A web-based ERP system designed by PEDYN for manufacturing companies.

About PEDYN P2000

The PEDYN P2000 is a powerful Engineering and Manufacturing Software Program that uses Microsoft Access as a platform. The graphical design and drill down navigation make the P2000 very easy to learn and use. Since the program is contained in a MS Access Database, it interfaces well with other software. This MRP manufacturing software program can be easily customized to fit your specific business requirements. The P2000 is expandable, flexible and provides the perfect low cost solutions for small to mid size engineering and manufacturing companies.

P2000 Standard Features

  • MRP-Manufacturing Resource Planning
  • Switchboard / Drill Down Navigation
  • Item Master (Company Parts List)
  • Inventory Management
  • Inventory Details and Allocations
  • Where Used List
  • Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
  • Shortages and Allocations Reports
  • Product List & Profit Margins
  • Purchase Orders and Receivables
  • Work Orders
  • Order Entry and Shipping
  • Vendor List / Rep List / Customer List
  • Salesman and Commission Details
  • Released Order Item Summary
  • Expandable, Flexible & Easy to use
  • Multi-User / Permission Controls
  • Low Cost / Free Support / No Annual Fees
  • ERP-Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Bill of Materials Processor
  • BOM with Phantom Blow-Through
  • BOM with Multi-Level Blow-Through
  • BOM Reports (Single, Indented & Flat)
  • Engineering Change Orders (ECN, ECO)
  • Online Drawing Access
  • Documentation Control
  • Controlled Drawings List
  • On Line Drawing Sign-off and Release
  • Document Request
  • Engineering Support Request
  • Engineering Task Management
  • Drafting Task Management
  • Project & Department Management
  • Multi-Level User Security & Permissions
  • Interface with Accounting Programs
  • Write Custom Reports / Create New Forms

BOM Processor / BOM Reports

The BOM Processor is a costed bill of materials used by the engineering department to create and edit company bill of materials. This form makes it easy to create and edit BOMs by selecting parts directly from a dropdown combo box. The descriptions, and other detail information are automatically inserted onto the form. There is a large area for reference designator information and a hyperlink that allows direct online access to any component drawing or data sheet. From the BOM Processor one can quickly drill down to the next BOM level or display where used information for each part on the list. There is also a navigation button on each record that opens the item master and displays component specific information.

BOM With Phantom Blow-Through

Phantom BOMs are often used for kits of components that are common to multiple products but are not built up or stocked as an item. The blow-through option allows the user to blow through these phantom BOMs and thus shows these second level components as if there were on the top level list.

Controlled Drawings

The Controlled Drawings Form lists all documents that have been defined as controlled drawings. The form provides quick and easy reference to documentation revision, status, as well as information on any active ECNs written against a document. From the Controlled Drawings Form you can drill down to the Initial Drawing Release and Approvals Form, or quickly check where-used information provided in the Used On Sub-form.

Customer , Sales Rep, and Vendor Lists

There are three independent lists and detail forms for Customers, Vendors, and Sales Reps. Go to your contact website or send e-mail directly from this form with a single click. Add detail notes, and maintain accurate history information.

Drafting Management

The Drafting Management Form is a very important document control tool. Draftsmen should work exclusively from this form. The tasks and priorities are set by the documentation manager, and the draftsmen use the interactive status control to communicate the status of their progress back to the manager. The form also provides communication to the engineers responsible for a drafting project so that they may provide support and respond to request from drafting when it is time to review or sign-off a drawing. The drafting form is linked to the Controlled Drawing Form and to the ECN Form. The task may be triggered by the approval of an engineering change notice. The form captures draftsmen workload, response time, and makes drafting priorities clear to all that have a need to know.

ECN (Engineering Change Notice / Documentation Control)

The ECN / ECO form is a powerful tool designed to simplify documentation control and document all engineering changes. This form allows the engineering department to clearly define and document changes made to all controlled documents, from component and assembly drawings to bills of materials. The ECN form is linked to the Item Master allowing quick entry to any company component or drawing. When an item is entered onto the ECN form, the description, revision as well as component stock information is automatically displayed. Effectivity details and notes can also be entered for each item on the ECN form. The ECN has a password protected approvals column for department signatures along with signature controls for drafting, checker, and final implementation verification. An active status control is displayed at the top of the form and is automatically updated at each process stage until final implementation has been verified.

The ECN provides a well documented history of all changes made to company drawings. This information is easily accessed making documentation control and revision tracking quick and painless. The ECN form is just one of several powerful tools in the P2000 program designed to guaranty accurate documentation control.

Engineering Management

The Engineering Management Form is a powerful engineering management tool. The engineering manager enters tasks, assigns an engineer to the task and sets the task priorities. The interactive status control is used by both the engineers and the manager to communicate task issues and provide real time task status and feedback to all engineering department employees. The Engineering form makes department project communication and engineering priorities clear to all that have a need to know.

Engineering Support

The Engineering Support Form is an important tool that provides employees with a way to make requests for engineering support, such as part number assignments, new BOMs, and drawing corrections. Using this tool to request support from engineering means that the request will be permanently documented and it will be promptly reviewed and responded to. The support form is linked to the company item master making it easy to reference any company part number or drawing. The form provides a detailed request status, priority, and indicates the initials of the engineer assigned to the request. The real time status on the Engineering Support Form allows any employee making a request the ability to monitor the support request progress.

Note: The Engineering Support Form is not intended to set or direct engineering priorities or to initiate projects. It is simply a way for company associates to communicate critical day-to-day design and operation issues to the engineering department.

