A multi-module management system designed by Synergistic Software Solutions.

About JobOps

JOB OPS, a graphically based job operations and production system, is designed for organizations that need to track real-time labor, materials, purchases and other costs while monitoring the status of each job throughout the production process. JOB OPS combines the features of job costing, bill of materials and manufacturing systems into one powerful, cohesive module to help companies effectively manage resources and monitor expenses.

JOB OPS tracks most aspects of a job in a real-time environment from estimate to invoice. A work ticket is launched from within the sales order, providing a single place in which components, labor and outside services are encapsulated, helping to eliminate the need to enter data multiple times. Purchase orders for components or subcontractors can be launched from within a work ticket. Dynamic real-time tracking of labor and parts used means users can have immediate access to the job’s production status, profitability and more.

Seamless integration with Best Software award-winning MAS 90 and MAS 200 accounting software means operations and financial information can be readily accessed from a single source. Backed by a combination of trained local consultants from Authorized JOB OPS Resellers and the national JOB OPS service center in Minneapolis, the JOB OPS solution includes support services ranging from on-site systems consulting, installation and hands-on training to telephone support and customization services.

Customer Service

Delivering quality products and services on-time is the first step in customer service. Your reputation for delivering a high level of customer service is what allows your business to grow. JOB OPS provides the tools to let you manage the business and meet your delivery schedules.

Field Service & Dispatch

When your field service needs to stand above the rest, consider the Field Service & Dispatch solution powered by JobOps. The Field Service & Dispatch software solution works with industry-leading Sage MAS 90 and MAS 200 ERP to help automate your service delivery and tracking process.

Plus it works with JobOps Job Management to provide you with the ability to address the entire customer lifecycle from a sales order to making the product to installing and servicing it–all in one integrated system.

Instead of using several disparate solutions to do this?streamline your service business by simplifying dispatching and management of your employees and work orders at the same time. You can also easily track costs against the total revenue of your service contracts as it relates to the total job profitability.

An integrated field service solution helps you eliminate paperwork and improve your cash flow because you can provide timely services, invoice quicker and collect payment faster.

**Field Service & Dispatch Features and Benefits: **

  • Increase field service efficiency and revenue
  • Real-time data and reporting
  • Eliminate invoice errors and get paid faster
  • Improve your overall customer experience
  • Schedule and dispatch technicians for service calls
  • Accurately schedule tasks and components needed for repair calls
  • Capture real-time costs for profitability on a job-by-job basis
  • Track costs against contracts
  • Seamless Microsoft Outlook, Sage MAS 90 and 200 and JobOps integration

Field Service & Dispatch Powered by JobOps Version 4. 3, Release 2 Enhancements:

  • Custom Office Integration allows the end-user the ability to add user-defined fields to track specific information
  • Enhanced field service scheduling lets a technician’s time and work locations be scheduled for greater control and productivity of resources
  • Integration to Sage Sales Tax module
  • Customizable dispatch board gives better views of customer information and work to be performed

Job Planning

Job Planning is a key part of your production process including key milestones such as creating the quote, entering the sales order, verifying the accuracy of the router, the bill of materials, material availability, notifying purchasing of shortages, checking production schedules for resource availability and more. Typical manufacturing capacity planning software handles production well, but often lacks an efficient communication system between work groups and departments. With JobOps job shop tracking software and the MAS 90 or MAS 200 Business Alerts Module, communications between your different work groups can be automated.

JobOps tracks status changes to the work tickets. When a status change is detected by the Business Alerts module, it automatically sends and e-mail to the next person in line responsible for the job. In other words, as soon as the sales order is entered, Production Control is immediately notified that they can begin checking the order before the job is released for work.

In addition, JobOps also allows you to track the impact on job costs that result from necessary Production Control changes. The estimated job costs from materials, labor and services that were entered either as a quote or a sales order can be tracked against the revisions made by production control. When work on the job begins, the actual costs are tracked separately from the original estimates and the revised estimates.

Key Features:

  • Proactively monitor the status of your jobs, delivering the tools to review, refine, and improve estimating and job planning.
  • Verification of quote accuracy before production starts
  • Determine material availability
  • Notify purchasing of shortages
  • Check production schedules
  • Easily track original versus revised estimates


JobOps integration with Sales Order lets you streamline workflow, so that all job information is available from a single source. With JobOps and Sage MAS 90 or 200 ERP, entering orders is simplified because the sales order and work ticket function are linked and generated in the same order entry step.

