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A full ERP system designed by Online Computing.

About MasterTools - Job Control

For over 30 years, ONLINE has been providing Manufacturers, Distributors, and Contract Job Shops with software solutions that satisfy their changing needs.

In addition to designing, developing and installing software, we also provide all the necessary training and support which keeps our customers on the cutting edge.

ONLINE has established a reputation for providing comprehensive, client-specific solutions. We are dedicated to our clients and offer personalized training and unparalleled customer support.

When choosing a software company, it’s important to find a company whose mission complements yours.

Our mission is to provide our clients with quality integrated productivity tools, enabling them to build, manage, monitor and analyze their company’s success.

At ONLINE we are not only providing software; we are providing solutions, and software is only part of the solution.

We work with companies to learn the best business practices, and integrate these practices into our software and the solution that works for you.

Here at ONLINE Computing, our goal is Building Strategic Relationships.

Job Control - Accounts Payable

MasterTools allows you to keep your finger on the pulse of your company by continuously monitoring the dynamics of your financial situation.

Our software allows you to structure your payment schedule according to your vendors’ demands.

The accounts payable system houses the vendor master file, which includes such data as address, payee address, payment status (active or on hold), 1099 flag and multiple contact information.

Job Control - Acounts Receivable

More than ever, cashflow, the lifeblood of business, distinguishes healthy manufacturers from those who falter. MasterTools allows you to review your customers’ track records in payment, quickly isolating those which can be experiencing credit problems.

Job Control - Fixed Assets

In this module, depreciation and maintenance can be tracked for your fixed assets. Asset data such as location, serial number, life, purchase and sale price, as well as salvage value is held in the fixed asset master.

The system will hold multiple depreciation books on each asset (i.e., corporate, tax), and maintenance can be tracked according to a user-defined maintenance type (i.e., annual, preventative and monthly).

Job Control - General Ledger

Many software companies offer general ledger programs, but only MasterTools was designed to integrate all of the information from the previous modifier.

Financial reporting of any kind --balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow --can be defined according to your business needs. Consolidation of statements is accomplished in moments. Changing account numbers or making other modifications is easy, with no loss of account activity detail.

Gaining a historical perspective takes only a few seconds so you can quickly review general ledger accounts or make budget projections using prior year actual or projected figures. When it comes to number crunching, no software offers you such power or flexibility.

Job Control - Inventory

Anything you need to know about your inventory can be accessed through MasterTools: availability, item activity, valuation, turnover and more. No software package will provide you with more information in more ways than MasterTools. Whether you want to track raw materials and finished goods by bin level in different locations, or cost items from different vendors, it can be accomplished easily. Customized pricing can be established for a particular customer based on purchased quantity, customer type, or other parameters. The inventory module tracks all stock item activity and is the core of the distribution and manufacturing functions within MasterTools. Information for both stock (items existing in the master-files) and non-stock items are found here. Transactions include inventory adjustments and bin transfers, and physical inventory.

Job Control - Invoicing

The final process in the order entry loop is invoicing the sales order, which in turn updates accounts receivable, inventory, sales order and/or pick ticket and general ledger. Invoices can be created directly from work order documents, as well as on an individual basis.

Job Control - Payroll

Maintaining accurate payroll records is absolutely critical, not only in conducting business, but also in maintaining the confidence and morale of your employees.

MasterTools makes payroll procedures effortless, sorting through a multitude of variables to arrive at the appropriate payment for each worker.

You can automatically execute all deductions including insurance plans, government programs and employee loans, as well as create direct deposits to multiple financial institutions.

Security is a primary concern with payroll, and with MasterTools only the people who need information have access. Managers can be limited to their department or have access to all records.

Job Control - Purchasing/Receiving

Discover a better way to handle the most frequently performed transactions in your purchasing and receiving departments. Not only will your employees find ONLINE MasterTools easy to learn, but data entry flow will increase their speed and accuracy.

The purchasing and receiving module flows seamlessly from requisition to purchase order, to receipt, and to voucher. (vendor’s invoice)

Job Control - Quality Assurance

Because your reputation is on the line with every job you perform, consistent quality is of paramount concern to you.

MasterTools makes it possible to closely monitor your project standards. Quality Assurance allows you to track quality issues that are found at work order operation, work order close, upon receipt of material, or in inventory. When a quality issue is identified, a rejection of the job occurs and a quality tag can be created.

The Quality Assurance module also assists you in pinpointing the source of problems, tracking associated costs, and associating reasons for the nonconformance of a job, vendor, or work group.

Job Control - Sales Analysis

The future of your company is guided by the success of your sales efforts.

MasterTools answers all of your critical questions: what items are best sellers, which salespeople are most effective, who is purchasing your goods, and how your sales are comparing to previous time periods and established goals.

The salesperson masterfile resides in the sales analysis module, generates commissions and produces a variety of sales reports by salesperson, customer, or item. There is not a simpler, more complete method of analyzing all of the key sales data than the reports available through MasterTools.

Job Control - Time and Attendance

Manually entering time card regular and overtime hours, can be eliminated by utilizing the MasterTools Time and Attendance module.

This module utilizes the Linx Data Terminal for data capture and a PC for data collection, which is then updated into the Time and Attendance module.

Employee time in and time out transactions are matched to calculate net time worked which can then be imported into time card transactions.

Job Control - Work Order Entry

The Order Entry/Invoicing module is the primary source for entering job demand in MasterTools.

It reduces the possibility of mistakes by defaulting information such as material descriptions and price into the sales order and then defaulting information from the sales order into the pick ticket invoice.

It is also provides you and your customers with accurate information at the time of the order such as labor availability, pricing, substitutes, and complimentary items while instant credit check capability protects you by checking orders against pre-determined credit limits.

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