eBusiness Enterprise

A full ERP system designed by Ganote & Company.

About eBusiness Enterprise

GCI’s eBusiness Enterprise system was designed for fast-moving businesses just like yours. It’s easy to use, yet powerful enough to keep up with all your accounting and customer service needs. With this robust system you can automate everything from making sales, to servicing clients, to managing projects. Easily customized reports and graphs give you all the information you need to make both strategic and tactical decisions. What’s more, we’ve added powerful new features that make running your business easier than ever!

Accounts Payable

Does your company make a lot of purchases and need an easy way to track what is due when? What would it be like to have a totally electronic way to manage your payables workflow, generate checks, and reports? Would it help to have segmented work functions to fully control the payables process?

This tool delivers awesome control and improved productivity for your whole team. With GCI’s Accounts Payable Module, you can easily track bills, approve them for payment, cut checks, and generate reports. In addition, the system automatically generates commissions for billable time on projects from the Project Management Module. Keeping control over your expenses is now a simple process which can be effortlessly managed.

Accounts Receivable

Does your company have a lot of transactions and need an easy way to track payments and follow-up on over-due accounts? What would it be like to have a totally electronic way to manage your receivables workflow, generate invoices, statements, and reports? Would it help to have flexible options for automatically communicating with clients who are behind?

Managing your cash flow can now be handled in a matter of minutes instead of hours or days. With a few clicks of a mouse, GCI has reduced the time and dollars required know which client owes what. As an option, by automatically E-mailing clients who are past due, you can get paid sooner than later. This tool delivers awesome control and improved productivity for your team.

Administration (Security)

Time is $. Has your organization ever slowed down due to the following:

  • System crashes?
  • Turnover which caused training costs to rise?
  • How long does it typically take to get required updates?

What if a part-time resource could manage all security to all modules in minutes? How would you like it if you never had to worry about a system crash? With GCI’s Administration Module, your organization can control access and system updates with little to no support.

Central Purchasing

For organizations which have purchased raw materials for multiple locations, the Central Purchasing module is a must have addition. It imports all receipts and compares pricing to ensure that suppliers aren’t over-charging in one location. Users are immediately made aware of any discrepancies between prices, which are more than a pre-determined % from another location.

Contact Manager

How are contacts managed within your organization? Are there separate systems tracking leads, clients, and suppliers? Can contacts be grouped for your advantage? Can you easily pull and export information, print forms, or letters, or mailing labels, or broadcast E-mails? Would it make sense to have an integrated solution to inform the enterprise about its top customers, suppliers, etc.?

This tool gives you incredible control and improved team production. With GCI’s Contact Manager Module, you can easily track all available resources (both internal and external) and generate the reports to help everyone stay informed real-time. In addition, since the system is totally integrated with other modules, you can keep your enterprise moving at warp speed past the competition.

Crystal Report Writer

Quickly transform almost any data into powerful, interactive content. Tightly integrate reporting into GCI’s eBusiness applications. Let end users access and interact with reports via the GCI Modules and easily export to Microsoft Office documents, Adobe PDF, Crystal Reports, or Rich Text formats.

Create compelling views of data without relying on IT. Efficiently design a variety of reports from multiple data sources and enable self-service interactive viewing via the Web.

Events & Scheduling

This new module allows an organization to effectively manage all events, memberships, and resources. Create new events, assign organizations, locations, and add contacts and registrants. Also, have the system track membership options.

Fixed Assets

Does your organization need to effectively manage its assets? GCI’s Fixed Assets module allows your staff to easily enter and track information and easily run reports.

GCI Web Studio

This is a powerful developer module which allows our clients to add to or change the existing system. It includes Design Wizards, Database Tools, Migration Tools, Miscellaneous Utilities, etc.

GCI’s Web Studio allows the developer to more quickly create browser-based applications within the Ganote eBusiness Suite. It maintains application modules, menus, forms, and security. Web Studio quickly and easily ties all of these pieces together so they form a smooth flowing application that can be controlled through the common Administration module.

General Ledger

In the past, many owners have found accounting packages were hard to understand and gain required information. The need for accurate, up-to-date information makes the accounting application they use critical to their success. Since many transactions are usually entered manually, the owner and managers can feel they are ýin the darký as to how the operation is actually performing on a regular basis.

