Logix ERP

An ERP system designed by Enterprise Logix, LLC.

About Logix ERP

Enterprise Logix is revolutionizing the ERP market through the combination of Logix’ feature-rich functionality and unique approach to pricing - no per-module fees, no per-user fees.

Logix is a complete, integrated solution that enables small and mid-size manufacturing, distribution, and service enterprises to afford sophisticated, powerful ERP software. Logix ERP was developed to allow companies to take advantage of ýbest practicesý processes, wrapped in the latest, state-of-the-art technologies, and tightly integrated with Microsoft Office tools.

This combination of capability, technology, and user-friendliness empowers your employees with the information they need, when they need it, for superior decision making throughout your organization, at a price that is unrivaled in the ERP market.

Business Intelligence

The real power of an enterprise-wide system is in its ability to relate and analyze information across multiple disciplines. Logix provides a rich and powerful set of tools that let you efficiently manage workflows, analyze processes, and convert raw information into actionable knowledge. Information can be manipulated further using embedded Excel features or exported in a variety of formats. Tight integration with Microsoft Office and Outlook provides the productivity tools people are familiar with.

Logix offers a variety of data analysis and relationship tools, each fully connected to the data -

Workflow and Productivity

  • Focus Forms allow users to quickly view, sort, and understand a large volume of related information
  • Command Centers provide a top-level view of key information about workloads so you can quickly identify, prioritize, and respond
  • Knowledge Centers gather and analyze cost information on a variety of related entities within Logix for financial analysis and decision support

Management Overview and Analytics - The powerful Business Logix tool quickly lets users view, manipulate, and export summary and detail data of key drivers of your business, such as -

  • Customer data, including total sales/shipment volume plus summary and detail information on Sales Orders, RMAs, Calls/Trouble Tickets, Transactions, and Contacts
  • Vendor data, including total purchases and receipts plus summary and detail information on Purchase Orders, Transactions, and Contacts
  • Product data, including Inventory On-hand, Engineering Change Orders, Bills of Material, and Transactions

Customizable Views and Key Metrics - Most ERP and CRM systems offer data analysis tools for reporting. Logix goes further and extends dynamic reporting and analysis capabilities to all levels of your organization -

  • All users can employ powerful workflow queues and tools to efficiently manage their daily activities
  • Line Managers can quickly view departmental loading and throughput with simple-to-manage, customizable views
  • Executives can utilize powerful data extraction, analysis, and multi-dimensional graphic and data manipulation tools to improve business performance and manage Key Metrics
  • Logix Explorer extends the functionality to include personalized, custom information displays that provide drill-down to source information for fast, efficient answers to customer, vendor, or management questions

Flexible Reporting

  • Logix includes dozens of standardized reports for common information needs
  • All Logix standard reports can be customized by selecting different filtering and sort criteria
  • Logix supports external reporting tools such as Crystal Reports, FRx, etc

Customer Relationship Management

What could be more important to your company than effectively managing the relationship with your customers? Acquiring new customers can cost five times as much as retaining existing customers. Logix provides the tools to enable you to deliver the results today’s demanding customers expect. And, tight integration with Microsoft Office and Outlook provides tools your people are familiar with while keeping important contact history available to all users.

Opportunity/Quote/Sales Management Defining a sales opportunity is much like entering a sales order in Logix. That’s because we’ve designed our CRM with your sales and order entry people in mind.

Opportunities and Leads

  • Track opportunities by Customer, Product, Sales Person, Sales Type, Sales Stage and more
  • Summary Command Center for simple management of prospect information
  • All information quickly converted to Quotes

Integrated Contact Management

  • Quickly sort, filter and view Customer and Vendor information
  • Emails, tasks, notes, and events automatically sent to Outlook
  • Manage Activities, Opportunities, and Tasks
  • Share contact events across the company

Quoting and Sales Orders

  • Quickly convert Quote to Sales Orders
  • Flexible Ship To, Bill To, and Care Of addressing
  • Optional Approval Processing procedure
  • Attach related files to Sales Order for simple referencing throughout order processing and customer history

Comprehensive Sales Reporting

  • Commission management
  • Integrated reporting and charting by Item, Customer, Salesperson
  • Dynamic charting and analysis of sales and shipments

Field Service Management

Field Service Management features provided by Logix are incomparable in mid-market ERP solutions. The Service Management module was developed based on processes in one of the world’s largest service providers in the satellite communications industry. Utilizing information and history available at all points along the Customer Relationship Management process provides Logix users the capability of -

  • Full Call and Ticket tracking
  • Full Return Material (RMA) system, including Quoting
  • Third-party labor and event tracking and financial management
  • Service Agreement management
  • Command Centers that summarize key information about work elements

Advanced Features for third-party field services management quickly and accurately provides support for -

  • Technician Management
  • Reporting and Metrics
  • Certifications and Qualifications
  • Authorization Status

Scheduling and Dispatch - With its graphical view and drag-and-drop functionality, the Call Scheduler makes scheduling service calls a snap. Scheduling a new call is as easy as focusing on the Call in the call list, placing the cursor at the desired Start Date and Time for the Supplier/Technician you want to assign the Call to, then dragging the mouse to the desired End time. The Scheduler automatically draws the schedule bar and places the correct Start date and time and End date and time in the Call record, as well as in the Supplier/Technician schedule. You can right click on the Appointment bar to print a Call traveler, Email a Call traveler, open the Call form to see more Call details, open the Site form to see more Site details, or cancel an Appointment.

