MARS MRP for QuickBooks

A materials resource planning system designed by Greg Frazier, CPA, PLLC.

About MARS MRP for QuickBooks

MARS (Material and Assembly Requirements Scheduling) enhances your QuickBooks accounting software with an MRP reporting capability that supports manufacturing and purchasing needs, reporting how much raw material to buy and when in an easy-to-read columnar format. MARS creates purchase orders into QuickBooks for editing and printing. MARS also provides an indented bill-of-material cost roll-up report in Excel where you can easily change quantities and dollar values for quick cost roll-up analytics.

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MARS MRP for QuickBooks Features

MARS is easy to use, and tightly integrated with QuickBooks, and you save time and avoid the hassle of manually figuring out what you need to buy and when, and you save time because MARS creates the purchase orders.

MARS MRP for QuickBooks Target Market

Small and medium sized manufacturers producing finished goods in a made-to-order operation.

MARS MRP for QuickBooks Pricing

The cost of MARS MRP for QuickBooks starts at $249/device/month. There is a one-time setup fee of $139. There is a free trial avaialble. There is no free version avaialble.

Starting Price
$249 /month
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