A web-based software system designed by Virtual Process for manufacturing companies.

About Virtual Process

Selected by Microsoft as one of the premier manufacturing software products, Virtual Process is an easy to implement software system that manages a company’s manufacturing operational procedures and personnel. Users increase productivity, improve quality, and gain traceability and reporting functionality. With no upfront cost and no services required to operate the software, Virtual Process can be used immediately “out-of-the-box” with instant results.

With Virtual Process, clients increase worker productivity by over 15% and decrease defects by as much as 90%. The software is applicable to almost any manufacturing company and is not vertical specific. Virtual Process also enables companies to manage outside suppliers. With Virtual Process, offshore and outsourced suppliers can be forced to comply with requirements and give real-time transparency into all stages of the manufacturing process.

Key Features

VP is a high value business application offering all the functionality needed to manage manufacturing process production cycles from start to finish. This unique software is made up of the following powerful tools:

  • User entry
  • Process Flow Builder (database entry).
  • Process Builder (allows for the creation of Manufacturing Processes).
  • Process Player (used to play the processes created on the production floor).
  • Reporting Tool (View any report at any time from anywhere).

User Entry

  • Web based. Can be accessed from anywhere in the world.
  • Fast user account creation (30 seconds per user).
  • Allows different user permission levels to be set, so as to restrict access to certain parts of the software based on your chosen criteria.
  • Users can be clients, employee’s, owners or suppliers.
  • All users receive there own specific password. Granting the ability to download the software wherever they are, so as to make full use of the system (based upon their given level of access).
  • 256 bit encryption make our web based interface as secure as possible, for the protection of your businesses privacy.

Process Flow Builder

  • Grants authorized (Senior Level) users the ability to create Process Flows (Databases)
  • Simple drag and drop interface (no need for an IT department) allows users to easily create the desired databases.
  • Build your Process Flow around the requirements of YOUR company. By suppliers, by product, by employee & whatever information you want to track, Process Flow makes it quick and easy to do so.
  • Track all prior versions indefinitely.
  • Databases take just minutes to create.

Process Builder

  • Grants (Senior Level) users the ability to create Manufacturing Processes.
  • Simple drag and drop interface ( no need for an IT department) to create new projects.
  • No need to enter or read any lines of computer code, VP is a codeless software solution.
  • Offers over 60 customizable Smart Icons that enable millions of different possibilities. Just enter the information requested for each Smart Icon, then connect your Smart Icons together to create a new process.
  • Every Smart Icon has its own video to demonstrate the capabilities of that particular Icon. (coming soon)
  • Has the ability to communicate with external devices using GPIB, Tellnet, RS 132
  • Has the ability to create a process, but not release the information to other users until a specific time in the future
  • Training can be accomplished through the use of our 2 hour, web based tutorial. (coming soon) 1 on 1 interaction with our technicians is also available for those who need a little extra guidance.

Process Player

  • Allows end users (employees, suppliers, outside manufacturers, etc.) to view only those processes which you’ve specifically assigned to them.
  • Training takes as little as 5 minutes for groups of 10.
  • Authorized users can enter barcodes or serial numbers to be presented with the manufacturing steps that were used for building that particular process.

Reporting Tool

  • Web based. All reports can be accessed from anywhere around the world in real time.
  • Automatic reports. Set up customizable guidelines to sent reports whenever certain events happen (such as email me every time 1000 units are completed or every time 10 units fail a certain process).
  • Reports can be set up to track any aspect of your manufacturing process.
  • Allow your clients to track the products you’re producing for them, in real time.


As noted above, VP (Manufacturing Process Management) is a complete solution that helps companies fully automate their manufacturing processes. Some of the main benefits of the VP solution are:

  • Ease of Use: VP has made the work of creating and automating process flows as simple, easy and painless as possible. All functions are driven by user friendly drag and drop controls, completely eliminating the need for any end user computer coding and making the powerful benefits of our VP solution accessible to practically anyone.

  • Fast Time to Market : VP clients have been known to have fully operational MPM systems set up within hours of installation. Fully Customized services on the other hand traditionally take several months to implement.

  • Cost effective: VP has no upfront costs and no server costs either. Instead we implement a Pay per Use method. This significantly reduces the size of the budget our clients need to get things going. We offer a 30 day free trial of our services to new users and as there are no start-up fees, trying our VP solution is absolutely risk free.

  • Ease of maintenance: VP handles the entire server infrastructure, as well as taking care of any potential problems. No IT department is needed to create, run or maintain our software.

Product Overview

Industry Focus

Virtual Process is designed primarily for use in the manufacturing industry.

User Reviews of Virtual Process

Submitted on August 16th, 2014 by Silvain

Virtual Process is an easy to implement cloud-based software system that manages shop-floor procedures and personnel. It is like having a virtual foreman at every work station. It has already increased worker productivity and decreased defects within a very short time frame.

The Good…

it is amazingly easy to implement and quite powerful.

The Bad…

I only wish I had heard about them before.