typically scheduled in batches
  • Checks can be generated either manually or in batches
  • G/L postings can be for either single or multiple batches
  • G/L distributions can be made to multiple accounts
  • Partial payments are possible
  • A complete history file for each vendor is maintained
  • Vendor inquiries provide current status
  • A/P provides receipt validation
  • Reporting of 1099’s is supported
  • Debit memo capability is provided

Accounts Receivable

CIMPAL Accounts Receivable Capabilities

  • Multiple companies are supported
  • Multiple tax codes and rates are supported
  • An unlimited number of A/R collector codes are allowed
  • An unlimited number of discount terms are allowed
  • An unlimited number of bank accounts are allowed
  • A complete audit history is kept
  • Transactions can be tracked for tax reporting purposes
  • Cash requirements can be easily forecast
  • Finance charges are calculated automatically
  • Payment history can be tracked on-line
  • Unpaid balances are forwarded to the next billing cycle
  • Dunning letters can be automatically generated
  • Credit can be put on hold

Bill of Materials

CIMPAL Engineering Capabilities

  • The parts structure is defined in the bill of materials
  • Multi-level bills of unlimited depth are supported
  • Reports on each item’s use and its cost basis can be generated
  • Effectivity date tracking is allowed on each item
  • Product overrides are possible
  • Both standard and alternate bills are allowed
  • Bills can be copied
  • Complete ýwhere usedý inquiry analysis is possible
  • Outside vendor work orders can be tracked
  • Cost roll-ups can be performed either fully or partially
  • Unlimited product structure and routing levels are permitted

General Ledger

CIMPAL General Ledger Capabilities

  • Multiple companies are allowed
  • Multiple divisions are allowed
  • An unlimited number of departments are allowed
  • Users can define their account structure
  • Multiple fiscal calendars are supported
  • Entries can be posted against multiple periods
  • Prior period adjustments are possible
  • Recurring and reversing entries are permitted
  • Comparative reporting capabilities allows for easy reference
  • Account roll-ups can be automatically generated
  • Multiple budgets provide for detailed cost tracking
  • Detailed audit trails can be kept

Materials Management & Physical Inventory

CIMPAL Material Management and Physical Inventory Capabilities

  • Receipts from purchasing are accepted
  • Receipts from production are also accepted
  • Parts are issued to shop orders
  • Quantities are measured in either whole or decimal numbers
  • An item may have multiple units of measure
  • Multiple locations and warehouses are allowed
  • Transfers are allowed between locations
  • Lot tracking is supported
  • Costing is done by average or standard with variance
  • Warehouse locations and safety stock can be removed from MRP calculations
  • A physical inventory system can be kept
  • Cycle counting is possible


CIMPAL Production Planning Capabilities

  • Full master scheduling capabilities are provided
  • Schedules can be generated from both forecasts and orders
  • MRP can be run in either regen or net change mode
  • Exception lists from MRP highlight activities can be generated
  • Shop orders and purchase orders can be developed automatically from MRP exception recommendations
  • ýException analysisý can be performed
  • Simulations can be run to consider different scenarios
  • MRP reports can be run on either a horizontal or vertical basis
  • The system is bucketless and users are allowed to define the buckets


CIMPAL Purchasing Capabilities

  • Purchase orders can be automatically generated from MRP
  • Multiple jobs and/or accounts are permitted on one purchase order
  • Both vendor’s and manufacturer’s part numbers can be stored for each approved vendor entry
  • An unlimited number of approved vendors are allowed
  • Vendor lookup is supported during purchase order entry
  • Vendor information includes pricing, shipment date and delivery statistics
  • A vendor’s performance history can be kept on-line
  • Work order shortages are highlighted during purchase order receipts
  • Purchasing’s cash requirements can be easily calculated

Sales Orders

CIMPAL Order Processing Capabilities

  • Sales orders requests are directly linked into MRP
  • Product shipments to customers can be verified before invoicing
  • Sales history is retained by both customer and part number
  • Shipping history can also include serial numbers
  • Multiple bill-to’s, sold-to’s, and ship-to’s are allowed
  • An unlimited number of payment options is permitted
  • Users can define the state and local taxes
  • Order acknowledgments can be printed
  • Each customer’s part numbers can be referenced
  • Catalog part numbers can also be referenced
  • Credit checking is performed
  • Sales and cost analysis can also be performed

Shop Floor Control & Capacity Planning

CIMPAL Shop Floor Control Capabilities

  • Shop orders can be generated from MRP
  • Part substitutions are allowed
  • Materials for kits are identified with pick lists
  • Backflushing of all or some materials can be done for shop orders on an order by order basis
  • Materials issued are calculated in costing orders
  • Shop orders are tracked using routings, operations and work centers
  • Performances against standards are tracked
  • Capacity planning reporting is provided

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