A multi-module management system designed by Infotech Systems for distribution/wholesale trade and manufacturing companies.


Infotech Systems Inc. has been implementing AMICS or Advanced Manufacturing and inventory control software since 1996. We provide inventory control solutions with and without bar code solutions and integrate to other accounting packages. We offer “on premise” and “on the cloud” solutions.

Infotech Systems is committed to provide a total solution that includes – Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) software, data conversion, training, implementation, consulting and custom solutions. Our excellent technical support and training adds significant value to our total solution. We take pride in providing excellent after sales support and training.

We can get you up and running in record time:

  • Powerful and extremely easy to use screens – AMICS offers you consistently designed screens. This will reduce training time to a minimum. Train your users on one screen and they are well trained on all other screens.
  • Implementation – Our team of experts will understand your business work flow and recommend the best way to use our software. We work with you to provide the best implementation.
  • Data conversion – We offer data conversion services by closely working with your implementation team to convert your existing data in to AMICS.
  • Training – Once the data is converted, we will provide on-site or remote training as needed.
  • After sales support – Our support services will go beyond your expectations. Our knowledgeable staff understands your business requirements and match our software features that will best fit your business. If a feature is not available at the current time, we will be glad to provide a customized proposal to meet such requirements. We are there for you – today and in future for several years to come.

Choose from our range of products to control inventory and manage assets -

  • Standalone inventory
  • Manufacturing Control Software (Assembly, Process, Jobs) - “Made to Stock” or “Made to Order”
  • Warehouse Management System
  • Government Asset with DD1149, DD250 and other special forms for projects
  • Add bar code option to any of the above

Track serialized, non-serialized, lot or batch numbers.

We take our standard product and customize to fit your specific requirements. We provide software, hardware, training and custom solutions.

Our software solutions are applied in different sectors – Aerospace, Engineering, Manufacturing and Production, Assembly, Process mixtures with ingredients, Government serial numbers and tag numbers and more &

Advanced Work Orders

  • Add routing steps to work orders
  • Setup work areas such as “Machining”, “Welding” and “Painting” and operations performed in each work area
  • Track step by step operations of the product being made
  • Attach budget time to every step
  • Optionally add time sheet feature to track actual time consumed in every operation
  • Track budget vs actuals for every operation performed
  • Run reports for the work order or for area of operation
  • We help in customizing to your needs

Engineering Feature

  • Maintain multi-level engineering bill of materials, attach drawings to part numbers and pull proper revision of drawing with purchase orders and work orders
  • View the BOM in a tree view format
  • Run reports – Indented BOM, Summarized BOM, Where Used, End-item where used and more
  • Maintain supplier and manufacturer part numbers in addition to internal part number
  • Maintain Approved Vendor List and approved date and mark certain suppliers as key supplier
  • Attach unlimited notes for engineering change orders, quality control notes and more
  • Attach unlimited number of pictures for every part number
  • Maintain customer pricing by item types or by levels
  • Optionally add routing steps for manufacturing work orders
  • View purchase orders and work orders associated with a specific part number
  • Use the “Can I build It?” feature to view what you can build with your available inventory without creating any order – Extremely useful
  • Use the transaction log report for “Parts Traceability” and history of transaction
  • Print bar code labels

Government Projects

  • Maintain Project and contract information
  • Crete separate project number for GFE items and receive inventory
  • Transfer inventory between projects and track them
  • Create purchase orders and work orders directly for project
  • Segregate project inventory
  • Run Project inventory value report
  • Track project budget and expenses
  • Allocate material for project
  • Generate open order reports
  • Use the transaction log report (TLR) for “Parts Traceability” and history of transactions

Inventory Control

  • Simple inventory or track with batch or lot numbers or with serial and tag numbers
  • One or more warehouses with multiple alphanumeric locations. Supports invalid locations such as “Inspection”, “On Hold” and more. Ideal for manufacturing inventory
  • Project specific inventory in separate warehouse with no co-mingling of project parts
  • Track inventory issued to personnel
  • Allocate inventory and calculate available inventory for re-order report
  • Maintain supplier cost and customer pricing for individual part number
  • Cycle count, min/max and re-order reports
  • Bar code labels and scanning supported


  • Maintain Job information and easily create parts ordered on job
  • Create work orders immediately for job and allocate material
  • Create PO for outside operations such as “Anodizing” and “Heat Treating”
  • Purchase material for job and link PO to job
  • Track job “Budget Vs Actuals”
  • Generate open order reports
  • Run Work order material shortage report and more

Mixtures and Ingredients Feature

  • Enter ingredients with their formulas
  • Use work orders to make mixtures
  • Receive the finished goods and maintain batch number and expiration dates
  • Optionally add routing steps for manufacturing work orders
  • Allocate material
  • Print bar code labels
  • Use the transaction log report for “Parts Traceability” and history of transaction


  • Maintain Project information and enter project related items only
  • Enter project items and view shipments easily
  • Create purchase orders and work orders directly for project
  • Segregate project inventory
  • Track project budget and expenses
  • Allocate material for project
  • Generate open order reports

Purchase Order

  • Create Purchase Orders for raw material, jobs, projects, outside operations and services
  • Print drawing with proper revision and other related documents with purchase order
  • Create PO directly or from other areas – Project screen, Re-order report and more
  • E-Mail PO to suppliers
  • Receive material using desktop screens or using a bar code reader
  • Receive batch or lot numbers with expiration dates
  • Receive serial and tag numbers easily with or without bar code
  • Attach receiving documents to PO – PDF, word and excel
  • Generate open order reports for production meeting

Sales Order

  • Maintain Customer Orders
  • Enter orders and view shipments easily
  • Email Order confirmation
  • Pick and Pack process
  • Ship Lot and serial numbers with and without bar code readers
  • Create purchase orders and work orders directly from sales order
  • Allocate material
  • Generate open order reports

Work Order

The Work Order module is a complete manufacturing management system. This product allows you to convert sales orders to work orders, showing all materials and their respective quantities to be used. Upon completions you can assign serial numbers, batch numbers or lot numbers as needed. Integration into the Sales Orders module will allow you to setup the automatic creation of work orders. Additionally you can allocate inventory items to specific projects and move inventory from warehouse to work in progress. You are also able to material charge inventory to WO, and received finished goods inventory to the stockroom. All work orders can have a customizable title, and have additional information attached to it (e.g. documents, images, drawings, etc.) All reports can be displayed, printed or e-mailed.

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