Sage 50 Manufacturing Accounting

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A software system designed by Sage for manufacturing companies.

About Sage 50 Manufacturing Accounting

This product is no longer sold or supported. Sage recommends Sage 50c US or Sage 50c Canada as a replacement.

Manufacturing is a complex industry with many moving parts. Even small manufacturers must expertly manage inventory, fulfillment, and customer expectations in order to be successful and profitable. That’s why Sage 50 offers manufacturing industry solutions that provide robust inventory management, improved control and tracking of assembly jobs, and industry-specific reports, all designed to save you time and increase your profitability.

Sage 50 solutions for the manufacturing industry facilitate:

  • Track BOM revisions
  • Work tickets
  • Create purchase orders based on stocking levels
  • Inventory management and trend analysis
  • Serialized inventory tracking
  • Order/sell using vendor part numbers
  • Quantity price breaks
  • Buy/sell in different units
  • Advance drop shipping capabilities
  • Manufacturing-specific operational reports

Plus, Sage 50 comes with Sage Business Care Silver, an auto-renewing program that provides automatically delivered upgrades, access to customer support, online training, customizable reporting tools, and more.

Save Time With Efficient Accounting Essentials

  • Invoice customers, pay bills, track receipts
  • Real, double-entry accounting principles
  • Use at-a-glance dashboards for quick insights into your business status

Organize Your Business

  • Set email alerts to know what requires attention
  • Use Microsoft Excel and Word1 integration for key tasks
  • Gain further insights using customized reports

Manage Cash Flow

  • Analyze and forecast your expected payments and receipts with Cash Flow Manager
  • Confirm that you have enough cash to meet current and upcoming obligations


  • Works with Sage 50 Payroll Solutions
  • Print or direct deposit paychecks

Take Control of Your Numbers

  • Control user access and secure business data
  • Check for common accounting errors

Easily Track and Manage Inventory

  • Build inventory assemblies and track customer orders
  • Use Average, LIFO, and FIFO inventory costing methods

Create Multiple Budgets Based on Departments and Cost Centers

Go beyond one budget for your entire business. Improve financial planning and insight by tracking budgets for each of your departments and cost centers. Create ýwhat ifý scenarios for better decision making.

Consolidate Multiple Companies for Financial Reporting

Reduce time and mistakes when combining financials for multiple companies. Combine charts of accounts, transactions, budgets, and more for a single, clear financial picture of all your businesses.

Design and Share Insightful Reports With Crystal Reports 2008

Crystal Reports 2008, widely recognized as a leading report-writing package, expands the flexible reporting you get from Sage 50 Accounting, including the ability to create graphs and charts.

Manage and track all change order information in one place for better control over job costs and revenue. Capture approvals, update estimates and end dates, maintain notes, and attach documents.

Help Increase Job Profitability With Change Order Processing

Assign serial numbers to individual inventory items and maintain detailed records for costing and warranty tracking and recalls.

Track Serialized Inventory

Assign serial numbers to individual inventory items and maintain detailed records for costing and warranty tracking and recalls.

Purchase and Sell Items in Bulk or in Multi-Pack Units

Make the calculations easy when you buy in one quantity (a pallet, for instance) and sell in another (like a single unit).

Create Custom Units and Measures for Bulk Sales and Purchases

Define your most common shipping quantities and work with the actual shipping units that match your business. Whether you buy and sell inventory by the pallet, case, or by piece, Sage 50 Distribution Accounting makes it faster, easier, and more accurate than ever.

Advanced Bill of Materials Management

Simply choose the items that make up the assembly and everything is tracked together. If you need to substitute a key component in an assembly, changing the BOM is virtually automatic and Sage 50 Manufacturing Accounting tracks the revision.

Manage the Assembly Build Process With Work Tickets

Work tickets kick off and track the status of all your build jobs, giving you improved control and tracking of assembly jobs. Track details such as build supervisor, due date, and estimated and actual time to complete.

Apply Automatic Price Discounts Based on Custom Price Levels

Ensure bottom-line profitability with flexible, user-defined, formula-based pricing calculations. You’ll be able to implement up to 10 Item Price Levels and store them for use across all your inventory items.

Expanded Assembly Capabilities

Add up to 300 items per sub-assembly, and even add or remove components from assembly items after they’ve been sold. When combined with the ability to create multi-level BOMs and even enter labor or outside services as a BOM component, managing your assembly process has never been easier or more flexible.

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Sage 50 Manufacturing Accounting is designed primarily for use in the manufacturing industry.

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