MRP Plus

A materials resource planning system designed by Horizon Software.

About MRP Plus

Horizon Software, Inc. is proud to present ýMRP Plusý, a complete, integrated, graphical ERP software package specifically designed for manufacturers.

MRP Plus provides you with solutions to most common business Issues; Material Shortages, High Inventories, Substandard Quality, Inadequate Customer Service, Poor Productivity and Inferior Cash Management.

Designed to run on the Windows 95, 98, NT and 2000 operating systems, MRP Plus was built from the ground up using Microsoft’s Access.

MRP Plus comes complete with 19 modules! Modules included with MRP Plus are; Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Bills Of Material, Budgeting, Capacity Planning / Routing, Costing, ECO, General Ledger, Inventory Control, Invoicing, MRP, Physical Inventory, Purchasing, Quoting, Sales Analysis, Sales Order Processing, Shop Floor Control and Work Order Control.

The MRP Plus web site is the quickest way to learn more about MRP Plus. You can overview the package features, or download the latest interactive demo and concepts manual, to further assist in evaluating MRP Plus.

In addition, get the latest information about ýGUSSý (graphical user scheduling system), Data Warehousing, and MRP Plus Enterprise.


MRP Plus is delivered with a comprehensive Implementation Guide, designed to help you plan and achieve successful system implementation.

In addition, we offer our Assured Success Program (ASP). This program is specially designed to take a company from purchase to live in the quickest and most efficient manner.


MRP Plus comes with 90-day telephone support for problem resolution. Our trained support staff will answer your questions and keep you moving toward your goal of getting live.

Continuing telephone support is available at reduced rates for companies subscribing to the MRP Plus maintenance agreement.


Upgrades are provided at no charge for companies with MRP Plus Maintenance Agreement (There may be an integration charge for custom modified versions). When an upgrade becomes available, it is automatically sent to you. Documentation highlighting new features, enhancements and fixes are also included.


Realizing that MRP Plus can’t be all things to all companies we offer customization services with our product. If your company needs a special report, fields added to a screen or a process changed our staff of programmers are up to the task.

Also, user developed add-ins can be seamlessly integrated within the MRP Plus product framework.


Our new instructor-lead web-based training is designed to educate the MRP Plus user in the most cost-effective manner possible! The training is limited to a 3-hour session, 3 days a week. This reduces time away from you daily activities and eliminates travel expenses.

Classroom and on-site training are also available.


MRP Plus is a complete ERP system designed to run your company. All the tools necessary from training, through implementation, support, customization and upgrades are available from one organizational source.

Our organization is committed to helping your company have success with MRP Plus. We provide the trained staff, facilities and tools necessary to insure a successful implementation.

Accounts Payable

Features Include:

  • Reconciles invoices with purchase orders
  • Posts variances between purchase orders and invoices
  • Supports partial payments
  • Pay multiple invoices with one check
  • Calculates discounts allowed
  • Has special payments codes for holds and priority payments
  • Payment Inquiry for unpaid and paid invoices
  • Payment History kept (length determined by user)

Accounts Receivable

Features Include:

  • Prints an aging of accounts receivable
  • Accepts cash for multiple invoices or on-account
  • Interfaces with sales orders processing for credit checks
  • Prepares customer statements
  • Inquiry for payment history
  • Inquiry for check distribution
  • Supports multiple cash accounts

Bills of Material

Features Include:

  • Maintains Inventory Master File provisions for several planning codes
  • Maintains Product Structure File provisions for lead time offset, scrap planning, and substitutes
  • Multiple Inquiries such as single level, multi-level, where used, multi-level where used
  • Copy Bill procedure speeds entry of similar bills of material

Capacity Planning/Routing

Features Include:

  • Work Centers support by labor, fixed and variable burden rates. Provisions for move and queue times
  • Standard Operations are maintained with time study notations
  • Copy Routing procedure speeds entry of like routers
  • Work Center where used information
  • Capacity Graphs quickly show bottlenecks and under utilized work center capacity
  • Optionally Plan Lead Time based on routing steps


Features Include:

  • Supports 3 costing methods standard, average and last
  • Support for 6 cost components- Material, Labor, Outplant, Fixed Burden, Variable Burden, Material Burden
  • Details cost by work order including material, labor, burden and outplant
  • Calculates and posts variances for material, labor, burden and outplant
  • Rolls up labor, burden and outplant costs from routings for calculation of part costing
  • Calculates material costs using bill of material
  • Work Order Summary report details both summary and detailed costing information showing variances to standards
  • Tracks Work In Process value
  • Export statements to Excel

Engineering Change Orders

Tracks Engineering Change Request:

  • Urgency
  • Savings expected
  • Costs expected
  • Responsibility
  • Approval

Tracks Engineering Change Order:

  • Costs
  • Charge to responsibility
  • Disposition of parts

Maintains Effectivity Date Change for Components in a Bill of Material:

  • Start date of change
  • Stop date of change

Bill of Material Provides For:

  • Reference designators
  • Item number/balloon number
  • Comments for each product structure record
  • Lead time offset
  • Effectivity date change control

General Ledger

Features Include:

