A multi-module management system designed by Synergistic Systems.

About ManuFACT

ManuFACT is an affordable, low cost software solution that helps you to run your company, your way, more efficiently, more productively, and more profitably.

ManuFACT Unique Features:

  • Alerts - Receive immediate notification of ‘hot’ issues that need to be addressed. You define the Alerts.
  • AcctgBridge - Don’t replace your current system; ManuFACT automatically transfers accounting information to your current system.
  • Customizable Glossary - Use your own terminology on screens and reports.
  • Multi-National - Let your employees operate in the language they’re comfortable with, within plants and between plants.
  • SSI-Lease - Our straight-forward, no-personal-guarantee lease program is tailored to the unique financing needs of the small manufacturer.

ManuFACT Helps You Optimize Profits and Run Your Company Better

  • Improve your competitive advantage
  • Improve on-time deliveries
  • Increase your productivity and performance
  • Increase inventory accuracy and turns
  • Increase factory throughput and capacity
  • Reduce your supplier, operations, and support costs
  • Reduce processing time and labor
  • Identify actual job and product costs and margins
  • Gain timely and accurate information
  • Address ‘hot’ issues as they happen

ManuFACT Makes Your Life Easier

  • Connects seamlessly to your existing accounting system
  • Alerts you automatically when ‘hot’ issues need to be addressed
  • Integrates with the latest technology (EDI, RFI, bar codes, Internet)
  • Provides real time job tracking and costing
  • Offers real time order processing and tracking
  • Manage external documents (CAD drawings, etc.)
  • Print, Fax, Email, EDI transmittal of documents (POs, etc.)
  • Offers Lean compatibility
  • Includes a full suite of operational and management reports
  • Operates on Microsoft Windows and Linux products
  • Locally-based training and support services

Bill of Material

Build your product up from raw materials and keep track of all the intermediate assemblies. See the costs rolled up through each level. Source your raw materials to vendors. Keep track of drawings and engineering changes. Trace a raw material to its subsequent products. Identify substitute parts. This and many other features allows you to maintain full control and knowledge of your manufacturing and assembly operations.

Features & Benefits

  • Multi-level bills
  • Revision tracking
  • Search and sort capability
  • Cost roll-up
  • What-if net requirements


Manage and control your inventory costs, stocks, and movement in a real-time, interactive manner using ManuFACT. Gain the confidence in knowing exactly what you have on hand, exactly what is due in and when, exactly what your costs are, exactly where your raw material goes, exactly where your products are shipped, and exactly what your inventory status is at any point in time. Status reporting is available to both line and management when and as required. This is the strength of ManuFACT.

Features & Benefits

  • Track and control inventory from receipt to order shipment
  • Automatic alerts for out-of-stock, low stock situations
  • ABC prioritization of parts
  • Cycle counting to ensure accuracy
  • Lot/Batch and Serial Number tracking
  • RF interfaces
  • Track costs
  • Status and historical reports


Know your costs. Manage your costs. This is ManuFACT. Track standard and actual costs for labor, material, and overhead. Identify fixed and variable costs. Roll these costs up from raw material to finished product, and through all intermediate assemblies. Look at costs by job, operation, department and work center. ManuFACT gives you accurate and detailed costs, and lets you manage your profits.

Features & Benefits

  • Fixed and variable costs
  • Cost roll-up to assembly and finished product
  • Cost detail at the job, operation, department, and work center
  • Labor, material, and overhead costs
  • Costing by unit and by hour


Automate your purchasing function and tie it into your entire business operation. Set up your suppliers, receive their quotes, issue purchase orders, receive goods, and notify payables. Measure your suppliers for cost, quality, timeliness and accuracy. Track and manage your purchases. Know what needs to be ordered, whatýs due in and when, and how well that all works for each supplier. ManuFACT is key to staying competitive.

Features & Benefits

  • Handle quotes
  • Create and track purchase orders
  • Track receipts against purchase orders
  • Monitor vendor performance
  • Transfer to accounts payable

Requirements Planning

You know the saying: prior planning prevents poor performance. MRP is that planning process, and ManuFACT gives you a complete picture of your current and future requirements, from planned and entered orders, through inventory and shop order requirements, to purchase orders and releases. And as quickly as your business changes, ManuFACT will just as quickly show you how the change will affect your business. And you can get exception reports that target the areas that you need to spend your valuable time on.

Features & Benefits

  • Utilize actual orders and planned orders
  • Unlimited planning horizon
  • User authorized access levels
  • Full pegging
  • Exception reporting
  • Generate issues to blanket orders

Sales Orders

Keeping your customer orders accurate and up-to-date gives you the competitive advantage. ManuFACT gives you this edge: accurate order entry and checking, automatic order ship status, immediate inquiry to order status, accurate calculation of charges, and a direct connection to invoicing. Your sales people have complete information on their customers and on their orders. This is your edge: ManuFACT.

Features & Benefits

  • Process customer orders
  • Complete customer and order status
  • Calculation of freight, taxes and other charges
  • Feed to invoicing and receivables
  • Sales activity and history reporting

Product Overview

Market Focus

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Industry Focus

ManuFACT is designed primarily for use in the manufacturing industry.

User Reviews of ManuFACT

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