Pilot ERP

A web-based ERP system designed by Pilot ERP Software, LLC for distribution/wholesale trade and manufacturing companies.

About Pilot ERP

Pilot ERP is a fully integrated ERP software system with Sales & CRM, Manufacturing, Job Costing, Inventory/Warehouse control, Purchasing, AR, AP, Accounting and more. Designed for the Small to Medium sized manufacturer or distributor, Pilot ERP provides all the functionality you would expect to find in ERP packages used by large companies at a fraction of the cost. Avoid high startup and maintenance fees associated with other ERP packages by choosing Pilot ERP!


The fully integrated Accounting Module in Pilot ERP…

  • Chart of Accounts
  • Journal Vouchers
  • Budgets
  • Banking
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • General Ledger
  • Financial Statements
  • Custom Financial Statements


The Inventory module tracks inventory stock levels and costs, allowing you to efficiently manage your finished goods, work-in-process and raw material which is crucial for your operation. Pilot ERP gives you instant access to real-time data so you can track stock levels by item, location, item class and view historical usage right on the inventory screen.

Managing inventory costs is critical for your business and Pilot ERP helps keep those costs down by providing everything you need for tighter control of stock and material usage.

Bills of Material–Assign materials and labor to your manufactured products. Designate the raw material, quantity used, waste/scrap and batch size for each production item. Pilot’s interface allows for easy control of all of your inventory.


The Manufacturing module tracks manufacturing orders, material (component items) and resource (labour and equipment) requirements, and production costs, prints bills of materials, and passes data to the inventory module.

Manufacturing Orders–The Manufacturing Orders screen displays manufacturing (production) orders in a list showing summary info including order date, requested receipt date, item, quantity ordered, manufacturing order number, and order status (work sheet, on order, completed, or cancelled).

Manufacturing orders are entered for finished products and any intermediate items. The Quantity Available (MRP) report is used to schedule production of intermediate items (showing scheduled usage and production) and finished products.

Bills of Material/Traveler– Bills of Materials may be printed for the shop personnel showing the materials, machines and labor to be used.

MRP– The Quantity Available (MRP) facilitates scheduling of shipments, purchasing and manufacturing by showing current inventory levels, sales orders, purchase orders and manufacturing orders.


The purchasing module is used for material procurement. Pilot ERP makes it easy to buy from the vendors with the best prices and maintain a history of all purchases.

Purchase Orders– The purchase order screen is used for creating and maintaining purchase orders. Upon the creation of a new order a vendor can be instantly emailed the order details, helping to reduce lead times and identify potential shortages before they become an issue. The Purchase Orders are displayed in a list showing summary info including order date, requested receipt date, vendor, purchase order number, amount, and order status (work sheet, on order, completed, or cancelled).

Vendors/Suppliers–Set up Vendors for procurement and maintain address, phone and additional information as well as multiple contacts for each vendor. Access purchase pricing and history for each vendor easily through the purchasing module.

Approved Vendors– Pilot ERP allows you to set up approved vendors with their part numbers, prices and unit of measure for multiple quantities.


The Sales module is where it all begins. Your sales reps have the ability to access real time inventory availability and determine where the order is in production. From Quoting to Order Entry, Shipping to Invoicing, PilotERP covers all aspects of the order cycle. For custom Make-to-Order companies, the customer demand will drive the production job schedule. For Distributors, this module can also drive procurement.

PilotERP allows will give your sales team the ability to enter customer Quotes which can beconverted to actual Orders when firm, and multiple tax codes which can be used. You will also have the option of setting up multiple pricing options based on Customer, Items and Types. The Sales module also provides shipping and Invoicing capability.

Quoting– Quotes can be entered through the Sales module. Quote history and customer orders are retained in the Sales module for trend reporting, order history, and other sales analysis tools.

Multi-Currency– PilotERP is a multi-currency accounting system. This facilitates buying and selling internationally. Pilots multi-currency accounting software allows you to trade in multiple currencies while your books remain in domestic currency. The default selling price is automatically converted to the customer’s currency.

Shipping– Shipping is an integral part of your business. PilotERP will help your shipping department keep track or orders. Picking slips may be printed and inventory relieved through the shipping screen. Shipment items default to fully shipped, so only exceptions require entry. Bills of lading may be printed to go with the goods. Accounts Receivable invoices can be automatically created from the shipment data.

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