INTEGRA e-business

A full ERP system designed by JBM Logic.

About INTEGRA e-business

INTEGRA is a powerful integrated accounting, ERP, MRP and e-commerce software solution on the leading edge of technology. This multi-language, multi currency and multi-location Internet ready software was developed using forth generation programming language tools, (Oracle Developer/2000). Integra is the basis for detailed reporting and analysis activities with tight integration to Excel for reporting purposes and the 300 plus native reports.

INTEGRA is also a REAL E-business application, being Internet ready on installation with an E-commerce catalogue module. If the definition of E-business is seamless full integration to back end systems with mission critical security, Integra really is the ONLY E-business software application available today.Integra is the only ERP accounting software that runs on the Internet, all the screens and reports in your Web browser.

INTEGRA also enables the integration of third party software packages and runs on over 80 platforms in a thin client environment. The available modules are:

  • System Manager and Parameter Configuration
  • General Ledger - Fund Allocation (Budget tracking)
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Order Entry and Invoicing
  • E-Business Catalogue
  • Inventory Management (Inventory control)
  • Management of Inventory Codification
  • Purchasing
  • Point of Sale - Retail - Hospitality
  • Sales Price Management
  • Job Cost, Maunfacturing and Bill of Material
  • Manufacturing Quotation and Estimation
  • Work Flow Management
  • Time Control
  • Document Management
  • Time Control Server
  • Job Cost Terminal Server (To run data entry equipment: Bar Code, Scanner…)

Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable module provides robust accounting features to streamline the entire cash-flow process and help save money. The Accounts Payable powerful library of accounting and reporting features facilitates rapid entry of vendor invoices while seamlessly managing flexible cash disbursement and full check reconciliation.

Accounts Receivable

The Accounts Receivable (A/R) module manages customers and fine-tunes customer relations by keeping track of important sales information and outstanding balances. Use the A/R powerful feature to group customer invoices paid from a single location. A/R also allows easy cash application to outstanding invoices. It also integrates with the bank reconciliation module.

Document Management

The Document module allows any electronic file to be attached to any record in the system: faxes, contracts, MSDS sheets, spreadsheets, images, orders and other critical justification items. Most importantly, the documents you need for compliance or conflict resolution are in the system - associated with the appropriate record.

General Ledger

The foundation of your accounting system. Its built-in flexibility meets your current and future financial needs. You can customize it to satisfy your needs by using the many tools in the system including a built-in financial report writer that provides a timely picture of fiscal activities. The General Ledger is fully integrated to all other modules and is the key to maximizing the efficiency and accuracy of your financial data.

Inventory Management

The Inventory Control module offers integrated multi-location, multi-bin and location-specific Min/Max inventory management. Inventory Control manages stock levels and processes inventory receipts, shipments, returns and adjustments, providing extensive screen query and reporting functions to give detailed, current information about quantities, prices, item movement and sales history, crucial for effective inventory management regardless of business size.

Management of Inventory Codification

This module enables complete, correct, systematic product name and description generation. You select your product category. The system then asks questions, offers multiple choices and when completed, the product code is created and your descriptions are created in a standardized format. Our latest addition allows you to attach a function to create a Bill of Materials, dynamically generated, by these questions.

Manufacturing Quotation and Estimation

Managing your time, materials and providing accurate estimates is key to any buisness. The Quotation Module from INTEGRA helps you estimate time and materials requirements, creating reports that are basis of simple or complex customer quotations.

Order Entry and Invoicing

Order Entry enables the entry of both orders and sales returns, and handles invoicing and tracking needs. It also prints invoices, credit notes, order confirmations, picking slips and shipping labels. This module also integrates batch picking, with wave picking and priority-sorted pick to help you prepare these important customer shipments based on your business process.

Point of Sale

An easy-to-use graphical user environment helps employees spend more time with clients and less time entering data. The Point of Sales module integrates to the latest hardware: 80-line display, cash drawer, 40- column printer and bar code readers, to offer a true turnkey PC-based Point of Sales solution. This module supports lay-away, multiple payments, return and exchange.


When combined with Accounts Payable, Inventory Control, Order Entry, and Manufacturing, the Purchase Order module provides a comprehensive, integrated purchasing system. By using the advanced purchase scheduling feature you can ensure none of your critical inputs are out-of-stock. Drill down from any PO to all related documents.

Sales Price Management

The Sales Price module helps organizations configure customer-pricing requirements to suit specific needs. From individualized price lists per customer and categories of customers, per product, per segment such as color, size or model, to discount lists per product category, per quantity, per client and/or category of clients, the matrix allows easy access and maximum flexibility.

System Manager

Manages all system-wide operations, with over 600 parametric controls that allow you to modify menus for user groups, control access and security, manage taxes and currency exchange, define transport types and rates, create an organization chart, perform bank reconciliation and a host of other system control activities.

Time Control

This module enables data compilation of all work done by employees to generate time reports. An export module to various pay (driver for TD bank and ADP) systems is also available to eliminate double data entry.

Time Control Server

This module runs on a dedicated PC and takes control of a time data-entry terminal linking a serial interface to the server. In this way, all chronological information is fed real-time to the Time Control Module. Validation is done live and feedback is provided on the terminal.

Work Flow Management

The Restriction and Approval module provides the control and application of business rules by triggers based on events and user rules and permissions. With business rules predefined and configured, the system assumes control and initiates a message advising of the next step, i.e. awaiting managers approval. The system then forwards the transaction to the user, resource or equipment with the appropriate authority, as established in the rule. If the transaction diverges from the rule, the transaction will await the approval or rejection from the user with the appropriate level of security and authority.

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