Site Management - Logix Site Management tools provide the ability to track Customer, Contact, Product, Related Documents and Event Actions and History.

Service Call Accounting - Logix provides a full set of quality control processes for Call Closeout and Billing. Customers and revenue no longer fall between the cracks. Define specific business rules to validate calls before closure to ensure that calls are closed properly and billing (if required) is completed.

Inventory Management

One of the biggest challenges for companies that stock material is maintaining accurate on-hand balances. Logix provides a rich set of tools to efficiently manage inventory. Whether it’s one stockroom or dozens, advanced tools allow end-to-end control and visibility throughout the company. Logix efficiently manages issues, receipts, return-to-stock, returns from a repair process (RMA), cycle and physical counts, and more. Transactions are automatically posted to the general ledger when appropriate. Transaction histories are provided in a variety of consolidated views, and available when viewing source events such as Sales Order shipments, Purchase Order receipts, and RMA processes.

Multiple Stockrooms Logix helps companies manage single stockrooms or hundreds of physical or virtual stockrooms globally -

  • Unlimited number of stockrooms
  • Unlimited number of locations per stockroom
  • Track a single item across multiple stockrooms and locations
  • Tracking by Serial Number, Lot, Expiration, Job

Powerful Data Query Quickly search, analyze, and report information needed to maintain proper inventory levels -

  • Safety Stock and Reorder-points
  • Report and view by stockroom, location, part number, cost, kits in process, ship status, etc.
  • One-click export to Excel and Word

Available to Promise (ATP) and Material Status Give users real-time access to critical material information -

  • Stock levels
  • Impact of current production
  • Outstanding Purchase Order status
  • Open Sales Orders

Advanced Picking and Kitting

  • Increase efficiency and productivity with real-time load management
  • Partial kitting and management of kits ýin processý
  • Inventory listings reflect items selected for pick, minimizing errors
  • Control processes by filtering and prioritizing requirements by date, queue, status, and other critical data

Transaction Views and Reporting Comprehensive transaction histories are available online -

  • Consolidated history
  • Summary and detailed transaction information
  • Drill-down to source transaction
  • Print or email reports in a variety of formats
  • One-click export to Excel or Word

Physical/Cycle Count Logix includes advanced Cycle and Physical Count processes -

  • Items on active counts flagged during picking, kitting, sales, and other transactions
  • Serial Number and Lot count management
  • Management results and analysis tools
  • Automatic update of financial records

Relocation Process The best input for material positioning strategy can come from Customer Service, Sales, and Support. Logix includes a Material Relocation process to act on the knowledge in your organization -

  • Employees submit a Material Relocation Request along with supporting data
  • Request reviewed by the appropriate group and implemented if approved
  • Increase responsiveness to upcoming customer events or market changes while maintaining a manageable, traceable process


MRP Logix MRP translates what you need – shippable product - into what you need to do – procure, manufacture, and ship. Logix MRP is simple, powerful, and fast - really fast.

MRP calculates all components and subassemblies needed to fulfill your demand in minutes, and provides clear recommendations in an online Command Center. Planned POs and Work Orders can be quickly created to put your plan into action.

Regenerative MRP results are presented in a variety of online views for quick and reliable execution. Create, delete, reschedule Work Orders and POs, real time, on-the-fly.

MRP results can be viewed and sorted by part number, Job ID, or in a comprehensive Command Center for optimized processing by one planner or your entire planning and procurement staff. Results include Order Pegging to identify demand drivers.

PO creation is tightly integrated with Vendor and Parts information – select from a drop-down list of qualified vendors and view their lead times, pricing, performance rating, and other key information for quick and reliable results. Consolidate multiple demands into one order or group demands by week, month, and/or Job ID.

Work Order creation in MRP is equally efficient. Logix MRP is ýbucket lessý but provides a simple process for consolidating multiple demands into one Work Order or grouping demands by Week, Month, and/or Job ID.

Logix MRP optimizes the demand planning and execution process, allowing your planners to focus on value added activities.

Forecasting. Logix enables you to build sales forecasts and combine them with existing sales orders to generate forecast demand for product within the Master Production Schedule. Build multiple forecasts and perform what-if scenarios to simulate the impact on your operation before committing to a build plan.

Master Production Scheduling. Once you’ve decided on a sales forecast, MPS results allow you to visualize your forecast before committing to it – providing valuable insight into how to plan and schedule your operation to maximize customer satisfaction and your profitability. You can sort your MPS by part number, job number, reference document (Sales Orders, MPS), start date, required date, etc. to facilitate quick analysis.

