Manufacturing PowerPack

A software system designed by Willoware for manufacturing companies.

About Manufacturing PowerPack

Tools and enhancements for Dynamics GP Manufacturing and Horizons Manufacturing.


Custom MO Numbers Provides the ability to have unlimited Manufacturing Order Document Types and Document Numbers.

  • Custom MO Numbers enables creating a Document Type (such as ýPROTOý for prototype manufacturing orders) and a Document Number (such as ýPROT0001ý).
  • Custom MO Numbers makes it easy to group particular types of orders together.
  • MO Split is a tool for splitting a large Manufacturing Order into any number of smaller orders.
  • Designed to be used with Sales Configurator. MO Split divides one large order into smaller orders that fit better with work center capacity.
  • The split MOs are still linked to the Sales Order.

MOP-SOP Inquiry Is a completely new Sales Transaction Inquiry window that display MOP-SOP Links.

  • Manufacturing Orders linked to a sales line are displayed as indented ýsub-linesý.

Serial Number Auto-Generate Enables GP Manufacturing to automatically pre-assign serial numbers when a manufacturing order is created.

  • Especially useful when Sales Configurator is being used to create manufacturing orders, since the sales user normally does not have access to MO Entry.
  • When manually creating manufacturing orders, this utility eliminates the manual step of pre-assigning serial numbers.

Power ATP Adds numerous enhancements to the Dynamics GP Inventory Available to Promise window, such as:

  • Includes MRP Planned MOs and POs in the ATP calculation
  • Color codes the ATP calculation to make it easy to spot shortages
  • Allows changes to dates to see impact of rescheduling an MO or PO
  • Allows changes to quantities to see impact of bumping up or down an MO or PO
  • Can include multiple sites at one time in the ATP calculation
  • Can create MOs directly from the ATP window
  • Can include Lot Numbers by expiration date in the ATP calculation

Where Used Inquiry Displays the position of any component in a graphical, multi-level, indented bill of materials.

  • All parent items that contain the component are displayed
  • The bills are exploded to the level containing the component, which is clearly marked with a red dot to facilitate quick identification.

Item Costing Inquiry Displays in one window, all of the cost components used to calculate the finished good cost in Horizons manufacturing.

  • Displays all of the material, flat labor, run labor, and overhead costs.
  • Calculates the expected total costs for a work order of any given batch size.

Power Utilities Contains a variety of tools, including:

  • Installs a set of standardized reject, defect, and cause codes
  • Updates Minutes to Build on FG Defaults with the current runtime for one piece (used for Fixed Overhead)
  • Recalculate Low Level Codes ensures the BOM low level codes are calculated correctly (improves MRP processing time)
  • Update MRP Leeway performs a mass update to MRP Leeway on Horizons Item Maintenance to set all items to the same value (such as Monthly). (Leeway can have a significant impact on MRP processing time)
  • Item Generic Description to Buyer ID --This utility provides a method to create groups of Item Numbers by Buyer ID so that the MRP display can be restricted to a smaller grouping of products. This utility will automatically create Buyer IDs based on the Generic Description, and add the new Buyer ID to Item Resource Planning for each item.
  • Item Class to Buyer ID provides the same functionality as described above, but uses the Item Class.

Require ýIncludedý Configuration Options Prevents un-selecting configuration options in Sales Configurator that have been set as ýIncludedý options.

Configured BOM Auto-Naming Automatically generates a BOM Name in Sales Configurator based on the SOP Number and SOP Line Number.

Picking Bin Update Allows quickly changing the Issue From and Issue To Bin for all items on a Picklist.

Item Copy Enables quick setup of new inventory items by copying all of the setup from an existing item to a new item. Among the records copied by Item Copy are:

  • Item Maintenance (Item Vendors, Item Sites, Price List, etc)
  • Bill of Materials (Mfg BOM, Super BOM, etc)
  • Routings
  • Sales Configurator setup
  • Quality Assurance setup

Purchase Order Revision Levels tracks an Item Engineering Revision Level for each PO Line. Maintain a change history of PO Line Rev Levels, and print the current Rev Level for the item on Purchase Order and Receiver. The Rev Level maintained on the PO Line can be different than the current Rev Level from Item Engineering.

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