A web-based ERP system designed by KeyedIn Solutions for manufacturing companies.

About KeyedIn Manufacturing

KeyedIn Manufacturing – Smarter Software for Custom Manufacturers

KeyedIn " Manufacturing is a comprehensive web-based (Cloud) business management software solution for custom manufacturers. It combines the power of a proven, robust Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution with tools specifically designed to solve the business challenges of custom manufacturers – improving productivity, lowering costs, and increasing sales.

KeyedIn Manufacturing software provides all the management tools custom manufacturers need – from estimating to invoicing, purchasing to production management – in a single platform.

It makes extensive use of automation, so that essential transactions are generated and customized with relevant data as soon as a set stage in the process is reached. For example, just confirm that an estimate is accepted, and all the associated work orders are produced automatically.

Low Monthly Cost

Because it is delivered via the Cloud, KeyedIn Manufacturing delivers all this functionality for a low monthly cost. That means:

  • No need to invest in new hardware or software
  • No ongoing infrastructure support costs
  • No long implementation timelines

Instead, with KeyedIn Manufacturing, you can literally be up and running within days.

As a web-based solution, KeyedIn Manufacturing means your staff can access the business data they need securely anytime, anywhere, on any device.


Bring All the Information About Your Customers and Prospects Together With KeyedIn " Manufacturing Web Based Customer Relationship Management Software.

  • Manage customers and prospects
  • Task management
  • Contact Management
  • Marketing and sales analysis
  • Improved, centralized team communication


With KeyedIn " Manufacturing Cost and Price Estimating Software, You Can Create Accurate and Comprehensive Quotes in Minutes.

  • Faster, more accurate estimates
  • Easily convert estimates to sales orders
  • Copy quote and template functionality
  • Dynamic to-do lists and status reports

Quoting and estimating processes have become vital prerequisites for reducing time, costs, and errors at different levels of the production chain. The more knowledge you have about your true production costs, the more accurately you can calculate profit margins.

KeyedIn Manufacturing cost estimating software enables small and mid-sized manufacturers to calculate and provide the best prices and maintain consistency in quoting, time after time.

It allows you to see your margins in real time as you develop your estimate, so you can maximize profit – or simply verify that a new job will be viable and profitable for the business.

KeyedIn Manufacturing accommodates the needs of a large spectrum of manufacturers that depend on accurate Bills of Materials and detailed reports to streamline their operations. With KeyedIn Manufacturing, you can:

  • Produce faster, more accurate estimates

  • Easily convert estimates to sales

  • Benefit from copy and template functionality for consistency

  • Integrate with other tasks: dynamic to-do lists and status reports

Simplify Quote Creation

Whether you are estimating for a single complex item or thousands of items, KeyedIn Manufacturing provides flexibility so you can quote fast and accurately.

Users can keep a close eye on operation costs, establish component or task prices, and compare the costs of production using different machines or processes. Once you’ve decided which to use, you can then create assemblies, view history, create and email purchase orders for subcontractors, attach external documents, and calculate overall costs.

The solution is easy to use and simplifies the estimating and quoting process while helping companies reduce errors.

Job Costing

KeyedIn Manufacturing Provides Comprehensive Information About Purchasing and Production Costs and Makes It Easy to Fine Tune Quoting to Maximize Margins.

  • Increase productivity and profitability
  • Work order and product costing
  • Real-time performance feedback
  • Compare actual job cost to estimated cost


Use KeyedIn Manufacturing to Streamline Your Production Processes From the Back Office to the Shop Floor. the Real Time View Allows You to Make Smarter Use of Resources to Improve Job Scheduling.

  • Multi-level bill of materials
  • Full work order traveler
  • Engineering change and revision control
  • Lean manufacturing and inventory processes

Optimize Production – Manage Resources and Automate Simple Steps With KeyedIn’s MRP Software

Many manufacturers are still working with different systems that require double entry – duplicating effort and increasing the risk of manual error. In response, they introduce labor-intensive processes, further increasing the effort. KeyedInTM Manufacturing eliminates that whole problem. It’s a single system for the entire operation so once a task is flagged complete, it can automatically help the business move to the next stage: generating paperwork and alerts as required. So when an estimate is approved, sales orders are created; when production is finished, shipping is alerted.

That single platform also provides a single view of resource use – particularly on the shop floor. You can see exactly who is engaged on what projects, and which resources they’re using. This resource capacity planning feature means you can easily adjust staffing levels or reallocate people when there’s a delay or a deadline is approaching. The shop floor team themselves can also plan ahead more effectively, and record time and materials directly into the core system so you can be alerted immediately as you approach budget thresholds. The result? Fewer rush jobs, fewer unplanned gaps in production and a more efficient operation overall.

When costs are kept lean, your customers are happy and your business grows.


KeyedIn Manufacturing Allows You to Increase Stock Control and Enhance Supplier Relationships With Real-Time Inventory Management.

  • View purchase demand by type
  • Consolidate purchasing by vendor or location
  • Blanket Purchase Orders
  • Automatic inventory adjustment at time of receipt

Optimize your inventory turnover to protect cash. KeyedIn Manufacturing makes it easier to track on-hand quantity so you won’t find yourself short of required items once production starts or holding unnecessary inventory. It also allows more strategic inventory management, using your knowledge of upcoming jobs to negotiate better prices.


Close Sales Faster With KeyedIn Manufacturing Work Order Management Software. Reduce the Documentation Demands on Your Sales Team and Give Them More Time to Sell.

  • Automatic sales orders from estimates
  • Copy quote, sales order and template functionality
  • Work orders created directly from sales orders releases
  • Pipeline reporting and order management


With KeyedIn Manufacturing You Can Deliver Enhanced Service Every Time Any of Your Employees Interact With Your Customers.

  • Ability to view “As maintained” service and installations
  • Recurring service tickets and management of these contracts
  • Real time on line access for field technicians
  • Warranty management with the ability to setup recurring service calls and contracts


Control Every Aspect of Shipping From a Single Platform With KeyedIn " Manufacturing

  • Capability to ship product to multiple locations off of multiple sales orders
  • Track shipments
  • Communicate shipment status in real time
  • Ability to ship line items by release schedule

Product Overview

Market Focus

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Industry Focus

KeyedIn Manufacturing is designed primarily for use in the manufacturing industry.

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User Reviews of KeyedIn Manufacturing

Submitted on May 23rd, 2018 by an anonymous KeyedIn Manufacturing user.

The basic functions work reasonably well.

The Good…

The basic functions work reasonably well. It does AP, AR, cash posting, PO, inventory requisitions, estimating, inventory, sales order/work order structure, and project time entry all adequate.

The Bad…

What it doesn’t do well is that it’s a closed system. It doesn’t have kitted parts process. Doesn’t handle the project management/data management process well. The software’s core competency is in manual data entry. It does not connect to or with anything. There is a scheduling function, but it is not workable. Very limited ‘canned’ reports and is a one-size-fits-all solution (no competitive advantage for making it more efficient since any programming design changes would automatically become available for all other companies that use the software). Reporting is not accurate. Training is available at a cost to the company. Resources (other than criptic notes) are available at a cost to the company. No user support groups. Very few updates. Lengthy, cumbersome, and error prone month-end closing process. No bug fixes for known bugs (they know about them but don’t fix them).