Small Business Manufacturing

A multi-module management system designed by Osborne Charles Group for manufacturing companies.

About Small Business Manufacturing

Small Business Manufacturing (SBM) software is designed specifically for manufacturers. The system is extremely flexible, user-friendly, and affordable.

With SBM, manufacturer’s can easily release sales orders to manufacturing, plan material purchases, report actual labor, track actual material consumption, track scrap and/or rejects, and compare planned versus actual units, hours and costs.

SBM is designed to work exclusively with Microsoft Office Accounting Professional. The combination of these two economical products provide manufactures with the needed software tools to plan, execute and analyze their manufacturing operations.

Bill of Resources

You’ll find that SBM Bill of Resources is a direct extension of Microsoft Office Accounting item list and serves as the to core to any manufacturing operation.

Additional component material and operation sequence information used in the manufacture an item can be added here. This information is a combination of a traditional bill of material and routing that is typically defined to manufacture an item all in one easy-to-define step. You can define and manage just material, operations, or both. This allows a small business the flexibility to start by just managing material or expand this to both material and labor.

Cost Estimating

Manufacturing cost estimating with SBM provides you with the flexibility to price out up to three quantities for each item. That means you can include material, labor and overhead required in your manufacturing process.

Creating new estimates are easy since you don’t need to start from scratch instead simply start with an existing estimate or template and modify as needed.

Once the estimate is completed simply print or email a formal estimate document to your customer for approval. Upon customer approval simply convert the estimate into a Sales Order, Quote or manufacturing Work order with a click of a button!

Reporting Production

SBM provides you with the ability to record actual activity against a work order, thus providing accurate tracking of both material and labor costs. Also recorded is the corresponding journal entry on the accounting side as well as inventory quantity adjustments.

SBM provides production activity reports via both production activity and employee activity.

Production activity provides a work order focused interface while the employee activity view provides a timesheet focused interface.

Reports and Lists

Microsoft Office Accounting’s reporting with info drill-downs to be simple to use. SBM follows that same process to provide you with the information you need when you need it. In addition, exporting data directly to Excel provides you with unlimited reporting, charting and analysis

Available SBM Reports include:

  • Bill of Material Reports
  • Work Order Reports
  • Production Schedule Reports
  • Work Order Cost Analysis Reports
  • Material and Labor Cost Analysis Reports
  • WIP Reconciliation Report
  • Scrap / Reject Report

Work Orders

Creating and managing work orders is the heart of the manufacturing process. SBM provides you the flexibility with several approaches to creating work orders including:

  • Create work orders manually by selecting the item
  • Choose a range of sales orders that need to be released to manufacturing as work orders
  • Individually create work orders from within a sales order

Work orders draw from the Bill of Resource but allow work order specific changes to quantities and dates once started and even allow new unplanned material to be added to accommodate changes in your manufacturing. A customizable traveler can be printed as documentation for the work order which includes a pick list for material and an operation sheet.

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