Guardian Foundry System

A full ERP system designed by Guardian Software Systems for manufacturing companies.

About Guardian Foundry System

The Guardian foundry System, which features a graphical user interface for point-and-click use, is a client/server based solution allowing for extreme flexibility for the client interface. Support for Windows 2000 and higher.

GFS utilizes a full database architecture, allowing extensive information to be updated in a timely fashion for users to easily and quickly retrieve specific information utilizing several inquiry tools like Microsoft Access and Seagate Crystal Reports.

Accounts Payable Management

The Guardian Accounts Payable Management System is a comprehensive system for controlling cash flow, and is integrated with our Purchasing and Inventory Management Systems.

Features Include:

  • Multiple company
  • Vendor master with multiple contact names and addresses
  • On-line entry and balancing facilitate productivity
  • Project tracking
  • Parameter driven invoice payment selection improves cash management
  • Aged A/P by vendor and by date
  • Purchase price variances
  • Open invoice inquiry by vendor, date and to-be-paid invoices
  • Paid invoice inquiry
  • Check generation
  • Manual check entry
  • Multiple banks
  • Check Reconciliation
  • Vendor statistics
  • Invoice to PO matching integrates with Purchasing Management System
  • Cash flow analysis integrates to Purchasing and General Ledger Management Systems
  • Easily integrated to non-Guardian Systems

Accounts Receivable Management

The Guardian Accounts Receivable Management System is a comprehensive system for controlling and analyzing customer accounts and processing cash receipts.

Features Include:

  • Multiple Company
  • Ability to Create Manual Invoices
  • Invoices Printed Upon Request
  • Miscellaneous Cash Entry
  • Open Item
  • Optional Lock Box Method
  • Debit/Credit memo
  • Open Invoice Inquiry by Date
  • Open Invoice Inquiry by Customer
  • Aged Open Invoice Inquiry by Customer
  • Detail and Summary Aging Reports
  • Complete Credit and Collections Management Functions
  • Integrates with Order Entry and General Ledger Management Systems
  • Easily Integrated to Non-Guardian Systems

B2B Web Module

The B2B Web Module allows your customers to view their information through the use of the Internet. Your customers are given a password and a user identification code to allow them access to pre-defined screens of information.

Features Include:

  • Ability to View Customer Profile
  • Search by Part Number
  • Search by Purchase Order
  • View All Specific Customer’s Open Purchase Orders and See the Status of the Order - Including Shipping
  • Ability to View Current Price List
  • Ability to Order Products
  • Use of Standard ýShopping Cartý Technology
  • Confirmation Via Email of Order

This system by be expanded to meet any specific requirements you or your customers would like available through the use of the Internet.

Communications Interace Module

The Communications Interface Module is the basic tools necessary for Guardian to communicate to an individual device. Additional programming will be needed to ýfine tuneý communication to your particular brand of the device.

Suggested Interfaces To:

  • Scales
  • Spectrometers
  • Programmable Logic Controllers

Data Collection Management

The Guardian Data Collection Management System facilitates timely and accurate reporting of shop floor activities and gives management a complete picture of both employee activities and labor operations.

Features Include:

  • Allows for Both Crew Update and Multiple Job Log-In
  • Definable Start and Quit Times Per Employee/Department/Shift
  • Standard Batch Labor Ticket Entry
  • Ability to Print Employee Badges
  • Report Operation Completion Without Utilizing Full Labor Reporting
  • Ability to Use Labor Data Collection System for Time and Attendance As Well As Data Collection
  • Multiple Scrap Reasons on Labor Entry
  • Capture Indirect as well as Direct Labor
  • Casting Bar-Coding Available
  • Large Variety of Inquiries and Reports Available

EDI Interface Module

The EDI Interface Module is used in conjunction with Pro-EDI’s translator and document management software.