Sales Orders

Sales orders are entered using the Sales Order Module of Sage MAS 90 or 200 ERP. JobOps integrates this function with the creation of work tickets that are created directly from the sales order line. What does this mean? Let’s say your customer wants to order a red wagon and you need to make this wagon. If you gave your customer a quote for the wagon both the sales order and the work ticket are created by merely pulling up the quote and clicking on convert to order.

Work Tickets

Creating a work ticket to fulfill a sales order is also done for you by JobOps through its comprehensive work ticket management software features. In the example above, if the red wagon was not previously quoted, entering the line item for red wagon in the sales order can automatically create the work ticket to make the wagon by using the template associated with the red wagon JobOps job shop and tracking software will auto-generate the work tickets whenever demand and allocations for the stock item will bring inventories down to your minimum stock level.

Key Features:

  • Quickly convert from an approved detailed quote to a sales order
  • Generate work ticket order automatically
  • Check material availability before release
  • Product Configurator can easily create Sales Order and Work Ticket
  • Attach product documentation and procedures specific to the job

Product Configurator

The JobOps Product Configurator is an optional module for the JobOps Management System giving users additional flexibility in offering customized products and services. How it works is through a simple graphical selection wizard tool that guides you through the process.

Whether you make custom cabinets or other products or services, the JobOps Product Configurator helps you streamline the process. The end result: better jobs, more profitability and increased customer satisfaction.

The Product Configurator asks simple questions needed to configure your customer’s product. It is rules-based so it only presents you with the available options for that product that are compatible with options already selected. This helps eliminate the situation where you could order a door that is too narrow or selecting the wrong color of wood stain. In the end, this check and balances on available options saves you time in doing the order right the first time and increases your customer’s satisfaction

Take advantage of this configuration aid to make the most of your labor, time and materials. You’ll quickly see the return on your investment in JobOps and your Sage MAS 90 and 200 systems.

Key Features:

  • Configuration Templates help save time and improve efficiency
  • Rules-based configuration helps you determine which features and options are available
  • Price calculation rules give you end-user pricing based on all options selected
  • Easy step-by-step configuration process saves time
  • Visual validation shows you a visual of options selected during the configuration process
  • Smart part numbers identify a part’s unique features
  • Auto Build BOM and Auto Build Work Tickets Web-enabled for remote configuration entry

Production Control

Because of the detail entered during estimating, when the job becomes a firm order there is no need to create a new work ticket in the MAS 90 / MAS 200 system. JOB OPS converts your quote to a sales order and a work ticket at the touch of a button, and allows for engineers or production control managers to review the router and bills of materials created during the quote for accuracy and possible changes.


If materials are not available when needed, either the job is at risk of being late or costly overtime and expediting is going to eat up the profit expected from the job. JOB OPS provides automated purchasing tools to make sure materials are ordered on time and at the best possible price. In addition, JOB OPS helps protect your cash flow from being tied up in expensive inventory from purchase orders that were placed too far in advance of when the materials are required.


JobOps provide a full estimating system providing for a cost roll up of all labor, materials and outside services that may be required for the job. The estimated costs can be entered manually, copied from templates of similar work, copied from past jobs or jobs currently in progress. When copying from previous jobs, actual or estimated costs from the job may be used for the new quote. JobOps allows you to quickly change the items that might be unique to the new job, gives you the cost detail, and then the JobOps profit/margin calculator will help you determine the price for your customer’s quote.


The JOB OPS scheduling module is designed to optimize your scheduled work load and alert you to possible issues that could prevent the on-time delivery of your jobs. The scheduling engine loads your jobs according to priority, finite vs. infinite resources, using either backward scheduling from the requested ship date or forward scheduling from today.

Tracking & Costing

JOB OPS Time Tracker module is the shop floor data collection system that let’s you record labor and material usage to the job in real time. It even allows employees to directly enter their own time against jobs and integrates to the MAS 90 / 200 Payroll module to report their total labor hours. To increase efficiencies and accuracy, bar-coding can be used to record the information.

Product Overview

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