A multi-module management system designed by Reliable Group for distribution/wholesale trade and marketing companies.

About RepKey

RepKey is a leading software solution for Manufacturers Representatives. It combines Contact Management, Commissions Management, Principal Management, and Receivables into one easy to follow package.

Managing your operations and providing customer service are key components for any business; these concepts are at the center of the RepKey system.

RepKey Features:

  • Efficient CRM Module
  • Buy/Sell
  • Stocking Reps
  • Integration with UPS, FedEx Shipping
  • Distributors
  • System Management
  • Cash Manager

All customer related activity can be performed from one screen saving valuable time in data entry. RepKey’s user-friendly environment makes working easy and efficient.

RepKey is modular. Additional modules and granules are seamlessly added to the system as necessary providing a multitude of possibilities. RepKey can be customized to meet the specific needs and requirements of your business.

RepKey delivers more than the standard accounting package. It delivers an integrated business management solution.

Accounts Receivable

The Accounts Receivable module controls every facet of the crucial operation of Tracking Invoices and posting Payments against invoices. A complete visual account history is included in each customer’s master file.

With the Key Line of Software, there are numerous advantages in the A/R module.

Accounts Receivable Features:

  • On-line Payment Posting
  • Credit Memos
  • Simple Adjustments
  • Blanket Credits
  • ýOn-the-flyý Discounts
  • Single Click Payments
  • Payment History
  • Instant Statement Print/View
  • Average Payment Aging (by Day)
  • Auto Pay (by date)
  • Instant A/R Balance
  • Track Customer
  • Partial Payment Tracking Volume
  • Payments Inception-to-date

A report showing all invoices created daily is included along with a comprehensive Accounts Receivable reporting section. You will be able to print reports on numerous selection criteria including, by date, by invoice number, by customer, by salesman, and by territory. A Cash Journal displaying all payments received and the total is printable by date.

With this and other Key modules, you can have an advanced, user-friendly system.


With the Key Line of Software’s Auditing module, allows for user level audit tracking of transactions within the system. With the Key Line of Software, there are numerous advantages in the Auditing Module.

Order entries, Invoices, and Items can be tracked using audit tracking. You can also track what specific user edited the above listed information.

With the Auditing and other Key Line modules, you can design a solution that would run optimally with your company’s workflow.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

The Customer Relations Management (CRM) module is the center of our system. All customer operations can be performed from this one screen. All customer information is stored in this file. Separate fields allow you to categorize your customers by different criteria. Order History, Invoices, Quotes, Payment History & current Receivables is included. All the following processes can be performed through the CRM.

CRM Features:

  • Order Processing
  • Quote Processing
  • Receive Customer Payments
  • Unlimited contacts
  • Unlimited Ship-to’s
  • International database format
  • Allocate Credit Limit
  • Print duplicate Statements, Invoices
  • Check Order Status
  • Allocate Discounts


The CRM distinguishes itself in the tools it gives your marketing & sales force. It displays all the customers purchase history allowing your staff to increase sales by knowing the customers buying patterns. This aides in extending your relationship with your existing customers and build a solid foundation for new ones. The database is available for sending marketing literature, updates, or holiday greetings. A multi-year Sales comparison is included for each Customer.


Your customer service and support can’t be smoother. By having all the customer information accessible from one file, any customer related activity can be performed from one screen. The information is presented in an orderly and direct manner to speed up customer inquiries, and allow your staff to provide better support by having everything at their fingertips.

A notation section, included for each Customer is useful for contact management, collections and includes a field for follow-ups by date. Notations may be left for specific individuals printed or viewed directly on the screen. This eliminates the need for reminder notes that can be lost, unlike an electronic file of your clients. The CRM is the Key to the system. From this one screen any customer activity can be performed. Every department from Accounting to Sales uses the CRM.

Inventory Control

Managing Inventory is of prime importance to any business. The item screens clearly display all the information pertaining to your inventory.

Multiple fields are included for categorizing and coding each item. Searches are a breeze with this system.