Features Include:

  • Supports All Versions of EDI X12, EDIFACT and HIPAA EDI Standards
  • It Accepts Inbound Data From Your Trading Partner and Reformats These Files to Load Directly into the Guardian System
  • Data Extracted From the Guardian Foundry System is seamlessly Translated to Your Trading Parner’s Specifications Without Manual Intervention

Estimating Management

The Guardian Estimating Management System facilitates the quick and easy calculation of material and overhead costs for multiple quantities of a casting and allows for copying portions of a previously used estimate as well as creation of new estimates.

Features Include:

  • Ability to copy in a previously engineered or designed part to begin estimate
  • Estimate multiple quantity breaks
  • Estimate broken down into material, labor, fixed and variable overhead
  • Estimate can be expressed in hours and dollars
  • Old estimates can be copied into new estimates and re-run
  • Estimates can be copied across customers
  • Parts can be searched on by specific characteristics for using in beginning an estimate
  • Variety of Inquired screens and reports
  • Estimate worksheets available for analysis
  • Estimates can be created for both parts currently on file and parts not currently in the engineering system
  • Integrated to Quotation Management/Engineering Management/Customer Management

Foundry Engineering

The Guardian Foundry Engineering Management System is the foundation module that supports every level of the production process as it maintains an integrated database of material, manufacturing methods, workstations, resources, operations, tools and utilities. This provides the core information for improved effectiveness, efficiency, and quality of your output.

Features Include:

  • Ability to define:
  • Raw materials
  • Recipes
  • Cores
  • Core Assemblies
  • Castings - including customer part number, revision, base recipe, ship weight, pour weight, flask code, and scrap percentages
  • Capture of labor operations, including defining as cost, hours per piece, setup hours, study date, crew size
  • Define outside operations, including plating, heat treat, machining, etc.
  • Specification requirement definition at operational level
  • Tooling requirement definition at process level
  • Instruction text available at process level
  • Duplicate records from existing records
  • Mass replace data within an engineering file
  • Classification by Product Code
  • Where-Used cross-reference available
  • Cost code definition available including material, labor, fixed and variable overhead
  • Large variety of on-line inquires and reports
  • Integrates with the balance of Guardian Foundry System

General Ledger Management

The Guardian General Ledger Management system provides financial management control of the accounting system from the generation of financial statements, to complete budgeting. The entire system is on-line and integrated with the Guardian Accounts Payables, Accounts Receivables, and Order Entry Systems.

Features Include:

  • Multiple company
  • Variable fiscal periods
  • Account number text for detailed description of accounts
  • Complete budgeting
  • Separate budgeting parameters for each account
  • Fixed and variable budgeting
  • Ability to roll budget model into active system
  • Post journal by date range or individual journal
  • Manual and automatic journal entries
  • Future and prior period entry options
  • Inquiry to all detailed transactions made against an account
  • Inquiry to monthly account balances comparing them to budget
  • Flexible financial statements
  • Integrates with the balance of the Guardian Foundry System
  • Easily integrated to non-Guaridan Systems

Human Resources Management

The Guardian Human Resources Management System is a fully featured system designed to meet the needs of your Human Resources Department.

Features Include:

  • Employee absence tracking
  • Job applicant information
  • Employee attendance
  • Employee education
  • Employee medical information
  • Job descriptions
  • Job openings
  • Employment history
  • Employee skills
  • Employee training
  • Employee turnover
  • Pay increase information
  • Employee termination information
  • Employee text available
  • Large variety of inquires and reports available
  • Interfaces with the balance of the Guardian Foundry System

Image Control Managment

The Guardian Image Control Management System allows users to display images of any part or procedure at any routing level. This step-by-step viewing provides for overall improved communications at any level.