  • Fiscal periods user defined
  • User defined chart of account format
  • Manual journal entries accepted
  • Audit trails by date, by type and by account
  • Supports both detailed and summary trial balances
  • On-line Inquires show both summary and detailed transactions

Inventory Transactions

Features Include:

  • Issue To Work Orders by exception (explode/deduct)
  • Unplanned Issues supported
  • On-Line Transaction History complete with historical quantity on-hand
  • Warehouse / Location / Lot option for each part number
  • Ability To Issue inventory to a general ledger account


Features Include:

  • Flexible Generation. Choose which shipments to invoice. Accounting and invoice dates may be different from system date. Optionally hold back invoices for orders that have not been priced (zero invoices)
  • On-line History. Used for detailed inquiry or reprint of invoices
  • Pre-Invoicing. Allows for billing of an order in part or whole before shipment. Report on revenue schedules from pre-invoicing

Master Scheduling

Features Include:

  • Sales Forecasts may be used. Sales Orders consume the forecast
  • Master Schedules supersede sales forecasts
  • Planned Component Requirements may be changed on a per plan basis
  • Rough Cut graphs load on work centers so a plan can meet feasibility

Material Requirement Planning

Features Include:

  • Pegging and Multi-Level Pegging supported for each part number
  • Net Change or Regenerative processing of MRP
  • Shrinkage by Part and Scrap by BOM calculations built in to MRP generation
  • Optionally Converts Plans To Work Orders while allowing manual changes to quantities and dates. Also combines two or more plans into one work order
  • Creates Tickler inquiries for purchased and manufactured parts
  • Optionally Tie Plans to sales orders (each sales order becomes a plan) for traditional job shops

Purchase Order Control

Features Include:

  • Detailed vendor profile is maintained
  • Multiple plants profiles can be established for a vendor
  • Allows entry of purchase orders
  • Multiple items and deliveries are supported per purchase order
  • Tracks outplant operations on work orders
  • Optionally purchase material directly to a work order
  • Cut purchase orders for stock, outplant or miscellaneous items
  • Purchase commitments aging available
  • Has on-line inquiry of purchase order status
  • Supports purchasing in any unit of measure with conversion factor
  • Purchase line items may be manually closed
  • Past Due worksheets are available by part number or vendor. Each support buyer notes and the ability to change due dates and/or quantities
  • Vendor Web Sites can be accessed through past due worksheets
  • Archives purchase orders and keeps vital delivery statistics
  • Optionally code receipts for inspection
  • Reopens purchase order when deliveries are rejected. Purchase order remains closed if items are scrapped
  • Supports unplanned receipts
  • Maintains an average and last cost for receipted parts
  • Ordered history inquiry available. Shows vendor, quantity, and pricing information for a part number
  • Ties receiver records to accounts payable for reconciliation

Sales Analysis

Features Include:

  • Maintains Data. Current Year and prior year kept in same table for quick and easy report generations
  • Prior Years. Data is kept organized in a dedicated table for each sales year
  • Tracks Multiple Measures. Sales, units and cost are summarized for bookings and invoices. Kept by company, customer, ship-to, salesman, rep, product family, and product number. Detail for each sales order is kept as a function of sales detail history
  • Several Canned Reports. Top sales, backlog, customer detail/summary, and product detail/summary are just some of the pre-defined reports
  • Custom Reports. Create custom reports with third party tools such as MS Access, MS Excel, Crystal Reports or others

Sales Order Processing

Features Include:

  • Separate Customer and Ship-To Entry. Supports and tracks sales by customer or ship-to number. Also maintains a master bill-to number scheme for centralized billing
  • On-line Lookups. Access customer information by almost any criteria, ship-to by drop-down list
  • Customizable Pricing. Set up and maintain price tables by product, customer, customer class, product class or combination of above. Also allows for specials, good only until a drop-dead date
  • Ease Of Use Stressed During Order Entry. Check available to promise inventory levels. Make one-time changes to ship-to address information. Add miscellaneous charges per part number or add additional charges as a line item. Allows for multiple deliveries per item
  • Credit Checks Thorough and Effective. Checks for limit and number of open invoices. Allows orders to be placed on credit hold or allowed to bypass check altogether
  • Paper Flow. Optionally prints acknowledgements, shiplists and delivery tickets
  • Notes. Supports separate special instructions from bill-to and ship-to. Free form internal notes follow an order through it’s cycle
  • Credit and Debit Memos. Reference to an invoice or stand alone. Provision for return to stock
  • Real Time Interface. Production planning, accounts receivable, and general ledger
  • History. Archived in on-line history files to keep current order file running at peak performance
  • Interface with EDI. Download releases and/or send advanced ship notices

Shop Floor Control

Features Include:

  • Produces a shop packet including picklist and route sheet
  • Supports forward or backward scheduling of work orders
  • On-line dispatch list and detailed status of work orders are available
  • Detailed and summary work center loads are available
  • Time collection may be captured either on shop floor or by timecard entry

Work Order Control

Features Include:

  • Optionally Manually Open Work Orders and optionally tie them to a sales order
  • Allow One Time Changes to bills of material and routing
  • Paper Flow. Print Routing and Pick Lists
  • Reports and Inquires such as manufacturing tickler, shortage listing and work order status

Product Overview

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