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A multi-module management system designed by NDS Systems for manufacturing companies.

About NDS Manufacturing

NDS Manufacturing Software includes the Repetitive/Just-in-Time Production Scheduling, Work Order Management, Capacity Planning, Production Tracking, Costing, and Scrap applications.

Bill of Material/Product Structure Process

Supporting unlimited levels of bills-of-material and multiple items per bill, this module is designed with key engineering features such as effectively date control and part references. It includes a full product costing system, which allows multiple cost roll-ups, and stores them for reference, comparison and reporting. Phantoms are identified by bill of material. Unique bills of material may be generated from a configured customer order and a single work order generated.

Cycle Counting

The Cycle count process has all of the features required to maintain a dynamic cycle count program.


The engineering specification module is used to establish instructions and essential information for the use of the tools, operations, routings, and work centers. The module can also be used to store information that is needed by other packages in a company, such as data collection programs. Engineering specifications that have been assigned to items, routings, operations, work centers, and tools through engineering templates, can be printed on the shop paper or work order.

Inventory Management

A multi-warehouse, multi-bin location system offering perpetual inventory reporting, ABC analysis, cycle counting, and full transaction history detail. This module includes full lot and serial control with cradle to grave tracking. Lot / Serial includes automatic number assignment options and issuing algorithms. Inventory trial balance reports detail dollars for opening and ending balances and activity per item per month. Includes reorder point planning process.

Lot & Serial Control

This module includes full lot and serial control with cradle to grave tracking. Inventory items and locations may be designated as optionally controlled so that serial number tracking can be deferred to the point of use, so that bulk inventory can be aggregated. Lot costs may be actual cost by lot with deferred cost assignment.

Manufacturing Costing

Tracks actual labor and material costs as they are applied to work orders. The costing information can then be printed on costing reports.

Master Scheduling

The master production schedule module has a bucketless multi-warehouse, multi-plant capability and is designed to set production schedules in a just-in-time, make-to-order, make to stock, and repetitive environments. It includes statistical forecasting and multiple simulations. The master schedule generates production schedules or planned orders according to each item’s defined manufacturing method.


Supports multiple plant planning. A fast bucketless planning system, which allows user defined time periods, and user defined lag-time between scheduled receipt and inventory availability. Reports and screens are flexible and simple. MRP generates production schedules or planned orders according to each item’s defined manufacturing method. MRP includes optional directional rescheduling of released non-firm orders.

Physical Inventory

The Physical Inventory module allows the user to perform a traditional ‘close the plant and do the count’ full physical count of stores and in process inventory.

Production Costing

Product Costing administers the calculation of material, labor, outside service and fixed and variable overhead costs for inventory items. This application calculates incremental costs, using item master and routing records, then rolls up component costs into routing step costs (if required) and parent costs using the bills of material. By using multiple cost types, the system permits multiple cost roll-ups to occur without disrupting the results of prior roll-ups.

Production Tracking

Once work orders are released, production tracking provides the tools to collect labor transactions, track work-in-process material, and to track material transactions between work centers. The data feeds the job cost system within work order management. It includes critical ratio and other prioritizing tools. Planned and released capacity requirements by day are maintained automatically by work center and production line.

Repetitive/Just-in-Time Production Scheduling

The production scheduling and reporting module provides a simpler method of planning, scheduling, and reporting manufacturing activity than that offered by the work order management module. Daily production schedules may be prepared in advance of production and reported against, or production may simply be reported as it occurs with no supporting schedule. There is no hidden work order number to identify production runs, this is done by end item, lot number and date. Fully supports the work cell - manufacturing concept with backflush done from multiple backflush locations.


Track vendor operations, machine setup and run time, and fixed / variable overheads in the same maintenance for easy routing creation. It includes revision control and standard operations. Operations may be scheduled, run simultaneously, sequentially, or a combination in each routing. Unique networked routings may be created from modular customer orders. Crews may be established for use in production schedules, and the crew members changed with full effectively for accurate crew time input.

Scrap Tracking

The scrap material module is used to enter scrap records into the system. Scrap records can be entered into the system in two ways, automatically and manually. Once the scrap records have been entered and committed, they are stored as scrap history.

Shop Capacity Planning

The fully integrated capacity planning feature operates continuously within the database with no user intervention required. The complete capacity requirements plan is updated transparently as production plans are entered into the repetitive schedule and when work orders are planned or released. As planned production is scheduled and in turn completed, the capacity plan is automatically updated to reflect the current status. This feature examines capacity requirements by work center, production line, work order, manufacturing schedule, etc.

Statistical Forecasting

Uses sales data to calculate forecasts of future activity according to rules set up for each item. It provides seasonality, item grouping, user defined alpha smoothing and safety factors

Tool Tracking

Fully integrated with work order management, this module provides the user with tool usage history and current status. Shop paper shows setup changes and maintenance needed.

Work Order Management

A comprehensive foundation for a complete shop floor control system, this module tracks adjustments to work orders, reports job costs and controls material receipts and requisitions.

The module allows for delivery to operations, supports material backflush by operation or work order and labor pay-points with labor backflush. It includes automatic work order release and purchase requisition release.

Work orders may be generated from sales orders for order line items or modular orders with multiple level routings and bills of material. Reschedule on one operation triggers a complete reschedule of all open operations on the order.

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Industry Focus

NDS Manufacturing is designed primarily for use in the manufacturing industry.

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