Features Include:

  • Display either BMP or JPEG images
  • Images can be associated with any function within Guardian- Example: core, casting, routing, sample, etc.
  • Unique screen allowing unlimited images to be related to multiple processes of a casting
  • Ablitity to provide unique name for an image and relate it to casting
  • Image scanning be accomplished through scanning, digital camera or video capture
  • User may display image without leaving Guardian System

Inventory Management

The Guardian Inventory Management Application is a comprehensive system used for controlling the movement and cost of all inventories with your company. Integrated, system-wide supply/demand visibility provides rapid targeted responses to management analysis.

Features Included:

  • Inventory transfers between plant and bin locations
  • Complete audit trail for all inventory movement
  • System calculated EOQ, ROP, safety stock, ARM and target levels
  • ABC classifications
  • Tag identification
  • Lot traceability
  • Cycle counting
  • Physical inventory system
  • Multiple costing methods for inventory valuation inquiries into inventory by item and location
  • Detailed time phased inventory inquiry reflecting on-hand, on-order and expected shipments
  • Fully integrated with balance of Guardian Foundry System

Job Costing

The Guardian Foundry Job Costing Management system is a comprehensive system used for controlling job costs within your company.

Features Include:

  • Real-Time Reporting by:
    • Material
    • Labor
    • Overhead Cost
  • Variance Reporting by:
    • Work Center
    • Product
    • Operation
    • Job

Variety of Costing Reports Available.

Pattern and Die Management

The Guardian Pattern and Die Management System is a comprehensive system used for controlling the requirements of Patterns and Dies within your company. Integrated with the Scheduling Management System, the Pattern and Die Management system provides rapid targeted information for management analysis.

Features Include:

  • Ability to classify by pattern and die by type
  • Ability to track ownership information
  • Define specific pattern and die characteristics such as loose piece count, changed pice count, builder, dated pattern, etc.
  • Core and core mask requirement definitions
  • Pattern and die location within a warehouse
  • Ability to track repair and maintenance movement
  • Instructional text available on pattern and die

Planning and Scheduling Management

The Guardian Planning and Scheduling Management System provides the means for improving on time delivery performance, allowing you to zero in on capacity requirements, meet due dates and make adjustments as necessary.

Features Include:

  • Definable shop calendar with non-work days indication ability
  • Ability to plan in an infinite planning environment
  • Allows for modifying of load and immediately viewing impact at a workcenter and department level
  • Ability to dispatch workcenters and departments
  • Monitor tooling requirements per schedule
  • Interface capabilities to third party scheduling tools
  • Timeline chart available on production orders by specific sales order
  • Monitor production orders without activity
  • Large variety of inquires and reports available

Process Control Management

The Guardian Process Control Management System provides the necessary data tracking and retrieval processes of proven procedures that meet your specific requirements for optimizing casting yields and properties.

Features Included:

  • Capture unique process information such as:
    • Pouring
    • Molding
    • Blasting
    • Grinding
    • Inspection
    • Core making
    • Finishing
    • Heat-treatomg
  • Capture unique information regarding specific pouring methodologies
    • Hunter
    • Disa-matic
    • No Bake
    • Plaster
    • Permanent Mold
  • Printed process sheets individually or in groups
  • Inquires and Reports Available
  • Integrated with the balance of Guardian Foundry System

Production Management

The Guardian Production Management System is an all-inclusive manufacturing control system designed specifically for the routing, scheduling, costing and tracking of castings manufactured on the shop floor.

Features Include:

  • Create multiple production orders for a single sales order
  • Define either due date or start date with automatic forward or backward scheduling
  • Create production order in a pending status
  • Log scrap at the process level
  • Create re-work production orders
  • Create special expedited production orders
  • Modify material required for production order
  • Modify labor operations planned for the production order
  • Modify tool planned for production order
  • Modify specification planned for production order
  • Post partial receipts against production order
  • Modify due date or start date on production order by operation
  • Instructional text available on production orders
  • Print production order with bar coding and imaging

Purchasing Management

The Guardian Purchasing Management System Module is a comprehensive system that allows you to quickly and easily maintain vendors, vendor items, requisitions, purchase orders and order history. When utilized fully, the Guardian Purchasing Management system provides for improvement of material status and reduction of inventory costs. Integrated with Guardian’s Inventory Management and Accounts Payable Management Systems, your company’s Procurement Management needs is handled easily.

