Farmsoft Meat Packing App

An app for meat packing, slaughterhouse, livestock processing, and meat packing

About Farmsoft Meat Packing App

Farmsoft Meat Packing App is a modern business management suite for medium-sized meat packers of beef, bison, hog and other livestock processing. Rapid harvesting, 100% accurate cutting and packing; accurate pallet packing and order collection and dispatch. Works with any hardware, save hundreds of thousands on inexpensive hardware. Reduce administration burden by 90%, increase accuracy of packing, shipping, and invoicing.

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  • Plan customer livestock deliveries (or allow them to request harvesting online); Farmsoft alerts the customer and they can enter their cutting specifications and consumer palletization requirements online.
  • Customer is alerted when you receive their deliver, when harvesting is completed, automatic creation and sending of invoice once your team confirms all non automatic fees have been entered into Farmsoft.
  • Fees include per head harvesting, per Lb/Kg harvesting, per Lb/Kg cutting, packaging materials, cutting labor, lab fees, pallet storage, and any other fees you care to define.
  • Farmsoft manages the harvesting process, condemnation, quality control, then cutting, print labels for boxes, inner packs and pallets, and ensures pallets packed as per customers consumer requirements.
  • Cutting specs are displayed on screens (or printed) and can be shouted at for hands free voice control.
  • Scan pallets to ensure correct pallets are being collected/shipped.


Farmsoft Meat Packing App pricing starts at $120 per week for 8 concurrent users. More named users can be added for $550. The total annual base price for Farmsoft is $6,200.

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