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A full ERP system designed by Kernel Software.

About Kernel Software

The most complete Kernel package to date including batch traceability, POS, sizes-shapes-colours and many more industry specific requirements as well as the normal Accounting and Management functionality that you would expect.

Job Costing

Kernel Job Costing is designed to give comprehensive information for companies involved in any form of contract work. It is fully integrated to other modules (e.g. Quotations, Sales Ledger, Stock Control etc.)

Features Include:

  • Unlimited no. of jobs catered for
  • Integrated with other Kernel Modules
  • Transactions can be retained for as long as required
  • Comprehensive analysis available, in detail and summary
  • Automatic creation of Invoice / Job from an accepted quotation
  • Multiple search options
  • Generation of Progress payments
  • Material and labour analyzed separately
  • Entry of cheques can automatically generate Vat invoices

Nominal Ledger

The heart of Kernel Software is the Nominal Ledger. It is fully multi-company with full integration from the subsidiary ledgers. Postings to the ledger are handled in a number of ways. Apart from the normal Journal entries, the system can automate regular monthly journals as well as accruals and prepayments.

Features Include:

  • On-Line Enquiry Facilities.
  • Account Balances.
  • Drill down on account balances to posting details.
  • Budgets.
  • Profit & Loss Account.
  • Balance Sheet.
  • Extensive facilities include the following.
  • 10 Character alpha-numeric account.
  • 10 Character alpha-numeric cost centre code.
  • 30 Character account name.
  • Multiple Cost Centre structure.
  • Integrate with Sales Ledger.
  • Integrate with Purchase Ledger.
  • General Journals
  • Reversing Journals.
  • Recurring Journals.
  • Cheque Journals.
  • Trial Balance.
  • Wide range of reports.
  • Retain historic transactions.
  • Audit-Flow.

Purchase Ledger

The Purchase Ledger stores comprehensive information on suppliers. It provides the facilities to manage cash flow by controlling payments to suppliers and analyzing expenditure in a detailed manner. The Ledger has a note facility, attached to each supplier, which may be used to record supplier information, delivery details etc.

Features Include:

  • Supplier balances - drill down to detail line level. When an individual account is selected, it is possible to view the total on each transaction and on selection of an individual transaction to view the detail invoice lines.
  • Period movements on the ledger, broken down by document, may be viewed on screen by selecting the Ledger Control facility.
  • Total indebtedness to suppliers.
  • 10 Character alpha-numeric account code.
  • 35 Character account name.
  • Invoice, Credit Note, and adjustment entries.
  • Multi-currency Special Prices facilities.
  • Full reporting in local currency and foreign currency.
  • Currency Exchange reporting - automatic calculation of gain / loss.
  • Credit Limit checking.
  • Flagging of invoices in dispute.
  • Settlement discounts.
  • Integrated with Purchase Ordering module.
  • Transactions retained as long as you wish.
  • Aged Analysis reporting.
  • Remittance advices.
  • Automatic payment and cheque printing.
  • Memo pad facility.
  • Sophisticated cash allocation methods.
  • Integrated with the Nominal Ledger.
  • Audit Flow – User, Date, Time.

Purchase Ordering

This module provides powerful facilities to process purchase orders in a wide variety of ways. It is completely integrated with the Purchase and the Stock Control modules.

Features Include:

  • Drill down all transactions to line level.
  • All Transaction types are user defined
  • Automatic adjustment of stock levels when goods are received
  • Hold free format text on each stock code for each supplier
  • Print on the Purchase Order any special instructions
  • View outstanding orders by supplier
  • View outstanding orders by stock code
  • View all orders outstanding
  • Display Purchase Order value in home and foreign currency
  • Recall orders by the required by date
  • Match Goods Received Notes against multiple orders
  • Match Invoices against multiple orders
  • Security down to each menu item
  • Formal authorization on each Purchase Order if required
  • Audit-Flow – User, Date, Time


Kernel Quotations allows for fast entry and calculations of quotations. Once a quote is accepted, it can be automatically updated to a Sales Order .

Features Include:

  • Potential and existing customers catered for.
  • Integrated with Sales Ledger.
  • Facility for discounts/pricing structures.
  • Search options for any string of text.
  • History can be retained as long as required.
  • Automatic creation of a sales Order/Job from quotation.
  • No limit on the number of detail lines.
  • Integrated with kernel stock file
  • User defined layout for quotation form
  • Facility to copy existing quotations
  • Reprint of quotations at any time

Sales Ledger

The most important function within any organization is the accurate recording of customers details and transactions. Kernel Sales Ledger is designed to enable the user to track every customers account and to produce reports to enable effective control of debtors and cash management.

Features Include:

  • 10 Character alpha-numeric account code.
  • 35 Character account name.
  • 10 Customer analysis fields
  • Multi Currency
  • 6 Selling Price Lists
  • Open item and Balance forward statements
  • Credit Limit Checking on document entry
  • Account on Stop facility
  • Multiple Delivery Addresses
  • Integrated customer complaint file
  • Transactions retained as long as you wish
  • User Definable statements
  • Back Order and Price Break facilities
  • Currency Exchange reporting - automatic calculation of gain / loss
  • User Definable debt collection letters
  • 2 Memo pad facilities
  • Sophisticated cash allocation methods
  • Integrated with the Nominal Ledger
  • Audit - Flow – User, Date, Time

Sales Ordering

Kernel Software offers a wide range of methods to handle the complete invoicing process. Since all invoicing type transactions are user defined, it is possible to make the system match your business needs, rather than the other way around.

Features Include:

  • Special Prices by product by customer
  • Multiple List Prices
  • Discount Pricing
  • Mixed Pricing structures
  • Uplift ‘prices’ - add a % to cost price

Stock Control

The effective control of stocks is a key element in reducing working capital and providing an improved service to customers by eliminating controllable stock-out situations.

Each stock has a memo pad facility, which may be used for a wide variety of purposes including technical specifications, special packing and associated stock items.

Facility to handle situations where stock is held in one unit but sold in another. (Stock held in kilo’s but sold in Bag)

Feature Include:

  • Full audit trail of all stock movements
  • 15 Character alpha-numeric code
  • 35 Character description & Memo pad facility
  • Multi-Location and Multi-currency
  • Integrated Bill of Materials
  • Last Cost, Average Cost, Standard Cost
  • Standard selling price & 5 Selling price lists
  • Price Breaks facility - quantity & discount
  • Nominal code - Sales and Purchases
  • Vat Rates
  • Stock transaction retained as long as you wish
  • Stock History File
  • Intrastate data facilities
  • Re-order level, re-order quantity and Lead Time
  • Bin Locations
  • Multiple reports available
  • Integrated with Sales Ordering and Purchase Ordering modules
  • Update stocks by Goods Received Notes / Purchase Invoices
  • Stock movements report and Slow Moving Stock reports
  • Import stock details from Excel, Lotus etc
  • Global price update facility
  • Audit – User, Date, Time

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