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Agility In a New Era of Competitive Pressures

In today’s competitive marketplace, manufacturers and distributors face constant pressures to adapt, respond, and proactively manage their supply chains. Customers demand products and services tailored to their specific needs. Retail and distribution partners demand greater flexibility, short term lead times, higher availability, local stocking, and frequent replenishment. With the drive to reduce costs and improve geographic alignment to local markets, many manufacturers have moved to off-shore, near-shore, and outsourced production strategies. Internally, sales, marketing, logistics, and operations share a common need to accelerate and improve the quality of their joint planning process.

Unfortunately, most solutions in use today for medium-sized businesses or divisions of global enterprises fall short of addressing these challenges. The planning tool of choice for most operations managers continues to custom spreadsheet models maintained outside of their core execution systems. Decision-makers rely upon input from multiple data sources, reworking the output of traditional Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) processes to account for customer priorities, real-time data on material and capacity constraints, reports from manufacturing and distribution partners, and planning rules that vary across time. While the pressures for improved control, flexibility, and insight increase daily, the quality and usability of the supporting decision support tools fail to keep pace. Large or small, today’s leaders require a flexible, fast, usable, and integrated alternative.

Kineticsware Advanced Planning Solution (KAPS) delivers a comprehensive solution for planning and decision support to meet your evolving supply chain requirements, with the integration, speed, and usability you demand at all levels of your organization. KAPS offers a multi-dimensional representation of your complex supply chain, covering every location, item, resource and partner in your extended supply chain, across the entire planning time horizon. Individual users finally have the best of both worlds: the personalization, flexibility, and reporting of a spreadsheet combined with the power and speed of a model with advanced algorithms and contextual problem identification. You can define specific business rules to identify exceptions, drill immediately into a specific root cause analysis, and immediately resolve those problems with confidence. Tightly integrated with Microsoft Dynamics AX", every functional module shares a familiar look and feel, sophisticated reporting, an extensible data model, and game-changing speed. Kineticsware’s proven implementation approach drives immediate, measurable financial impact. We will work with your organization to identify the highest impact short-term project scope. Over time, you can expand your use of KAPS" across your organization and operations with minimal effort, because each module shares the same database, data model, application platform, and look and feel.

Strategy and Risk Management – concurrently evaluate the operational impact and financial risk of multiple supply chain scenarios with different supply, capacity, inventory and demand models. Anticipate major disruptions in capacity or longer-term demand risk with full understanding of the strategic impact of sourcing strategies, channel development, and product introductions.

Sales and Operations Planning – aggregate multiple sources of information into a single model with both realistic representation and rapid plan execution to enable real-time, cross-functional decision-making, ýwhat ifý simulation, drill-down into operational detail, and closed-loop execution through Microsoft Dynamics AX". Make shared decisions confidently together, understanding the impact of tradeoffs and the ability to execute.

Supply Chain Planning – manage the deployment of material and capacity across multi-tier supply chains, including outsourced manufacturing and channel partners, based on anticipated demand. Proactively manage projected problems in the operational time horizon, drawing from all available options across the extended supply chain.

Order Management – assign material and capacity to customer orders based on sophisticated prioritization and allocation rules. Transform your relationship with channel partners and customers to capture opportunities for improved product margins, rapid product introductions, profitable product mix, effective promotions, and new sales or distribution channels.

Factory Planning – improve production operations based on unique, simultaneous evaluation of material and capacity constraints. Simultaneously resolve those constraints with full visibility into each impacted resource and expected problem. Incorporate lean manufacturing principles and cell-based manufacturing models.

Sequencing - sequence discrete and re-entrant flow production resources based on user-defined rules for setup, changeover, utilization, and priority. Utilize sophisticated algorithms to handle a variety of scheduling and machine capacity constraints.

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