Features Include:

  • Multiple warehouse and multiple stocking locations within a warehouse
  • Purchase requisitions
  • Ability to automatically turn requisition into purchase orders
  • Ability to select among vendors on an item and automatically generate purchase order
  • Multiple purchase order text types
  • Blanket purchase orders
  • Stock and non-stock purchases
  • On-line printing of Purchase Orders
  • Track Purchase Orders by job/account number
  • Vendor Performance Analysis
  • Three step receiving process - on the dock, inspected and stocked
  • Multiple on-line inquires by vendor, item and purchase order
  • Remote printing capability allow printing of purchase order in purchasing department
  • Integrates with balance of Guardian Foundry System

Quotation Managment

The Guardian Quotation Management System allows you to easily generate and track Quotation requests from receipt through order placement.

Features Include:

  • Allows for creation of quote document to be forwarded to prospective client
  • Due date capability to monitor quotes and dates to send quotes to prospect
  • Customer not required in master file to forward quote
  • Quote cross-reference ability
  • Lead-time for both samples and product
  • Accommodates tooling changes as well as description of tooling requirement
  • Standard messages to help eliminate repetitive keying
  • Multiple quantity Breaks with pricing
  • Casting revision number on quotation line for cross-reference
  • Multiple lines, up to 98 different castings on a single quote
  • Instructional text available on quotes
  • Tracking of probability of sale
  • Large variety of inquiries and reports available
  • Fully integrated with Estimate Management System as well as with Sales Order Management System

Sales Order Management

The Guardian Customer Management System is an integrated system that assists you in maintaining customer master records along with customer specific pricing information.

Features Include:

  • Extensive customer master record including email, website, fax number, etc.
  • Ability to define over ship and under ship percentages per customer
  • User-definable fields for any unique requirements
  • Multiple ship to addresses for each customer
  • Multiple text types for each customer
  • Multiple contact records for each customer
  • Pricing information specific to customer including salesman, current price, next price, last quote number, quantity price breaks
  • Specific salesman and commission percentage available per customer per part with commission expiration date
  • Ability to indicate surcharge per customer per part

The Guardian Sales Order Management System provides complete order entry and inquiry capabilities along with credit management, returns processing and shipping management.

Features Include:

  • Multiple lines available per sales order
  • Override capabilities of standard customer information on sales order
  • Ability to print sales orders individually or as a group
  • On-line credit checking - exceeding credit limit or credit terms
  • Error messages indicating average order quantity has been exceeded or minimum order quantity not met
  • Multiple release dates for a single blanket order
  • Cross-reference to customer casting number
  • Invoice generated automatically as a result of shipping feedback
  • Large variety of inquiries and reports available
  • Credit memo processing with returns document
  • Shipping information allows for additional charges including freight and other types
  • Shipping system allows for indicating of casting serial numbers shipped
  • Ability to change status from open to closed or vice-versa

The Guardian Sales History Management System allows you access and utilize historical sales, customer and profit data for future planning.

Features Include:

  • Tracking of daily sales
  • Monitoring of order margins
  • Shipments by product code information available
  • Detailed information by salesperson
  • Profit analysis by customer
  • Profit analysis by alloy
  • Reports include both dollars and tons
  • Order performance by customer date requested
  • Order performance by customer date promised
  • Customer ranking reports

Scrap Control Management

The Guardian Scrap Control Management System is a comprehensive system used for controlling Scrap and Rework within your company. Integrated with the Production Management System, the Scrap Control Management system provides rapid targeted information for Scrap and Rework analysis.