Initial Drawing Release Approval

In today’s electronic age, hardcopies are quickly becoming a thing of the past. The Initial Release Approvals Form provides a means for online drawing release and sign-off. All signatures are password protected through individual user logon. Using this form as the initial approval master, the drafting department can transfer the approval information to the actual drawing file as part of any formal release process. This form is accessed from a navigation button on the Controlled Drawings Form.

Inventory Log and Inventory Details

The Inventory Log is a complete summarized parts list of stocked company items. It provides a quick and easy means for reviewing company inventory. It features low level stock alert settings and visual alarms. There are also quick component filters that allow you to easily narrow your search. Drill down to Inventory Details to review unit cost, work order and sales order allocation information for each item. The form displays where used details, and quantity on order.

Item Master

The Item Master is a complete parts list of all company items. The main screen gives a quick summarized list of parts, descriptions, vendors, and drawing information. Drill down to the item detail form to set item cost, units of measure, quantity in stock, low stock level alerts, and alternate sources. There is a navigation filter on the main screen that makes item filtering and grouping quick and easy. The form also provides quick navigation to item notes, bill of materials, and where used information. There is a hyperlink that allows direct online access to any component drawing or data sheet, provided that the appropriate drawing viewers are installed.

MRP Software Reports

From the Inventory Log you will find several Manufacturing and Material Requirements Planning (MRP) Reports. These reports provide the user with valuable material requirement information. The reports compare work-order requirements to current stock positions, work in progress, and parts on order. The reports also detail material shortages and new purchase requirements.

Order Entry

The most crucial process at any company would undoubtedly be order entry. It is critical that all customer requests are recorded accurately and completely. The Sales Order Form is setup to be straightforward and easy to use.

Just select the customer from the auto-dropdown combo box, and all address information is automatically entered. If the order is from a new customer or the customer address information needs to be updated, a simple click on the customer detail button will open a detailed customer form. Other combo boxes are used to select such things as salesman, shipping information, and market details.

Ordered items are selected from a dropdown combo box that is linked to the company item master and product query. Selecting an item from the list will automatically provide, descriptions, list price, and company stock information. Order entry personnel simply fill out the quantity ordered, and sales price for each item sold. There is also a note window for each item that can be used when more specific order information is required.

We know that company order enter requirements are very specific. It is understood that no standard order entry form would meet all the requirements of any company. The Order Entry form however, can be easily modified, as well as all of the P2000 program forms, to meet the specific needs of your company.

P2000 MRP Operational Flow

The P2000 MRP software and manufacturing operations program will manage all engineering and manufacturing operations, from the point of sale to shipment of products. The program allows you to define and manage all company part numbers, products, and materials. The program also includes engineering management, and document control tools for configuration control. Even though each module is integrated with the next, it is not mandatory to use all of the features of the program. In other words you may choose to use specific modules as stand-alone tools. The way that you fit these program tools into your business is totally up to you.

P2000 Program Navigation

The program layout makes it extremely easy to navigate through the program forms. The Main Switchboard is a launching pad that opens top level program forms. Each top level form contains drill down navigation buttons that take the user to the next level of record detail, related forms or sub-form. The lower level forms have navigation buttons that allow the user to navigate back one step at a time, or to go directly to the main switchboard. This layout puts related information one or two clicks away. The color coded display helps the user to navigate between open forms with a single glance.

Product and Price List

The product list is a convenient form that quickly references all products sold, as defined by the Item Master. The Form displays unit cost information, price list and profit margin calculations.

Purchase Orders

The Purchase Order Form allows the buyer to select components directly from the Item Master. The descriptions, vendor information and cost are automatically inserted onto the form. Each item on the order form has its own order date, delivery date, and detail notes for documenting tracking and receiving information. Total costs are automatically calculated based on quantity and unit prices. Department and project information is also captured with this form. All signatures for request, approval, ordering and receiving are made directly to the online form, and are password protected.

Released Order Item Summary

The Released Order Item Summary provides a summarized list of all sales order items in one convenient form. By monitoring this form, manufacturing planners will be immediately notified of all newly released sales items, allowing them to actively open any or all necessary work orders to cover each sales item.

Shipping Form

The Shipping Form is a sub-form of the sales order. The form provides a means for the manufacturing and shipping departments to enter sales item manufacturing notes, serial numbers, courier tracking information, and item shipped date. This form also back-flushes the quantity shipped from the company’s inventory.

Work Orders

The Work Order Forms consist of a summary page and detail form. The work order items can be built to stock or built to order. Sales order items can be selected directly from an active order list. The information required to open the work order is automatically inserted. The details can be manually adjusted if desired. If the Documentation for a given order item is not complete or if an engineering change notice is active for the work order item, visual warnings will appear on the screen to indicate all issues that must be resolved. The stock is checked for all required components and low quantities will be clearly evident. Once an item has been built it will automatically be added to finished goods inventory and the used components will be back-flushed from stock when the work order is closed. Note that active work orders drive material allocations and requirements.

Product Overview

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User Reviews of PEDYN P2000

Submitted on January 7th, 2020 by J Deaton

Excellent program for the entire manufacturing process. VERY detailed and once on line we found numerous areas for costs savings and stream line production. Worth giving serious consideration.

The Good…

It was amazing the level of details captured by this program. Once entered it was easy and quick to retrieve information. Items we never even thought of associating with materials like spec sheets, multiple vendors who could provide materials and pictures of each item.

The Bad…

There can be a steep learning curve for end users who don’t like learning new programs but others jump right in and learn it quickly. Pedyn did provide excellent support in all phases of implementation.