A full ERP system designed by Freedom Applications for manufacturing companies.

About A.M.M.O.

The All-in-One Program for Your Shop and Office

No manufacturer is too small for AMMO. An inexpensive and simple, yet comprehensive manufacturing management system, AMMO organizes both front office & shop operations. Developed by a manufacturer for small manufacturers, AMMO fills the application gap between simple accounting packages and more complicated ERP/MRP systems.

AMMO has eight modules to help you run your business. With one easy-to-use database, you only have to enter data once. AMMO saves you time and money as it quickly gives you the information that you need, when you need it.

AMMO now interfaces to QuickBooks Pro 2002 and 2003. The day-to-day transactions of your business are entered into AMMO (Invoices, Receipts, Bills, and Payments). The AMMO Accounting Interface seamlessly transfers your financial transactions to the General Journal in QuickBooks. At any time you can retrieve financial statements from QuickBooks, while you control the details in AMMO.


  • Office - Estimates, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Quotes, Invoices, Customer/Vendor Lists
  • Financials - A/P, A/R, A/R Aging, Check Posting, Credit Memos
  • Checkbook - Multiple Account Maintenance, Checkbook Reconciliation, Automated Features
  • Shop - Bills of Materials, Engineering Card, Standard Costing, Actual Costing, Work Orders, Work Assignments, Production Management Tools, Shop Floor Data Entry, Inventory Values, Parts Catalog, Shipping, & Receiving logs


  • Reports - Sales Reports and Graphs
  • Personnel - Employee Information and History.
  • Configuration - Company Information, Policies, Procedures and User Access Privileges.
  • Repair Utility - Repairs and Compacts Database, if corrupted.


  • No additional database licensing costs
  • Interacts with other Microsoft Office products
  • Separate Microsoft Access or Office licenses not required
  • Unlimited logins
  • Data is easily ported to other formats
  • May be customized or enhanced in-house
  • No annual AMMO licensing fee
  • Annual contract for technical support available

Please note that AMMO is not a payroll or employee scheduling package. It does not contain a native general ledger. Instead, AMMO interfaces to QuickBooks®, using QuickBooks as a general ledger.


Freedom Applications, Ltd.


  • Single User Version: $695
  • Network Version (Unlimited Users): $3,500
  • Accounting Interface: $450
  • Free Trial Version available via download or CD (Contact Freedom Applications)

Accounts Payable

A.M.M.O. 's Accounts Payable schedule appears in both the Financials module and Checkbook module. The Accounts Payable Schedule keeps track of invoice number, purchase order number, vender/payee information, payment due date, invoice amount and amount paid. Easily enter outstanding bills, sort them, assign them to appropriate expense accounts and know balances at any time. In the checkbook module, you can write a check against an outstanding A/P item. The Accounts Payable Register is automatically updated. Drill down to vendor records.

Accounts Receivable

A.M.M.O. 's Accounts Receivable screens allow A/R management per customer account. Accounts Receivables are aged by periods of 30, 60, 90 and 90 plus days. At financial period end, A/R reconciliation compares sales and posted receipts against A/R balance, spotlighting any financial accounting errors. Drill down to customer accounts, orders, etc.

Bar Coding

A.M.M.O. 's bar-coding capabilities increase accuracy of production information. Using a bar-coding wand, employees simply scan company-devised bar codes during shop floor data entry.

Bill of Materials

Develop a roll-up bill of materials that reflects the manufacturing process of a product from start to finish. The BOM interacts with the engineering card. Together they…

  • List all components used to make a product
  • Show the location of each component
  • Include instructions for manufacturing,
  • Describe each operation involved
  • Compute standard costs
  • List works in process stages and costs for each parts

Cash Management

A.M.M.O.'s checkbook module includes a bank register that lists all checks, deposits, adjustments and other transactions for multiple bank accounts. Conveniently keep multiple account information on A.M.M.O. and reconcile accounts. There are many detailed reports.

Employee Information

A restricted employee module keeps information about current and past employees.

Inventory Control

A.M.M.O. includes both an inventory adjustment feature and an inventory valuation feature. Adjust inventory on-the-fly, cyclically and periodically. Displays values, location, date of count, etc. Shop floor, office, or receiving station enter raw materials and finished goods into inventory. When item is invoiced as a shipment, inventory is reduced. As works in process and finished goods are entered, raw materials inventory is reduced.

Job Cost

Use shop floor data entry or manager overrides to enter all time and materials by job, part number, continuous operation or project. Generate job cost reports and productivity reports by each category or employee.

Order Entry

Create and edit orders for a customer. A.M.M.O. tracks the status of each order. When all line items on an order have been invoiced, the order automatically closes. A.M.M.O. also has open order management screens & reports. Open order screen drills down to customer screens showing all customer information and account history.

Purchase Order

Create, track, amend and print Purchase Orders to vendors. A.M.M.O. reports purchases in a list of all open purchase orders; by specific purchase order; by vendor; and by catalogued part. Verify purchase order against receiving log and q.c. at check-writing. Drill down to vendor screen with detailed information about each vendor, as well as purchase and contact history.


Office, sales, financial, and production modules all have numerous summary reports for many topics. Individualized executive reports available.

Sales Analysis

A.M.M.O. has extensive reporting capabilities. It generates detailed reports and graphs by salesperson, parts, customers, categories, time periods, dollars and quantity volumes.

Shop Floor & Production Management

Manager’s desk arranges work/sales orders and jobs into self-defined categories and priorities. Manager then clicks assignments into self-defined stacks. Large Order Priority screens. Production module tracks real time, employee-identified sessions, materials used, number of parts produced, scrapped and reworked. Work order, production operation, assignment lists, support tables or employees, labor rates, subcontractors, work centers, etc.

Work Orders

Work orders can be linked to a customer, sales orders, part or task. A work order can be written for a value-added job like making a part or fulfilling a sales order or it can be written for non-value added jobs like plant maintenance. A work order can be created to interface with a bill of materials and automatically fill in the operations and materials; or it can be modified to accept job-specific information. A work order can be kept open indefinitely and re-used.

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