Managers need to manage and have information at their fingertips to make daily decisions. The General Ledger Module was designed to make it simple for owners to get the answers they need. This real-time system always displays the current position of an organization. On the back-end, automatic and scheduled transactions and manager-level reporting save time and dramatically reduce errors. This helps owners focus on business and address their client’s needs.

Inventory Manager

Does your company have a lot of inventory items and need to quickly track what is in stock? What if you had a totally electronic way to manage your goods, set up sophisticated pricing, generate reports, and easily handle orders? Would it help to set up your own categories, shipping options, and track profits per SKU?

This tool delivers amazing control and improved production for your whole team. With GCI’s Inventory Management Module, you can easily track goods, orders, receive automatic alerts on low stock, and generate the top-level reports to help keep things moving. In addition, the system automatically guides orders along the path of picked, packed, and shipped. Keeping an eye over your inventory is now a simple process which can be managed in minutes. And, lost orders are no longer an issue.

Knowledge / Document Management

Do you have critical company information that should be secured? Can the release of this information be controlled? What would happen if this information was in the wrong hands?

GCI has created a Knowledge Management system to securely track important documents. Access to this information is controlled by the Administrator(s). The system supports multiple file formats (Adobe PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Audio/Visual, etc.)

Label Printing

This module was designed to produce various size and format labels from various thermal printers including the Zebra printers. It is a multi-lingual product designed to print labels in English, Spanish, and French Canadian and can support other languages if the translations are provided. It produces labels for small cans as well as for large drums. It can print graphic symbols, barcodes, and text in any orientation. This application has been used in production for several years by multiple plants.

Order Entry

Does your company accept orders via phone, fax, E-mail, and paper forms? Are you limiting revenues to Monday – Friday and 9 – 5? Do high-paid sales people spend time entering and tracking orders? Have orders ever been lost or entered improperly? When do you get paid for those orders or do you have to invoice separately?

Generate more revenue by making it easier for your customers to order the products and services they need, when they need them. With Order Entry, you can get rid of cumbersome and error-prone phone, fax, E-mail, and paper orders. Best of all, your Internet storefront accepts credit card orders so you get paid immediately. It also integrates with back-end systems to eliminate re-keying information and tracks inventory levels and what is selling real-time. This module increases productivity for your whole team.

Order Fulfillment

Do you ever need to edit an order after it has been placed? Would it be nice to track where an order is in your operation?

GCI’s Order Fulfillment module helps you edit and track orders from one station to another. It manages orders from Picking to Packing to Shipping operations.

Project Management

Do you need to manage projects and the resources on those projects?

GCI created the Project Management module so that organizations could easily keep on top of multiple projects. This system allows resources to enter time from anywhere, run pay reports, generate invoices, and much more.


Have you or your team ever spent a lot of time to create a quote and then not win it? How many high-priced resources needed to get involved? What if your team won the project and now had to line up the resources to fulfill it? Suppose you had multiple locations, are all of them quoting in the same consistent manner?

Quotes can now be put together in a matter of minutes instead of hours or days. By establishing standard templates beforehand, you can reduce the time and dollars required to develop these estimates. In addition, once a project is won, it can be easily transferred over to GCI’s Project Management Module if it involves tracking time. No matter if you have one or one hundred locations, now everyone will be ýsinging off the same pageý. This tool delivers superior control, consistency, and increased productivity for your whole team.

Service Request Manager

Do your service teams currently track internal issues and customer questions manually on paper forms? Is there a quick and easy way to look up past support issues or a client’s history of problems? Can you pull meaningful reports or determine if services were being accomplished in a timely manner? In addition, do workers or customers feel they are ýin the darký as to the current status and when the issue(s) or question(s) will be addressed?

Service Request Manager uses the power of your current network (and/or the Internet) to allow your workers and clients to self-register, quickly and easily enter trouble or service tickets, and check the current status online. On the back-end, you can automatically or manually assign resources, enter notes, close out requests, and produce manager-level reporting. This process helps to promptly address your internal and client’s needs and increase margins for service areas.

Things to Do

Wouldn’t it be nice to keep track of those things you know you should do?

GCI created the Things to Do module to help organizations track and prioritize items that need to be done. This helps keep you on track to reach your goals and dreams.

User Configuration

Wouldn’t it be nice to set your own colors, fonts, and menu styles in the system?

GCI created the User Configuration module to help those users who like to customize their look and feel without programming. This gives the administrator(s) and user(s) a lot of flexibility to control how their system appears to them.

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