Inventory Control Features:

  • Item quantity on Order by Customers
  • Item quantity on P/O from Vendor
  • On Hand Quantity in each Warehouse
  • Instant Sales History
  • Multi-level Bill of Materials
  • Track Items by Category
  • Multiple Price Levels
  • Active / Inactive Items
  • Multiple Vendors per Item
  • Item Location within Warehouse
  • Analyze purchasing needs with Suggested to Buy
  • Min / Max quantities
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Conversion Factor (Buy/Sell)
  • Physical Inventory Prepared in 10 minutes!
  • Automatic integration with Inventory

Your system is only down for ten minutes during Physical Inventory. Conveniently, inventory is integrated avoiding unnecessary data entry. Many lists and reports are included in the system including valuable loss-preventative tools and Item Profitability reports.

With this and other Key modules, you can have an advanced, user-friendly system.


The Payroll Module is completely integrated with your Key Line of Software Solution. You can automate your entire payroll process.

All deductions are memorized and included at the click of a button. You can print checks and track historical information for government reporting.

With the Key Line of Software, there are numerous advantages in the Payroll module.

Payroll Features:

  • Check Printing
  • Deduction Register
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Multi-frequency payrolls
  • Rapid integration with the Key Line of Software
  • Maintain Personnel Records
  • View Vacation, Sick, Personal days with ease
  • Export Data for Magnetic Media
  • Maintain Salary and Hourly employees
  • Permit upto 11 deductions per employee per pay period
  • Automatically deduct Garnishee Information
  • Automatically Time Sheet Generation Export Data into Numerous Standard Formats
  • Can integrate with Project Tracking

Included with the Payroll module is a detailed reporting section. Numerous reports are available to print or view using different selection criteria. A detailed and summary check register is included. Time Sheets can be prepared and printed instantly and data can be exported to integrate with numerous other systems.

With this and other Key modules, you can have an advanced, user-friendly system.

Purchase Order

Efficient Purchasing is extremely important and the Key software is developed for the challenge.

Purchase Order processing is an integral part of any business. From the moment a Vendor is selected, all the pertinent information is available from a single screen including Contact Information and Terms. Selecting a Warehouse for delivery is just as easy as Drop Shipments.

With the Key Line of Software, There Are Advantages in Purchase Order Processing.

Purchase Order Features:

  • Minimum Buy Quantities
  • Multiple Ship-tos
  • Auto Creation of PO
  • Drop Ship Orders
  • Auto Generation from Order Entry
  • Receipt Labels with Bar Coding
  • Memos
  • Virtual/Substitute Items
  • Non-stock Items
  • Expected Delivery Reports
  • Back Order Fill Report
  • Cost Override
  • Profitability by PO

The Purchase Order module can be integrated with the Suggested to Buy/Forecasting module to provide an automated method of purchasing numerous products at one time automatically with suggested quantities calculated.

You will have numerous reports available including variance reports on item costs. You will be able to select reports based on numerous different criteria including Vendor, Purchase Order number and Receipts. Profitability reports based on the Purchase Order is also available.

With this and other Key modules, you can have an advanced, user-friendly system.

Report Writer

The Report Writer includes powerful and widespread features that excite users of they Key Line of Software. The Report Writer employs different types of lines, shapes, memos, fonts, images, charts and barcodes allowing companies to print in their own unique manner. All features of the Report Writer are professionally designed and help save thousands of dollars on additional printing costs.

With the Report Writer and other modules of the Key Line of Software, your company’s workflow can be optimized.

Sales Analysis

Analyzing your sales is a crucial part of all businesses. The Key Line of Software provides detailed sales analysis features.

With the Sales Analysis module, you can perform analyses via items, customers, vendors, and/or salespersons. This module also allows for analysis based using date ranges, makes comparisons between previous years with current year and does ABC analysis based on order invoices.

With this and other modules of they Key Line of Software, you can design a solution that will run optimally along with your company’s workflow.

Web Integration/E-Commerce

All Key Line Software solutions can be accessed using the internet upon request of user. Once on the Internet, we also provide complete integration with e-commerce.

With this and other Key modules, you can have an advanced, user-friendly system.

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