Capacity Requirements Planning allows you to schedule your work centers in the most efficient manner possible. View your work center load line-by-line, or graphically. Spotting peaks and valleys in your schedule enables smoothing of production. Run CRP for planned and actual work orders or actual work orders only.

Product Configurator

Product Configurator enables custom Sales Order BOMs to be created, speeding the order entry process for products that require options selection during the ordering process.

Product Definition

Logix gives you the ability to manage every step of your product lifecycles, from inception through obsolescence.

Part Number Management includes advanced material definition, planning profiles, alternate parts, vendor/customer cross reference, costing, serial number, lot ID, 20 user-defined characteristic fields.

Bill of Material Management includes unlimited levels, drag-and-drop BOM capability, BOM copy function, Where-Used, BOM Audit Trail, reference designators, process step/labor router configuration.

Engineering Change Order Management provides detailed change order creation, monitoring, and implementation to help you track all changes to your products, including a change audit function so you can see the complete history of a change. Electronic signature authorization optimizes the efficiency of the ECO process.


Logix Supply Chain Management functions provide all the capabilities necessary to optimize the procurement, receipt, warehousing, and shipping of your products. Advanced features include electronic purchase requisition to PO conversion, including signature loop, unlimited stockrooms and locations, flexible shipping options, tight integration with Microsoft Office and Outlook and much more . . .

Purchasing is simple and easy with Logix. Create purchase requisitions that are automatically converted to Purchase Orders via electronic signature loop. Or bypass the purchase requisition route and create POs directly. MRP provides planned POs and you decide on consolidation options and execute them. Electronic shipment tracking, electronic signatures, receipt shortages, PO history, etc, etc. The Subcontract PO feature accurately accounts for materials shipped to Vendors for subcontract work, and then accurately receives the finished product, updates stock levels and cost data, and creates the Payables voucher automatically.

Quality Assurance

Logix provides feature-rich QA and QC functionality. You can choose to begin your QC processes at Receiving, during Work Order processing and/or at Final Inspection.

QC Process Management - Separate Queues for Incoming and In-process inspection tasks make it easy for employees to see their QC workloads. Record pass/fail statistics based on unlimited user-defined specifications.

Attach inspection documents and images to each QC item to guide your inspection people through the process. Report spec parameters to provide an audit trail of who did what and when, on every part that flows through your production process.

Reporting and Analysis - Provide a detailed report summary of problems encountered and resolution taken for subsequent review. Track recurring QC issues to isolate problem parts and processes. On-line, real time reporting of in-process failures provides immediate visibility of product and process issues so they can be identified and resolved quickly.

RMA Management

Returns and Warranty Management

No one wants product returns, but having processes in place to quickly and effectively manage repair and returns ensures happy customers and protects your profitability. Logix includes fully integrated Returns Management (RMA), Warranty, and Product Registration to make often overlooked tasks fast, simple, and reliable.

Returned Material Processes Logix solves problems common with typical RMA applications by including true serial number control, separate management of returns inventory, and flexibility in handling multiple items and advance unit replacement.

  • Rich RMA detail, including receipt and re-ship information
  • Comprehensive Failure and Repair reporting including failure and repair coding
  • RMA stock managed separately from inventory
  • Support Advance Replacement items and returning repaired items to stock

Returns Administration Give managers real-time access to critical performance information -

  • Command Center overview to track material as it flows through the repair process
  • Rich summary information to manage turnaround times
  • Detailed real-time performance metrics including Average, Minimum, Maximum, and Standard Deviation for RMA turnaround time

Warranty and Product Registration

  • Warranty and terms of coverage visibility online
  • Quickly search records by Customer, Location, Item, Sales Order, Serial Number, etc.
  • Definable Warranty Start and End dates
  • Link to rich Site specific information

Sales Order Processing

Processing Sales Orders is a breeze. Quick conversion of Quotes in Logix allows you to automatically generate Sales Orders, including authorization via electronic signature loop if so desired. The Sales Order screen allows you to view all relevant information prior to posting the Order, including -

  • Header info - Customer, Order Number, Payment Terms, Ship Via, Job Number, Currency, etc.
  • Flexible and unlimited Ship To, Bill To, and Care Of addresses
  • Standard and custom Header and Footer clauses can be inserted with the click of a button
  • Matrix pricing to calculate discounts based on customer, product line, sales region, etc, etc.
  • One-click Available To Promise (ATP)
  • Sales Order transaction history
  • Document and unlimited notes attachment
  • Accounts Receivable ýHoldý indicator

As with all other Logix functions, Order Processing was designed with the user in mind. Providing all the information needed to make informed decisions speeds order processing and accuracy, ultimately creating satisfied customers and maximizing profitability.

Serial Number and Lot Management

Serial Number Management allows complete tracking of serial number-sensitive products. Serial number BOMs can be created to provide a record of all serialized components, by product, and by Sales Order. The serial number audit trail records serialized component replacement history.

Lot Management provides lot tracking capability, shelf-life, and expiration date management.

Product Overview

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