Features Include:

  • Unlimited number of user definable scrap codes
  • Multiple scrap codes on process operations for production reporting
  • Time sensitivie scrap reporting by:
    • Casting
    • Reason Code
    • Customer
    • Work Center
    • Employee

Shipping and Receiving Management

The Guardian Shipping and Receiving Management System is a complete set of tools which will allow you to track the flow of goods in and out of your facility.

Guardian shipping functions provide shipping feedback for automatic invoice generation, thus completing the final stages of the selling cycle. It allows access and utilizes historical sales order shipment activity and performance for future planning needs.

Features Include:

  • Ability to validate line items on existing sales orders and ship against those lines as either a full shipment or a partial shipment
  • Ability to assign a serial number to part number at time of shipment
  • Integrates with Inventory to update on-hand balances
  • Tracking of carrier information
  • Tracking of additional charges
  • Ability to ship multiple open sales order line items on the same shipment
  • Capability to print regular and AIAG Labels
  • Capability to print Packing List and Bill of Lading
  • Large variety of inquires and reports available
  • Fully integrated with Sales Order Management, Inventory and Accounts Receivables

Guardian Receiving functions provides a three step process for purchase order material receipts - on the dock, inspection, and stocking. Once materials are received, their movement can be tracked to a storeroom location or the work order on the shop floor.

Work Order receiving is a one step process. As Work in Process is received in, Guardian automatically puts it into Finished Goods Inventory. Management can access and utilize this information to effectively plan and manage production operations.

Features Include:

  • Option of connectivity to scale device for quantity and weight input
  • Bin locations can be used when stocking in material
  • Items can be flagged for inspection upon receipt
  • Ability to reject materials being received in
  • Rejection codes available to track for incoming material
  • Ability to receive work in process and add them to Finished Good Inventory
  • Large variety of inquires and reports available
  • Fully integrated with the Purchasing Management module, Inventory Management Module and Accounts Payable Module

Time and Attendance Mangagement

The Guardian Foundry Time and Attendance Management System facilitates timely and accurate reporting of employee daily attendance. Integrated with the Data Collection Management System, management has a single tool to monitor employee efficiency and utilization.

Features Include:

  • Eliminated need for separate attendance software package
  • Default Start and Quit Times per plant/department/shift/employee
  • Override capabilities for overtime hours allowed per employee
  • Definable standard calendar for holiday and weekend blocking
  • Employee vacation tracking
  • Ability to print bar-coded employee badges
  • Reconciles with data collection management system

Tool and Gage Management

The Guardian Tool Management System is a comprehensive system used for controlling the requirements of tools and fixtures within your company. Integrated with the Scheduling Management System, the Tool Management System provides rapid targeted information for management analysis.

Features Include:

  • Multiple Tool References by Production Process
  • Tool Requirements Integrated with Scheduling Management System
  • Tool Location within a Warehouse
  • Ability to Track Ownership Information
  • Where-Used Cross-Reference Available
  • Tool on Hold Reporting
  • Instructional Text Available on Tool

The Guardian Gage Management System is a comprehensive system used for controlling the requirements of Inspection Gages and Fixtures within your company. Integrated with the Scheduling Management System, the Gage Management System provides rapid targeted information for management analysis.

Features Include:

  • Define Recaliabration Method by Quantity, Date, or Both
  • Recording of Last Recalibration Date
  • Multiple Gage References by Production Process
  • Gage Requirement Integrated with Scheduling Management System
  • Gage Location within a Warehouse
  • Ability to Track Ownership Information
  • Where-Used Cross-Reference Available
  • Gage on Hold Reporting
  • Instructional Text Available on Gage

Touch Screen Data Collection Module

The Touch Screen Data Collection Module allows the use of a touch screen to be added to your hardware configuration thus improving the speed at which operators may enter data.

This eliminates the need for a keyboard on the plant floor.

WIFI Interface Module

The WIFI Interface Module eliminates the need to be connected to a personnel computer thus allowing you the freedom of mobility.

Runs on any palm pilot.

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