Manufacturing Plus for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

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A software system designed by Cost Control Software for manufacturing companies.

About Manufacturing Plus for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

What Is “Manufacturing Plus”?

“Manufacturing Plus” provides a clear view into Production Standard Costing, Current Costing, Future Costing, Estimating, and Pricing. Many enhancements have been added to the Item Card, Production BOM, and Production Order Card. You can even add: Engineering Change Management, Automatic Cycle Counting, Time Entry, Manufacturing Reports Pack, and Visual Drag & Drop Scheduling.

“Manufacturing Plus” is designed to quickly launch a new Customer’s Installation with an out of the box solution for accurate costing and clear visibility to Work Center / Machine Center activities. It is designed for a Mass Production Manufacturer, not a Job Shop. Demand Forecasting triggers Production Orders. Full costing and Work In Process is also provided.

Key Features:

  • Item Card with new: Net Available, Standard Cost Calc Date.
  • New Cards for: Standard Cost, Current Cost, and Future Cost information. Ability to Re-Calc Current and Future Cost without effecting Standard Cost. Variance Statistics between Standard Cost and Current/Future Cost.
  • Enhanced Single Level and Rolled up Cost Reports.
  • Log file to hold each Standard Cost Re-calculation or Current Cost Re-calc. New reports on Cost Change Log.
  • Multi-Lot Size Quantity Levels in a Tabular View with Current Cost/Price at each Lot Size. (Great for Estimating) Ability to add “Margin %” to calculate Suggested Price. New Report to print Price Calculation Information.
  • Output Journal has “Resource No.” added to enable posting of Employee’s Time against Production Orders. Details are posted to the Capacity Ledger Entries and Value Entries. This makes Navi Mfg into a full “Job Costing Solution.”
  • Production BOM Card enhanced with Lookup to Sub-BOM capabilities. Card also shows: Item’s Flushing Method, RM Current Cost, and calculates the Extended Cost.
  • Router Status Updater is a Quick Editor for updating the Prod. Order’s Routing Line Status. (Multiple Orders or Work Centers)


  • Saves time configuring your new database.
  • Statistical Analysis on all data.
  • Quick and Easy On-line views into your critical data.
  • “Actual Cost” Vs. “Expected Cost”

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User Reviews of Manufacturing Plus for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Submitted on July 22nd, 2018 by FERNANDO

Good, but reporting very limited.

The Good…

Output information and reporting to control process and data.

The Bad…

Control view.