MasterTools - Manufacturing

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A full ERP system designed by Online Computing.

About MasterTools - Manufacturing

With MasterTools, all elements of your business process flow through a relational database that enables you to access, monitor and control every aspect of your business in real-time. Managers can see the entire process, quickly and easily track actual processes and pin-point variances that could impact their operations.

Easy to Use

MasterTools’ intuitive user interfaces make it easy to drill down to pertinent information without going through a maze of menus or hard to remember keyboard gymnastics.

Tailored to Your Needs

MasterTools provides a comprehensive, ready-to-go system, but they know that every businesses has special requirements that are unique to specific operational environments. Their system experts work closely with you to tailor MasterTools to fit your special business needs.

Designed to Grow With You

As your company expands or moves into new areas requiring additional capabilities, MasterTools delivers the functionality needed to meet those new demands. You can rely on MasterTools to take you into the future on a path that keeps your company ahead of the curve.

Accounting and Financial Analysis

With MasterTools, your accounting department is always in the loop with real-time access to every aspect of the business process as it happens, from the sale, through manufacturing and warehousing, to final product deliver or disposition.

  • Purchasing and receiving
  • Order entry
  • Accounts payable
  • Accounts receivable
  • Inventory
  • Landed costs
  • Fixed assets
  • Time and attendance
  • Integrated payroll
  • General ledger
  • Sales analysis & forecasting

Inventory Management

MasterTools helps you instantly track and get detailed status information on every product that flows through your warehouses. You’ll know where it is, how much it weighs, what it’s worth, how long it has been there, when it shipped, where it went, and a host of other detailed data.

  • Picking/shipping/invoicing
  • Returns Tracking
  • Multiple warehouses
  • Actual and standard cost
  • Bin Locations
  • Serial number tracking

Production Planning

MasterTools takes the guesswork out of operations planning. Now, you can more accurately predict your manufacturing labor and material requirements based on detailed assessments of your company’s inventory flow and production capacities.

  • Production scheduling
  • Material requirements
  • Capacity Requirements
  • Work order generation
  • Work center scheduling

Quality Assurance & Product Component Traceability

Quality assurance and traceability are an integral part of MasterTools overall work flow management functions. You can track quality issues and resolve problems throughout the process.

Should a defective product or component get through, the system enables you to track and document the disposition of affect products.

  • Lot traceability
  • Reason codes
  • Multiple dispositions
  • Open quality tags
  • Quality cost analysis

Shop Floor Control

MasterTools lets you monitor every key variable. You always know exactly where a job is, the status of the inventory to complete the job and how labor resources are being used.

Capabilities include:

  • Work flow
  • Job status
  • Labor status
  • Material tracking
  • Real-time verification

Product Overview

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User Reviews of MasterTools - Manufacturing

Submitted on August 27th, 2014 by Josh

MasterTools is a full function ERP software with capability to take care of the smallest detail of your company’s product flow. At the same time, it is intuitive to use and only requires as much detail as you want to commit to. As your requirements grow, the system is there to grow with you.

The Good…

Honestly, the support is the best reason to use the software. They listen to your issues, offer sound, proven, solutions, and if a process is not in place they are willing to work with you to develop what is needed. I’ve also loved the fact that as we were ready as a company to gather more information and document further levels of detail, or other pieces of information, MasterTools was ready to go. There wasn’t typically a module to buy, or some other piece to have to work with… you just had to turn the functionality on. Besides that, when we did flip the switch there were already other MasterTools clients that had done what we were trying to do, so the support staff knew how to help us get stuff set up and going. They also recommended common practices for how the process will work. We literally ran out of time cards earlier this year, and a day later we were running on the “Time Clock” functionality that was already a part of MasterTools that we weren’t yet using as our payroll was handled by somebody else for us. After a 20 minute conversation with the support person we had everything set up, and training the staff to punch in was simple because they had already been using a similar process in another part of MasterTools for logging time into Work Orders. These kinds of things have happened to us frequently since we’ve been using MasterTools.

The Bad…

The organization of the ‘hordes’ of data could be a little cleaner from the users’ standpoint. A person can spend a good deal of time just to find that one piece of information that they need. Or maybe they’re trying to find that certain report to hand to the boss… it can take a little while. I can’t fault them for this too much though because there is a lot of information and they are really doing a pretty good job, but I know as we’re training new people there is such an information overload because there is so much available, and of course, we use a good portion of the available modules.

Submitted on August 8th, 2014 by Barry

I have worked with many manufacturing systems in the past. Although this software may not be for a fortune 500 company, we have been very pleased with the functionality of the modules. For a mid-tier ERP system, it’s a great value and the Online Computing staff go above and beyond the service level I expected.

The Good…

The ability to customize attributes in the system which allow for customers to meet their reporting needs without having to make permanent modifications to the core system.

The Bad…

Limited CRM module although we use which is very robust.

Submitted on July 30th, 2014 by Kelly

I was familiar with another software program from a former position with another company. However, in 2003 I chose Mastertools as our software as I felt like it was a great fit for manufacturing. The staff is knowledgeable and responsive about any new requirements that we request. The software’s flexibility to manage production in the way our business model dictates has been extremely important to our company. We use just about every module within the software and data flows nicely to the financial statements. We have been able to integrate many automated procedures to save both time and money. The software is able to handle all aspects of the business from work orders, sales orders, invoicing, MRP, purchase orders, AR, AP, fixed assets, multiple locations, etc.

The Good…

One strength that is important to us is the ability to mold processes and transactions within the software that coincide with actual production activities. Serial number issuance and tracking is extremely important to our business model as well and the software provides an excellent avenue to accomplish this task.

The Bad…

With the addition of the report writer, I really do not have any complaints.